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I came down sick over the last couple of days with a sore throat and a fever. I am on the mend now, but my wife and I got in a debate about whether or not I should be taking medicine to reduce the fever.

I feel that your body is heating up to kill whatever virus you have gotten so that you heal and get better – therefore, I try to not take the medicine and take extremely long, hot showers to help heat my body up and kill whatever is going on inside. Not sure if this is scientifically accurate or not, but it seems to do well for me as I get over illnesses quite fast. In this case, the fever was gone within 12 hours and the sore throat was 90% better within 24 hours. I also know some people who go for a run when they get a fever in order to heat up their body further and sweat a bunch (which may or may not help?).

My wife feels my methods are old wives’ tales and that I should take the medicine. Taking the medicine does make me feel better and I will do it if I need to be at work or push through something.

Who is right? Is there a better way to get over my fevers?

Hopefully I will not need to try any other methods to get over a fever for a long time!


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Being sick is the worst. Sorry to hear that, man. You bring up an interesting question. I ended up looking this up because I could totally see both sides to this. Apparently studies have been done, but with inconclusive results. On average, the patients who were given medicine to reduce their fever didn't fully recover from the illness any faster or slower than the patients who got placebos. So I say, go for it if it works for you. And I do agree, a fever is trying to kill something in your body. It's a wonderful protective device. Within reason of course!


Thanks my friend and good research... sounds like the debate will continue then! Ha!


1st rule - Don't disagree with the wife on valentines day (a fate worse than fever can be expected)

I have always tried running when ill as I to believe that it helps sweat the illness out, I drink lots of water to try and get wee it out to! As for medecine, I have never been a great "over the counter" medicine taker as I think they should be kept for when you really need them as I see some people popping them like candy for the slightest sniffle. I did however experience a nasty illness at the beginning of the year which I think was the flu and it was horrible, burning up, loss of energy and a real bad throat. I worked through it but it was hell and by the evening I had zero energy. My best advice is drink as much fluids as you can (obviously to a safe level). Hope you feel better soon!




Haha, that is truly great advice! I mean the water and the wife! 🤣

I had a fever and I did not want to go to the doctor, I tried to cope with cycling to sweat a lot, after that a few hours later my body became weak and my eyes became yellow, my stomach became swollen, finally I went to the doctor and stated that I was symptoms of inflammatory diseases in the liver doctor suggested that I rest a lot and drink lots of sugar. There are some people who get rid of fever by sweating as much as running, cycling and so on, but if the fever is caused by a particular illness or the result is too tired to work, then it is the wrong way to overcome it. .
If you do not want to treat a fever on a doctor you can try another safe way. That's how to meditate sitting slowly and regularly and you imagine when you inhale the breath imagine there is a positive white energy coming in your breathing and as you air out imagine the air coming out of the black (negative) energy breath out of your body, keep it about 30 minutes, this is often done when I feel the fever and always heal, may be useful.

This reminds me of the debate that keeps brewing about taking the flu vaccine. Some people swear by in and others are dead set against it.
Our family went to get a flu shot only once ever and will never do so again!! The one year we went to get the flu shot was the year we were sicker than any time before or since. All 5 of us (2 parents and 3 children) were constantly sick that year. I had heard that you may be sick soon after the shot as you are essentially injecting a strain of the virus into your system but I never expected the number of times family members would be bed ridden with high fever, vommiting and diarrhea. It seems like an endless revolving door. One person would start to feel better and another would go down. Don't think we ever spent so much time washing sheets and disinfecting.

Like I said: NEVER again!!!


I'm with you on the flu shot. I had my daughters early day vaccines given for the measles/menegitis as they are known to be ripe killers if kids catch them. After that the nursery and then school have sent out consent forms for her to have the yearly flu jabs and I have declined each time. Although on the letter it stated it was our choice we have been called in twice and interrogated (or at least it felt like interrogation) by the doctor and school about why we have chosen not to take the "voluntary" flu jab. Needless to say this year at least 70% of her class mates came down with the flu and had around 4 days of each, she had a slight cold and went back in a day. Sometimes we have to trust our bodies to build up it's own immune system to ward of illnesses.

Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. It seems like more people have been sick, and sicker than usual this year. I wonder what that's about.
I'm with you. If I'm sick I don't want the fever to go down. I want the germs to die. If the fever got too high, I could see taking something, but otherwise, I want to get done with it as quickly as possible. Here's to no more sickness!

Sick days are the worst days. Get well soon my friend.

Sick day is the worse ever day get well soon Mr. @brian.rrr

Let me start by saying your wife point is very important and you know when women want something you need to satisfy their minds. As for me I've been on natural stuffs to help myself more than ten years or so I never take a single meds not even paracetamol. I place myself on natural herb's.. it will surprise you just a leave could help you out of fever when boil it and drink.. I used that when I was at my home town, but on getting to city I could not find it, so I trained and blend my system to no herbs so it's not available in the city.. natural man when u get fever and enough of fluid is taken at minimal I mean, and you subject yourself to rest you will recover.. that is basic ways of getting ride fever that I known. You need to respect madam ideal and even if you won't you know as man their suggestions has to be respected. Get well soon.. embrace rest as much as possible. I will figure out the English name of this herb leave and feed you back. I'm not a fans of meds but individual differences is there .... Get well @brian.rrr


Every time I get a fever I feel that I die slowly, my wife always attends me, Thank God for our wives. At the time of illness, any medication is good, either natural or laboratory, I lean more for the natural, since it does not leave side effects. I hope you get better soon

I know my comment 2 days late and I hope you are well enough and back to your normal yourself, but just wanted to share my experience. Just shortly before X-mas my family one after another had high fever with body ache and lost of appetite, the best that worked for us was stay in bed, under warm blanket so that body get through heat and sweat, it is like when you biol something to get sterilized, but as you know when you boil something you loose water, so important drink really plenty, as we had no appetite we just have had fruit smoothies and a lot of water. Two days later fever gone completely and we were slowly recovering. By the way, later I have found that it was not just a virus but Influenza. Luckily because we are all normally fit and well we got over without probelm. I would not recommend it to frail elderly and young children. Cheers!

better and I will do it if I need to be at work or push through something.

Hope u started feeling better now..😚🤗🤗🙂

Hi sir
Are u ok now
Don't worry just consults a good doctor
Or tell to me sir am also a doctor,
I think i can do little bit help sir
Take bed rest..☺☺
I hope u will be fine soon
And we all stemians members see ur new good post...
God bless uh

99% of the time the body will take care of what ever ails us. I actually take cold showers to prevent the colds. Somewhere I heard these viruses hate or don't replicate in the cold. That's why hospitals are so cold. BS? Maybe... I'm in the same boat with you. Don't know if its true or psychosomatic.

I think the method you use is correct @brian.rrr . if ill do not be spoiled with drugs. it can happen drug dependence. I also do a method like you if it hurts. great post

The home remedies have always done me a lot of good in the patio of my house I have several plants that serve for fever, colds and sore throat.

Hope you start feeling better soon!

Although at least the vaporizations with medicinal herbs seem to be very outdated, it is the best thing that has been done, it does not fail every time I am sick, they relieve me quickly.

My father has always had a lot of faith in natural medicine and has always cured my cold sore throat and many other things with natural medicines ..

On no, get Well soon! Our family ihas also caught flu and fever. 🤒🤧 Thanks for the tip - hot shower! Haven’t try it before. 🤔 If the shower doesn’t help I will try whether sauna helps. 🧖‍♀️

Hi Brian nice to know you, though i'm sorry to hear that you're sick but you should Cool yourself down with water. Dampening your skin is a great way to lower your body temperature, but you should make sure that you are careful not to make yourself too cold, please try it and see if there's any change. i hope you get well soon.

I just rest ,drink fluids and take some medicine , no running about for me !!

Few years ago I did the same thing. I thought if I was in the couch or bed it wasn't good for me though. So I went to college and do other stuffs with fever. Surprisingly I was getting better.

It is horrible to be sick, the discomfort of fever is terrible! and I agree with his wife, the remedies of older women are effective, the medicine comes from the natural only that are made in laboratories. God give you your prompt healing.

I can understand wanting to let your body work through an illness that is far from terminal (sorry you're sick) but as a wife I have to tell you that men who get sick are about 99% more likely to be on the verge of being divorced by the time they get well if they don't take something to make them feel better.

I kinda understand your wife's point too. 😉

Personally, drinking warm teas and sleeping as much as possible are the most important factors that i believe in. I'm trying to avoid to take medicine as much as possible, too 🙏

I hope and you better fast, a very good tips for sore throat or flu is to drink a lot more water than normal, this helps the body to release all those bad toxins that are lodged in our body when the defenses are low, I hope and it will help you.

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When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol

If i got sick my methods i just laydown for acople hours.

I'm with you @brian.rrr. Your body needs to go through the fever process most times. When I get hit with one, I'll drink warm stimulating herbal teas (non caffeinated) like ginger and cinnamon and get bundled under the covers. Bring on the sweat!

I think you're onto something with the hot water too. I think you're following your intuition and that stands for a lot.