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Trivial is collecting token analysis from the best crypto bloggers and thinkers.


If you have good knowledge of a token, then don’t just keep it to yourself, help educate others! Its difficult to cut through the noise in the cryptosphere, so we want to create a community where detailed, insightful analysis can thrive.

It would be great to have some Steemians onboard to provide fresh thinking on the most interesting projects out there.

If you write some great analysis, then you can expect a $40 payout.🤓💸

What are we looking for?

This is only a rough guide. Feel free to expand or ignore aspects, and to get creative.

Basic overview - What is the project about? What problem is solving? Does it have a solid usecase?

Technical details - Governance or consensus mechanism / How is the token used: Security; Utility, Payments, etc. / Ethereum-based or own blockchain planned? / Token distribution

Roadmap - What stage is the project in? What does it have planned for the future?

Onchain data analysis - Activity of Daily/Monthly Active Users (DAUs, MAUs), transactions, number of holders, distribution of addresses, etc. This can all be found on

Team - Who is behind the project? (Could also include partners + investors if applicable)

Competitors - Who else is trying solve the problem? Differentiation.

Revenue - How much did they raise? Current Marketcap?

Project weaknesses - Any criticisms or counterpoints


An example of solid token analysis can be found here:

You have freedom to explore any project that you think deserves attention, but there are a few rules:

  • Focus only on ERC20 tokens that are post-ICO.

  • No blatant shilling - nothing is perfect! Please try to remain impartial, assessing on solid fundamentals and not empty hype or recent price action.

  • Analysis can be of any length, but the best work is concise and to the point. Around 1000-2000 words is probably optimal.

  • Please be original. If you use other people’s work in your analysis, then cite appropriately.

  • Avoid abusive language


For each article published on we will pay $40 (in STEEM or ETH).

For every view, we will pay $0.01. So for 1000 view $10.

Only original articles that have not been published elsewhere (unless otherwise stated) are eligible for payments.

Submissions and Publication

Please send article ideas to [email protected] Just include the name of the token you want to write about, and as long as someone else has not written about it you're good to go!

Help and advice on writing provided. Once first draft is sent, it will be read through and if necessary editing/corrections will be required before publication.

While you hold the rights to all content, and can re-publish on Steemit or other blogs, Trivial reserves the right to publish on its platform and share across social media and other communication channels.

Any questions just ask!


Hi @sroka87, I found your website idea very good and would like to contribute. So if you allow me I would love to give article writing for the site a try. Please let me know how frequently I would require to submit articles. Thank you.

Hi @pankajborah. It would be great to have you write something for Trivial. Send me an email on [email protected] and we can discuss.

I like your ambition and I think we can work together.
Do you have a Telegram? I have a proposal.

*Self-voting for prominence.

I dont use Telegram, but you can always add me on Discord, or alternatively [email protected] .

Im only for erc20 token reviews at the moment, but feel free to pick any one of these that are post ICO and follow the analysis framework here

Once first draft is sent, then I will edit and provide suggestions as appropriate to make it into a killer article.

You'll be free to also publish on Steemit. :)

Not contacting for writing; I have something else in mind.
What's your Discord?

Discord is sroka87. Hit me up, i'm happy to discuss

This is really nice. Put me up for it. I would be interested to write and Analyze for Trivial.

Awesome - if you send an email to [email protected] with the token you want to look at, then we can go from there!

Hello @sroka87, this looks like a nice initiative.

The only way to contact you is using the email @[email protected] or perhaps you are also available on discord?

I am interested in writing for this project.


Hi there @dedicatedguy

I am also on Discord, so if its easier we can chat there. Sent u a DM

Looking forward to hearing which project u would like to write about!

Just like that? is there a deadline for this, cause am interested in writing some reviews, how do i contact you?

Yes - its fairly simple process!

No deadline, but the sooner the better. :)

Please just send an email to [email protected] with the token you would like to analyse. If no one is writing about it, you're good to go!

If you want suggestions, I would love analysis of any of these projects:

Loom Network

Hello @skora87 . Really wonderful initiative ,will love to be a part of it .
I'll be sure to get across via email . Cheers !

Cool - look forward to hopefully collaborating!

Nice project @sroka87, I will like to get involved. I will try and send you a private message to your email or how can I contact you on discord.? I need to know how the arrangement works. Thanks so much for introducing me to this platform. I'm honoured.

Very cool project. Headed there now! Following.

It seems to me STEEM on is ETH based token and its different entity.

Yeah, anything on Trivial will be ERC20, which means it is based on an Ethereum smart contract. Some joker/scammer probably created a token called STEEM , hoping maybe a few would buy it. No relation to the real Steem crypto, which is of course based on the Steem blockchain!

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
Check the rules of the Daily Spotlights if you want to nominate someone!
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

@sroka87 This is really great initiative.. This will encourage blogger like us.I would be interested to write for Trivial Community.

Hello @sroka87, I'm very interesting in join you. Just send an email to you. Thanks!

wow!!! I will love to participate in this project

Hi! I recently see your comment about that you can pay from $40 to $70 for reviews?

I would like to write about: BMF token (

How much time do I have to write a review and how can I send you my review? by hackmd format?

Thanks in advance


This is a great idea and I would really like to get myself involved. How do we get started? Is there any deadline to this or for how long Will it continue? @sroka87

Looking forward to hearing from you...

Hi there @acheever. I'm glad you want to get involved!

The process is quite simple. Just let me know what erc20 token you want to review, and then follow the structure laid out here.

You can email first draft in.docx format to [email protected], and then I will read through, edit as appropriate, and provide any suggestions to make it into a killer review.

I will then transfer $40 worth of STEEM or ETH to your account, and you can also publish to your Steemit blog.

If your work is high quality (and having read some of your previous stuff i'm sure it will be!), and you want to continue writing reviews for us, then I will raise the payment to $50 for next 4 articles, and $60 for next five after that.

Any questions just ask!

I must admit that I really like what you're trying to achieve here @sroka87

Im not much of a review writer (more of a curator) so I can only support you and wish you all the best. Will definetly watch your progresss.

it's a good call to suggest increasing payout for @acheever reviews. Im very familiar with his work and he has solid base of well targeted followers.


Hello @sroka87.
Please, can I contact you via telegram?

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Hi @sroka87

didn't hear from you in a while and I just decided to check on you.
Did you give up on steemit? :(


Not given up yet @crypto.piotr , just not had much time for posting / commenting.

Still enjoy browsing my feed and throwing my meager vote around!

Im glad to hear from you @sroka87 :)

Good to know you're still around. And also I never had a chance to thank you for introducing me to Kasia. Working with her is fun and easy.

Cheers mate

ps. I just got married! :D


Congratulations @crypto.piotr - wish u and your wife a very happy future

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