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Ripaex is a decentralized platform that creates an avenue through which entities wishing to own cryptocurrency exchanges can realize such dreams through a cost effective means. The company takes cognizance of the high cost of setting up an exchange and came up with the concept to bootstrap startups hoping to build exchanges in order to give them an easier seamless path to realizing such dreams.
Ripaex ensures that the prospective exchange owner focuses on the more important aspects that make exchanges worthwhile while the basic setup activities are taken care of through the services rendered by Ripaex.

A statement by the founder aptly captures the mission of the company when he said,

"Starting an exchange shouldn't be hard, what is hard is to give platinum support to your clients, comply with international regulations and have reliable banking partners to operate with: you should focus on that while the code and liquidity to start your exchanges operations is given to you free of charge."

RipaEx wants the upcoming exchanges to solve the problem of liquidity and over dependence on the third parties that don't support open source software.

Problems with the Current Exchanges and Systems

Setting up an exchange is an expensive process, with the average low end costs ranging from $150,000 to a higher end requiring funds well into the millions. This implies that there are many entities that would want to own exchanges but are unable to due to the high capital needed to do so.
Aside from the start up costs, there also is the cost of customization and marketing, other costs are servers, support staff and compliance issues that must be settled with regulatory agencies. All these requirements and costs will make setting up exchanges a very challenging and time consuming process.

But ultimately, the largest concerns with cryptocurrency exchanges are with liquidity. Most new and upcoming exchanges struggle to provide the tokens necessary to run an attractive exchange. Without liquidity, traders don't trade and an exchange will not profit from the fees generated. Not helping the issue is the fact that most financial institutions do not wish to collaborate with crypto based exchanges.

RipaEx is Providing the Solution

The project will use the concept of shared wallets and code among a network of exchanges to enhance the liquidity of all the exchanges through the creation of a common order book among them. It effectively lays the groundwork for new exchanges to make the correct decisions regarding operations and marketing as well as help in the creating a transparent system that users can trust.
Ripaex believes that the high cost of starting a cryptocurrency exchange can be mitigated through a process by which the exchanges are empowered to own the source codes of the project instead of depending on third party programmers and developers for deployment, customization and update.
The model of business conceptualized by Ripaex is comprised of small to medium sized exchanges that would be part of the network in a collaborative fashion. The synergy created by this ensures liquidity while the blueprint and support they garner from Ripaex strengthens their management and possibility of early profit since ordinarily it takes most exchanges five years to turn profitable.

RipaEx Key Features

Open Source - Based upon the Peatio code, the RIPA network will provide a customizable exchange architecture that is secure, transparent, and flexible to configuration.

RLSP (Ripa Liquidity Service Provider) - Each exchange in the RIPA network will share the same orderbook allowing instant access for exchange owners to provide liquidity from the start.

Security - Banking grade digital technologies are constantly being tested and implemented to insure the best processes are used to secure all levels of the RIPA network. Separation of wallets, client registries, and trading engines ensure that if an exchange is compromised the entire network along with users data will remain secure.

Full Cabinet of Exchange Services - Peatio supports a wide range of services and products including multi-language support, KYC verification and 2-factor authentication, along with a "Proof of Solvency" and easy creation of exchange pairs utilizing multiple cryptocurrency chains.

Ripa Trading Console
The RIPA Exchange console will provide a clean and friendly personalized user interface with fully responsive trading accessible across any device. The console also has a built-in "Proof of Solvency" for a clear and transparent audit of exchange holdings.

RipaEx [XPX] Token Sale Live!

Bonus Schedule and Distribution

Additional Investor Information

Website: https://ripaex.io/
ICO Portal: https://tec.ripaex.io/dashboard
Wallet: https://wallet.ripaex.io/
Android wallet: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.ripa.wallet.mobile

White Paper: https://ripaex.io/assets/RipaEx_WP_EN.pdf
Executive Summary: https://ripaex.io/assets/RipaEx_ES_EN.pdf

Social Media Links
BitcoinTalk [ann]: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3759172
Telegram: https://t.me/ripaex
Steemit: https://steemit.com/@ripaex
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ripaex
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ripaex
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RipaEx/

Article written by @generation.easy

BitcoinTalk user: Mr.Ease
User link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=803528
Ripa Address: PMtuQtm1vw8gpPP7Ktx1A6tJggHekyyWxw

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Interesting project.

I notice that you are very active in discussions of the cryptosphere - Maybe you would like to earn some more by becoming a Trivial token analyst?

Basically, I want to create some up-to-date reviews of the more popular tokens, focusing on fundamentals and usage.

To build it out, I am crowdsourcing the initial content, and getting in touch with a few bloggers from Steemit who analyse crypto. I'd be delighted if you considered writing about a token that interests you, and will pay $40 in ETH or STEEM for your time and effort. You'll be free to publish on Steemit as well, so you can also earn whatever post earnings you get.

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I may be interested in this... tho I typically research and write about Pre-ICO projects.

Cool - if interested just shoot a message over to [email protected]

As the platform i'm building is focused on only post ICO projects with some traction , im not really interested in ICOs at the moment. I find a lot of the analysis of them comes down to whitepaper and promises, whereas projects that have already raised something are closer to delivering an actual product, have higher value, more interesting onchain data etc.!

Hrrm… This sounds like an interesting project your planning - Some sort of crypto info site? I like that idea. So many ICO rating sites but it seems after the ICO the project has no real other way to market the project...

Do you have a web page yet of your project?
Are you on BitcoinTalk or Telegram? it would be easier to communicate that way.

Site is trivial.co.

We can move to Discord if that's better for u?

shit... posted on wrong account. too late now I suppose.

Yup too late - Resteemed ;)

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good article

hello @generation.easy you use discord?

i join your channel 👍🏻

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