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I thought I would compile some info in one post and refer to it in my other posts...

Who am I and when I why I started to participate in Steemit?

I am a daily runner, origami creator and GTD trainer.
I joined Steemit in December 2017. @blockchain48 introduced me to it and explained to me how it works and why I could enjoy it.
And I do enjoy it! I like the diversity and spirit of Steemit!

I focus on good parts of Steemit
What is really great on this platform? Top 3 for me are:

I try to not get (too) frustrated with not so ideal parts of Steemit
There is a lot of opportunities to improve some of the following on Steemit:

  • Some Steemians' only and main focus is just how to earn money. I know it is just reflection of the world we live in... content and real value are traded for the shiny envelope and fake value. Money and greed are the main motivation for many... Still, I hope (naively maybe) that humans should know better by now...
  • Some good content and Steemians is not so easy to find in the sea of not so relevant posts... and some of them never get fairly evaluated.
  • I believe that "trending" feature is doing more harm than good.

Hashtag CV - my life detiled in hashtags

#streakrunner #runner #mother #girlfriend #friend #daughter #sister #vegan #steemian #origamicreator #origami #gtdmastertrainer #gtd #gettingdailyrunsdone #bizinsakiden #findyourstrong #runningproject #runforsteem #vsakodnevnitek #runeveryday #runstreak #streakrunner #veganrunners #runningonplants #plantpowered #plantstrong #veganstrong #potatolover #compassionarhlete #minimalism #catlover #sealover #coffeelover #potatolover #sincereconversationfan

Topics I like and write about on Steemit

My main topic here is running. I post daily posts about my daily runs and in these posts I touch also other elements of my life (about life in general, music I listen, running contemplation...).
I also work on @runningproject (initiator of the project is @toofasteddie) as a Running Witness. I also regularly apply my running posts in #runforsteem challenge and #steemactivities.

daily runner triptih slogan spodaj.jpg

Some of my posts on running

Series is on Marathon Legends

  • The first blog in series is on Joan Benoit Samuelson - the first winner of first ever Olympic Marathon in 1984 in Los Angeles.
  • The second blog in the same series (Marathon Legends) is about Haile Gebrselassie - the greatest long-distance runner of all times.

My core daily habit is running

If you do not run yet and would like to try it...

  • Manual for wannabe runners, where you can find tips and tricks, how to start running (in part 1 there is a link for part 2 and in part 2 there is a link for part 3).

I am revealing about my first steps in running arena in this post

Some of my posts on other topics...

Post about my life journey in the area of finding an ideal job for me

I am certified GTD trainer so occasionally I write about GTD

I love origami

Last but actually first: this was my introduction post on Steemit

Thank you for taking time and stopping here and taking time to read this.
Enjoy your Steemit experience!

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Thank you for the mention :) It is nice to support each other like you said! Thanks to the @runningproject that gathered people like that.

Yes, it is really great value to find people with whom you share interests. Thanks. running friend!

Thanks for the mention mate. I agree with you.
Anyway, keep focused on the pros of the platform and doing good stuff!
Steem on

Will do mate :) Keep on being such an avid Steemian as you are!

I’m doing my best but sometimes it’s just difficult

Chasing the money on Steemit can be frustrating. It's best to make it fun so you will come back anyway. The money can be a nice bonus :) Keep on running

Exactly: good content should normally get upvotes. And having fun is an essential part of almost anything we do if we want to make it easier. I intend to continue to run and I hope the difficulties I am currently facing will pass. And you keep running too! :)

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author:

Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.
Dean Karnazes

*Resteemed by @runningproject

Thanks for the shoutout! I've been silently reading your posts, and being excited about your running streak. Very inspiring, and I hope you keep it up.

I'm planning to get back into a bit of a rhythm for running next week, myself. On a mini-vacation to build out my camper van project, so I'm hoping the lack of getting up and going to work at 8am frees up some of my time.

Speaking of being motivated by the money -- I'm hoping to use that desire for money to inspire people to get running. If you want to get involved in another running community, and earn a bit of SBD at the same time (bring all your friends too) check out @Runburgundy. It's a project I've started which distributes 100% of the SBD rewards earned by daily posts to group members at the end of each week.

Thank you for your support! I appreciate it and it is additional motivation :) I wish you that your plan regarding mini-vacation enabling you to get back in running routine works out! I checked @Runburgundy. Interesting and very appropriate for Garmin user. Unfortunately, I see that I can not upload my runs measured by Mi Fit app (uploads of measured runs are in jpg format) and I feel it is too time-consuming for me to retype the statistics in the form in Runalyze manually. :(
Again: fingers crossed for getting your runs back on track!

Thanks for the mention. Let's enjoy running & steemit together!

You are very welcome!