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It is no longer a secret to anyone my thoughts on SmartCash. In my previous articles I have said a lot about the community. The Investment benefit with the ability to earn passive income through #SmartRewards and #SmartNodes Rewards. If you are like me a believe cryptocurrency is money then it should have the key functions of money

  • Accepted as a medium of exchange
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Divisible
  • Uniformity
  • Limited Supply

While these characteristics are all important. The first four are more relevant to this article - merchant adoption
SmartCash has various initiatives to help merchants adopt #smarts as payments for goods and services online and brick and mortal type market places. The directory of merchants already accepting smartcash as payments can be seen here:
Directory of Merchants


As a merchant I hear you ask why should I accept smartcash? why not bitcoin or any of the others? The answer to these question can be broken down in the following ways :

  • InstantPay - will allow payments be made in real time. In order to provide a quality merchant experience, having Instant transactions is a must.InstantSend will soon to be in place for super fast transactions. Smartcash would be able to handle even quicker transactions when this is implemented.
  • Cost - payments with smartcash are much lower than #Bitcoin, #VISA, #Mastercard, or #AMEX
  • Community - There already is a global community of loyal holders /users of smartcash. This will translate to new customers from all over the globe, resulting in revenue and profit increase.


As a merchant you may wonder how do I start accepting smartcash? Here are a few options:

  • WooCommerce is the largest known eCommerce platform with a huge 11% of the total internet running off it.
    According to BuiltWith Trends, there are an additional 160,000 WooCommerce sites per quarter. Smartcash has a plugin for this platform to enable #smarts be used as tender.
  • Coin Payment is Integrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies which supports SmartCash. Coin Payments merchant tools are compatible with a number of carts, the full list can be seen here
  • Do you have a Shopify store and would love to accept #SmartCash? that is not a problem as you can accept #SmartCash using the Coin Payment plugin on the Shopify platform.


Merchants adoption is of great importance to the SmartCash community. As merchant adoption and people go together, a huge effort has been made by the smartcash team to really make smartcash portable and easy to use. The web wallet which is compatible with android phone is one step in this direction. Stepping up from all these I have mentioned, there is one that stands out most to me. It is the solution currently being implemented for the brick and mortal type transactions. This would benefit both the buyer and the merchant. This solution SmartCardis a payment pay loaded with smarts. It is definitely a winner and would see the adoption of smartcash both by buyers and merchants attain record highs. I see myself on holidays just spending smarts when this launches.

Do you want to know what is coming next? The solution of which I speak SmartCard is coming soon. To learn more on #smartcard and not miss out on our future innovations. Join our communities.

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Wow I had no idea so many merchants were already accepting smartcash....that too at such an early stage of it!!

Nice article mate! Hopefully InstantPay will make even more 3rd party merchants interested! :)

Very nice post...need to get some more lol..
@smartbot tip @nitego 2

Thank you.

Nice post. Instant pay is going to be a gamedchanger.

Great idea on merchant adoption using WooCommerce

the only merchant i saw the other day was Ducatus (yet another crypto)
who has their own cafe.

The main obstacle for most of the people in Singapore is how to exchange Fiat for Smarts and back.

Does wooCommerce monitor exchange rates and quote the price of Smarts quickly?