Is Self Voting The Reason Why Growth On Steemit Is Almost Unreachable?

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Ever wonder why the big people on here stay big and the small people on here stay small? Well, have you ever heard of self -voting? Of course, some people do grow quite a bit and become big, but they are the exception. Most of the big people stay big and the small people stay small, and that's how it is on steemit, and in the real world as well.

Keep in mind, when it comes to growth on steemit, there are so many factors that have to be taken into mind; exposure, relationships, quality, and consistency. These are all key components to growth on steemit, but when you start out, its very hard to get any of this. It is very hard to rise up on steemit. I have a lot of faith in this platform, but one thing that kind of bugs me is the big people on here are making consistent posts and are always upvoting themselves so they only get bigger and bigger, but when they vote for someone else, they barely give them anything.

How do you expect minnows to grow when you only feed them a few bread crumbs? And keeping all of those factors in mind, it is already hard enough to grow, but, Keep in mind earnings are a plus, but they are what help you grow bigger on steemit and gain more traction and visibility. And it seems that most of the whales and dolphins self-vote to the point where it is getting ridiculous. If you want steemit to be a better place, you have to spread out the money so people can grow more. Most whale/dolphins if they don't vote for themselves, they mostly vote for other whales/dolphins. So not only are they being extremely selfish, but they are making it to the point to where they are hoarding the steemit rewards pool and are robbing people who spend hours and hours making good and original content who deserve to be making more than they do but are making pennies. Can anybody tell me what is wrong with this picture?

I would see someone with a really long and thought out post that was a really good, but they didn't make what they deserve from it with the time they put into it. And the sad part is not only they are only making pennies, but they are just getting a bunch of spammers spamming them. Which makes things a whole lot more annoying. And yes, spammers are a growing problem on steemit, but as of now, we can't do much about it. What people vote on is very questionable, especially the whales and dolphins. Not only do they vote for themselves and their homies, but they vote on stuff that took little to no effort, while there are people who are writing their hearts out making great content and are trying to convey a message, you have someone voting on a post about a picture or meme with few to none words. Which to be honest makes me kind of mad because people genuinely put in effort on this platform, but doesn't get recognized.

No wonder so many people are quitting steemit and/or are not taking it seriously at all. For the most part all they get is a few cents and a bunch of stupid spammers begging for upvotes. Where is the motivation? For me I have been blogging on steemit and have been doing okay, getting the earnings is a plus for me in my mind, but I am doing it for fun and something to keep me busy in my downtime. I also want to get my word out to as many people as possible about investing, life, philosphy, silver investing, cryptos, and whatever I find can contribute to the world. But how am I going to do so when the only people on steemit who see my stuff is a bunch of spammers?

Of course I do have some AWESOME followers and supports who have been supporting me since the beginning and who are just plain out AWESOME, so shout out to you guys for being a supporter of a 14 year old who wants his word to be heard, instead of being shut down and ignored just because of his age. But I think the key is to keep grinding, and you'll get there.

Peace out! ;-)

-I have hope for my life,family, and friends thanks to steemit-1.png

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Man you are talking out of my soul..I felt the same almost month ago but never dared to write about it, since I thought I need to win audience, but that's not solving the issue either, cause I have the feeling those silent followers are only there to be inspired and honestly I don't mind, but they are weather upvoting or commenting...I do not understand what else is behind their following purpose. My posts are mostly images among musical compositions I do every now and then. I create my digital Artwork in Photoshop and is not something that is done in a minute or anything that is been created too often..not that I know. I consider myself to be making an unseen Art, and when I watch the "one button generating images" or memes getting so much attention I don't understand the world either. The beggars and plagiarizers are a real problem that's for sure, especially the non - English speaking fellas, they are multiplying daily. Hope an update and new rules would solve the problem, but I can't be sure of that either. Thanks for mentioning this issue and I have to say for your age you have a great mind set. Keep doing what you doing and have a good one dude. ☺

Thanks...I totally agree. Something needs to be done about those spammers. Steem on! ;) I earned more with this comment then all my postings do in a month. lOl Thanks to all. Steem on, right on. ☺

i know what you mean , same for me , ive earned more for my comment than the whole time on here , my best post earned 57 cents ???

I still think we'll be fine in a future minute @tonyboney just hang in there. ☺

I'm certainly not here to get rich; I've had some interesting interactions with interesting people. That said, I agree with you. People on the top don't really interact with those of us at the bottom.

True, I just do it for fun now

i agree totally , i was even reprimanded and voted down by a dolphin or what ever for up voting a minnow, and asking if he would do the same for me , i have posted quite a few good posts and am still on $10 , i have gone no where and am loosing interest fast , you have to buy in to get anywhere on here and you have to get in the top club , with their mutual voting , i feel a bit like window dressing helping to maintain some sort of illusion while the big players line their pockets and tell you just stay in their

Man, I feel your pain. I really LUCKED out early in my career here. I still dont get a lot of votes or anything, but I did participate in one of the contests here and won 10 Steem Dollars for my effort here. I would recommend you try to get into one of these contests to earn more points.

thats really makes a difference , but you shouldn't need to win a contest to get ahead , not all are as talented as you , im just an average person trying my best to be slightly interesting , and finding the whole experience slightly disheartening , but ive sort of accepted i wont earn much on here , and just enjoy posting the odd thing here and there

Damn dude, that sucks. Some of the dolphins and whales on here do act like bullies sometimes

i know they really ganged up on me due to my minnow back scratch post , which was tongue in cheek , and a bit rich coming from a group who all vote up each others post with 100% regardless of quality .
i have made a few posts on this issue but they didnt really go any where
these were all done as comedy but with a serious point , please dont be offended

Don't lose heart @toneyboney! Please, join us on the non-self voter promoter initiative. There are plans to eventually create a new front end devoid of self-voting where content is visibly based on the merit perceived from others rather than self-bias. Together, we can make a better Steemit. I applaud @alex-icey for addressing this highly contentious topic!

thats good to know i would like to be involved ,

"The poor stay poor, the rich get rich" The way things are now. Yup

There are a few ways to join this movement. There is a brand spanking new Trump3t curation trail on Streemian for one. A how-to guide will be created soon.

Secondly, you can follow the blog and support the featured posts which are identified using Python Scripting. I regularly query "hot" posts so it could be a easy way to earn some curation rewards as well.

I try to create one post daily and promote via a daily SBD transfer. For more details, feel free to check out my latest post. Thanks for the interest!

Yep this is an issue that has to be addressed or else Steemit will sink into nothing more than just a good effort.

There is so much potential yet so many do exactly what you said. There are a few whales who help others out but, like you pointed out, they will upvote 1% to a minnow while giving themselves or their friends 50%.

Not that they care. Most of them could care less, I bet, if this platform grows. They continue to rake in the bulk of the money that is created through inflation so what do they care?

I've gotten some really big upvotes in the past on my posts. I got a huge upvote from @teamsteem on my "introduceyourself" post and then I also got a huge upvote from @blocktrades on one of my programming posts... so it does happen.

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Hmm may be this reason dear :(

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Trump3t, the non selfvoter promoter, is DEFENSE!

Down with the self-voting establishment! Together, we can create a better Steemit where content is determined based on perceived merit of others and not corrupted by self-bias. I think you are definitely on to something here! ;)

I am so new i really cannot grasp the problem. hell i do not really even care about the money at all i just like the style of the platform and it seems like censorship is close to nonexistent. i just want my posts to get some more conversations going cause talking to people is fun.

My dude. You self-voted this post. Why?

ITs not like my votes matters, anyways. Im talking about people who have huge voting power. If you vote o yourself and ur vote is worth like 2 cents, its no big deal

I respectfully disagree. Your vote absolutely does matter. I tend to be one that is against self-voting based on principle while you concern seems more about the capability of the user and corresponding impact.

Where would you draw the line though? Would you have specific Steem Power threshold in which self-voting should cease? I also believe it is an issue due to the natural biases people have towards their own material.

I mean you don't want to be the guy on Facebook that likes his own status, right? Sure, there are differences but I believe the underlying principle is the same in my opinion. Thanks for replying.

I draw the line when upvoting your own post is all you do. Like lets say if you comment on someones post without even upvoting their post, but you upvote your own comment for money. Thats an ass thing to do. But if you vote on others and dont always self vote, then you have nothing to worry about.