Past the Pyramid and Towards the Hive: Shifting Our Social Structure Paradigm Through SmartCash

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For much of recent human civilization, people have operated under a pyramid social structure, to the benefit of the few and the hindrance of the many.

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Since the time of ancient Egypt, the pyramid social structure model has been a dominant force in the world. The people who reside at the top of the pyramid (CEOs, politicians, kings, and queens) have gained tremendous wealth and influence through this top-down power dynamic.

Everywhere you look in our world, this hierarchical structure is apparent. Whether you are analyzing a fortune 500 company or a government, the pyramid structure is almost surely in play.

And it's easy to understand why the world continues to operate as a pyramid: those at the top are invested in making sure the current status quo does not change, as it favors this class to an immense degree.

Accumulating wealth isn't a bad thing, but when the game to acquire wealth is rigged against the rest of us...well, that's a problem.

While there are those rare 1%ers who truly favor abundance in our world instead of artificial scarcity, they are certainly the exception and not the rule.

If we are to achieve lasting change within our world, I believe it is essential to evolve beyond this dictatorial operating model. Centralized systems of control are inefficient operating mechanisms, and breed nepotism, fraud, abuse, and many other forms of corruption and violence.

Projects such as SmartCash have real potential to shift this social structure paradigm

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Beyond the obvious benefits that we have all witnessed the last few years with the rise of cryptocurrency, one of the most exciting aspects of this movement is the potential for creating a more balanced and just world, one that doesn't rely on force to institute programs of 'compassion'.

On this note, SmartCash is perhaps the most promising crypto on the market today in regards to evolving social structures. The SmartRewards, which I wrote a post about a few weeks back, are an example of this increased sense of balance.

Instead of your money being worth less over time, as is the case with all government-backed currencies, you actually earn more cash for holding. Think of the best savings account you could ever hope to have in the banking world, and then multiply that by 10.

Beyond SmartRewards, I believe the idea of the SmartHive is perhaps the most promising and potentially revolutionary concept within this project. The fact that 70% of the block reward is reserved for community projects continually blows my mind.

Think of how much this could change society's relationship to money. Currently, money is created as debt, given out to gargantuan economic monstrosities we refer to as banks, and then loaned out to the qualified few (with interest).

No wonder people think money is the root of all evil!

In our current system, money is inherently a scarce resource. It enters circulation with the force of a fire hose into the troughs at the top of the pyramid.

Reagan was right...eventually this money trickles down to the people at the bottom, but only after most of the liquid has been siphoned and scooped off, leaving precious drops for the unchosen many.

The SmartHive intends to change this dynamic...dramatically

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By allocating a majority of the block reward to community-funded projects, SmartCash doesnt just flip the pyramid on its head, it shatters it into a billion pieces and distributes it among community members in open and equitable ways.

SmartCash encourages the hive mind by empowering our collective swarm intelligence, which in turn will lead to decentralized and self-organized social structures. I firmly believe that the solutions to most of the world's major problems will come from groups of individuals working together in a harmonious and synergistic fashion.

In order to achieve the world we all wish to create, a degree of support is required, usually in the way of time, effort, or cash. When massive social movements occur, it is usually the result of a few individuals collaborating, organizing, and inspiring others to achieve a result no one initially thought possible.

The SmartHive makes these movements more feasible, and within the reach of anyone who puts together a solid proposal that receives community support. I don't think it's hyperbolic to state that SmartCash is one of the biggest tools of community empowerment that has existed for a very long time, perhaps...ever.

I am truly ecstatic to see what comes of this community-centered project in 2018 and beyond.

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it really does have that power indeed, the boss have been the king of it all, smartcash... is a sure way to counter such and also promising like you stated

For sure! Meet the new boss...definitely not the same as the old boss ;)

Awesome article colin. Decentralization and disruption will set us free from the current system

Thanks, I agree!

This is finally the time we take the power back :) This revolution shall be a peaceful one, thank you for sharing, and have a wonderful day!

You too, thanks for commenting!

Man this was an amazing article. I have bookmarked it if wanna revisit and re read it again :D

Wow, thanks a ton for that feedback. It means a lot that you would bookmark it!

I can relate with that pyramid... I was the one in the bottom taking all the pain... But everything's change when I meet SmartCash...

You got my upvote and resteem Colin! Great article!

Thanks man, I appreciate the support :)

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