Applying the George Costanza Philosophy

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I've been thinking lately about the classic Seinfeld episode where George decides to do the opposite of his routine behaviors.

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It's a hilarious take on what happens when you decide to step outside of your preconceived notion of who you are and make a radically different decision. In the episode, George reaches a breaking point within himself, which inspires him to choose options he never considered before. He finds himself in uncharted territory, as things change for the better almost instantaneously.

For those who haven't seen the episode, here are the important moments from the show:

Though Seinfeld is a comedy, I always knew there was a tidbit of wisdom present in this story

Recently, I made the decision to take a Costanza-like approach to my life, and start making radically different decisions on the path to changing myself.

To be totally honest, there are lingering flaws within myself that I have failed to address, namely issues related to procrastination and finishing what I start. This has led to feelings of guilt, shame, and a gnawing sense that I'm not living up to my potential.

Tony Robbins has been a source of inspiration for me, as he talks often about the importance of breaking out of your routine, repeatedly trying new things until you find the success you are seeking. He discusses how having a sound mind and body is the cornerstone to any goal you wish to achieve.
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It sparked me to abstain from alcohol and try the paleo diet for 30 days. By taking these radical behavior changes, I experienced the effect of momentum that Robbins also talks about. When you start the process of self-transformation and begin to see the effects of such a decision first-hand, you are more motivated to make other changes in your life.

I can personally attest to the power of positive momentum

About a week into my alcohol-free and paleo diet experiment, I decided to start running regularly. In fact, I ran every day for two weeks straight prior to taking a day off to rest. Just today, I ran over 4 miles, which is the most I've ever run in my life. I intend to run in a 5k in the next month or so.

Combining consistent exercise with a beneficial diet change and an absence of alcohol has had incredible effects on my state of mind and body. These are the most obvious changes a person can take towards better health, but a majority of people fail to alter their behavior in service of this purpose. Motion leads to emotion, another famous Robbins-ism, and my emotional status has improved immensely.
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I have enrolled in an online writing course to improve my writing, as I am rediscovering my joy of expressing myself through written word. I am also starting neuro-feedback treatment tomorrow, as a way to increase my focus and overcome negative thought patterns that have persisted with me for much of my adult life. I will write a more in-depth post about that soon.

Change is possible, you just need to DO IT!

I'm only a month into this Costanza philosophy experiment, but I'm already seeing and feeling the benefits of making different decisions. Of course, it's important to make different decisions that benefit your mind and body. Don't just go out tonight and do a new street drug because it's different from what you'd normally do, instead make a conscious choice to change a behavior you know you are tired of engaging in.

It's fun to turn yourself into your own test subject, and it's even more enjoyable when the experiment works for the betterment of your life.

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Nice post and upvoted you

Cool :) 36 days ago I decided to give up my addictions and replace them with more healthier ones. To stop chasing only the fleeting pleasures and be a better person. It's hard but at the same time easy, because you can sense that you are growing and somehow it feels right. It's hard because it was so easy to feel good, just by taking or drinking something, but after a while, a few years, it's just not the same....and nothing satisfies you. I also want to find out who am I without my immediate pleasure driving behaviour. I think that we will find more meaning by trying to shift our perspective and see things from an other point of view. I wish you all the best! :)

Really nice post @colinhoward, I've been a personal believer of the Costanza type philosophy for a while, brain reprogramming, personality iteration, I refuse to believe its all just false reassurances. Looking forward to your thoughts and updates on the neuro-feedback treatment.

Indeed, we have the ability to adjust and change our behaviors at will once we have the desire to do so. We may seem like robots fulfilling predetermined commands, but we also have the capacity to be our own programmer.

Pretty cool to install some updates every now and again!

Definitely, but it seems to get real hard uninstalling the worst ones though, just how much shock is needed to open up that deep rewrite, without, you know, going all tyler durden.

Aye, I've definitely hit walls in my personal path to progress. This is why I'm seeking an extra kick in the ass with neuro-feedback.

It's an approach I couldn't possibly take on my own, and I'm interested to see how it will go. Will let you know for sure!

I approached this post academically, but you may have actually inspired me to make some changes! There are some things I've been on the fence about, procrastinating. It's time to do something

Great, it's really just a matter of saying 'screw it, let's do it!'. And when starting a new behavior, you have to do this a few times. With running, it took me about a week to really get to a point where I wanted, and even looked forward to doing it.

The most transformative things in life are often the most simple, and it's incredible how easy it can be when you embrace the change head on.

haha, upvoted & resteemed, good post, you left good advice and also made me remember Seinfeld.


Cheers! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Upvoted & RESTEEMED! :)

I haven't seen that clip, will do after this comment. I feel humans are bounded by imaginary boundaries within themselves. We all draw an imaginary line around us and we are reluctant cross that and go wild. For some reason, we tend to ignore the fact that we start to LIVE beyond this line.

Seriously great post. I'm not only resteeming, I'm also sharing this on my blog's facebook page.

I look forward to seeing more of your journey. I write about similar experiences.

I'll have to look into the neuro-feedback, I'm not familiar with it. But if I may be so bold- I would highly recommend trying out a simple meditation practice as well. It was an "opposite" decision that I made about a year ago and it has had a profound effect on my outlook on life. I recommend the Headspace app (and have written about it if you'd like to hear more about it).

Anyway- awesome post. Keep it up!

Wow, I'm humbled by your kind words. Thanks a ton for sharing this with others. I have found benefits from meditation in the past, and practice mindful breathing throughout the day. Just an additional 10 minute meditation per day sounds like a great plan!

Change for the better is always a good change. Inspiring article.

a post to read - focus on life - upvoted

It's fun to turn yourself into your own test subject, and it's even more enjoyable when the experiment works for the betterment of your life.


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When you start the process of self-transformation and begin to see the effects of such a decision first-hand, you are more motivated to make other changes in your life.
I totally agree with this!!!

This is great news. Well done!

I think the path to self improvement is the ultimate opposite day considering the how promulgated auto-degenerative activity are all around us drinking, smoking, sitting, or just being ignorant. I've been want to do the things I KNOW i should be doing and this post is definitely a great influence to get me further in that direction. Thank you. And the thank @layl for resteeming it.

Man. I love George and the Seinfeld show. I've recently started to do a lot of stuff differently lately. It't a nice wake-up call too. Thanks :)

this post is so amazing, I'm so inspired to keep working hard on steem.

Thanks, I'm happy to inspire you!