Vote For The Top 24 Slothicorn Entries In The Comments To Pick The Winners!

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[orignal art by @alexandravart]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Our first ever Create-A-Slothicorn contest was a huge success, now it's time to choose the winners!

Thank you to all who participated and there were a lot of you!

Please vote for your favorite entries which are shown in the comments below.

You can vote for as many entries as you want. Right now there are 31 entries, so we need to select the top 24, including the first place winner. So, by voting for the art you like the best in the comments below, we as a community, will be able to select the winners by seeing which ones get the most votes.

Disclaimer: In case the mob chooses a first place winner that I subjectively don't think is the best, I reserve the right to override the decision. This will also help in the case that people decide to use bot armies, or other cheating mechanisms to game the top spot.


As the contest rules state, one winner will receive a Crypto Survial Kit, which includes a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet, a Yubikey and a USB Flash drive. These three things can keep your crypto and accounts safe. Please read my article about U2F to learn how to secure your Gmail, Facebook and Github accounts using the Yubikey.

There will be 23 second place winners! This means that the community will choose which 23 entries will be printed in the tiny book as shown below:


This tiny book contains 24 pages, hence, 24 images will be printed in it. Each of the 24 winning entries will be receiving a copy of the tiny book, mailed to them, at no cost. First place winner will also receive a tiny book and the winning art will appear on the first page of the book.

Thank you

Special thanks goes to @rubenalexander who contributed 10 SBD towards the Crypto Survival Kit cost. Also thanks to ciel who helped to organize the winning entries. @inquiringtimes has been extremely helpful in organizing our Discord channel and @yusaymon has been very excited about the mission of Slothicorn. I know there are many others I have yet to acknowledge, but as a community, I am very pleased with the enthusiasm so far. We are just getting started! Also, @alexandravart was awarded with a 250 Steem Christmas gift because of her enthusiasm, resteeming and energy towards the slothicorn mission.

Remember, Slothicorn belongs to everyone and no one.

OK, IT'S TIME TO VOTE! Upvote your favorite entries in the comments below! We will wait for the full 7 days to make sure people have enough time to vote. The art with the most votes will win first place (as long as it is determined that bot armies are not involved.)

Also, I wanted to clarify that these 31 entries were added by the Slothicorn community in our Discord channel. The group selected these entries, as the top ones. There were way more than this submitted, but we had to narrow it down. If you feel that there is an entry that we missed, which you think is really good, feel free to add in the comments below.


Will somebody please order the chicken? Because this one's a winner! Good luck to the other entries, but if we're going to the moon, I'm betting on the one with a space suit.

Wow, very cool entry and the detail is awesome!

Oh, I love this one too! :)

thank you:) I plan to have more adventures for "Commander Elmer" :p

I love this.

This is pretty epic but im rooting for the blunder years lol

Hermoso 😍

Cantik comen

ground control to commander elmer!

Very cute! Looks so real too! It’s like sloth heaven!

I loled.... still, why does everyone see a sloth with a horn instead of a unicorn like claws like CrimsonClad?

I think it's because I eat pickles before bed

thanks, it was meant to be like that :) this is the whole picture...

I like this one! This slothicorn looks so happy and magic!

This is great! The slothicorn looks almost life-like too, very cool

thank you Jenny :)

I love that your slothyc is so realistically while its chillin on a cloud hehe. I can imagine pppladding blunts and writing things like "this is me not givin a fuuuuu..."

thanks, that was the idea :D

Another favorite artist, I hope you know how much I love your work!

Thanks so much!!!! :D

This is very nice! And very well done!

So many details :)

I guess part of it is to have repeating patterns, takes some of the effort out :)

Oh, you can vote for your own entry?? Naaaaah XD

I like this because its unique. And also, pizza!

Ja ja es hermoso con su pizza.

I want to see this lady on top, best of luck @alexandravart. I gave my little vote to your wonderful art!

honestly i feel like her two entries are different sides of my personality. I love them both.

This one gives me the warm feels

Ongsh that is sooo cute, look at those eyes! Can I have one in pink, it would make my day!

Thank you. If I only know how to change colors to pink in Photoshop I would made it for you. :)

You’re so sweet, no need to change it for me. It’s your design and it looks adorable! Thanks for wanting to change it for me :)

So cute. I’m definitely using this as my wallpaper.

I am glad that you like it :)

I hope someone puts this ona tshirt !! And a mug!! Lovs it

Thank you.You can use it like greeting card too or phone cover

Wow, I love flowers, pink, and your name made me want to check you out. Got yourself a new follower love your stuff good luck in the contest :-)

thank you very much; I also followed you and I can already tell i'm gonna like a lot of your posts :)

Give this queen a crown!

So nice. This looks like a tattoo–for a yeti! Or a hip rhinoceros!! Or a badass narwhal!!!

I legit want to print this and make a puppet to put up and "hang". With me lol

:) Ooh, fun! Yeah, in fact, I made some paper cutouts like that for my family one Christmas. The idea was to create a kind of interactive "vision board" so people can see themselves in wonderful places, doing wonderful things, with wonderful people... wondering. And I guess that's what motivated me to design a puppet for this campaign too: So we can "wonder" with Slothicorn.

I started with a paper sheet like this, and cut out the pieces.

I used brads to connect the limbs.

And then had some fun experimenting with stop-motion animation.

Hi wow!
Interesting take on the concept!

Good luck crimmi :3

good luck :)

Love this

Voting for Crimson's pretty horsey Slothicorn.

Good luck crim!

Love the color choice and design, good luck crimmy!

one of these things is not like the other ones, lol! <3


Hehe, thanks! :)

Que tierno es.

You know I love all the artwork you do, good luck on the contest!

Thank you, that means a lot to me :)

i like the winged slothicorn better...

Ooh this one is cute too!

One of my favorite people killing the game, did you mean for it to look like a evil minnion? Good luck my dearest! This looks like a poster for a new movie

thanks for all your comments!

Secret agent sloth lol

Voting for Julia's cute little Slothicorn.

hahahaha! So funny slothicorn! I vote it!

@juliakponsford done great job here, this is such a great work and it could be easy used as a real advertise :)my vote 100%

Idk what it is about this one but i love it cuddling its heart pillow. Also its purple...

Awwww it has a pink heart!

Good job @summertooth ! Ifbone is gonna fart, the had better be rainbows.

This is beyond adorable. Good luck on the contest!

Aw thanks! :)

The widdle baby slothicorn hugging the world in its wombiverse

Great colors, the competition is tough good luck!

This one is magestic.. wintery but sparkling..

This one attitude, great addition! Good luck!

I actually like thisone more than the other if thats even possible but ppl seem to like thecrazy side more than the cute side 🤷‍♀️

i am just playing...

slothicorn contest art.jpg

vote for pedroo

I love this one so much. xo

Bahahah this is hilarious and the eyes are my favorite 💜

todays post by carlgnash... just sayin. might not be in the contest but its mah new favorite.

Haha, this one is fun! :) Cute tiny hands :) Love it.

hehehe thanks :D

Looks like a birthday cake, did you mean it to? Great job!

Nthis is so cute ^_^ Just discovered the initiative ❤❤❤ as the first contest, such a great success! Great job to all the people who worked on it :)))))

found out about the contest late, but here's what i drew. I had a lot of fun making it :)

Great entries... gonna upvote all the entries with differen SP ;-)
Big hug from Switzerland
Steemitri, Lucas and Diana!

This is hilarious, a cross between a sloth (my favorite animal) and a unicorn...

This platform is full of some awesome artists and this is the best way to find and appreciate them. Loving all the nominations, two of them are mine and I’m proud of them.

These are of an excellent standard!

I've upped 3 sorrynotsorry! :D

You say "Please vote for your favorite entries which are shown in the comments below". That is confusing, not all entries are shown in the comments.

You should either say that and post all entries yourself. Or say something like "Please check the entries using this tag, and post your favorite entries so other people can vote them", and post 0 entries yourself.

The way you have done it, it is unfair and it sucks.

Also, allowing people to vote for the winner is great, but reserving the right to change the winner if you don't like it, well, that sucks too.

I would prefer if you chose a winner and thats it, at least it is more transparent.

TLDR sorry but everything sucks.