The Evening Task Manager (11.20.2016) - Posts That Pay You!

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Payouts for  Today's Paid Tasks - Posts That Pay You!  and The Morning Task Manager - Posts That Pay You! have been processed. @steempredict and @haphazard-hstead received a bonus for finding great giveaways. 

Only A few new paying posts so far today, hopefully later tonight will be more fruitful.

@ontofractal - Experimental Crowdsourced Steem Metrics Report for 19th November 2016 , give a personal analysis on the steem echosystem for a chance to win nice SP prizes.

@englishtchrivy -  STEEMIT Culinary Challenge # 4 : Super Salads , this one is over later tonight. Still time to get in for a chance at the 30 Steem Dollar top prize!

@bola - Guess How Many? #63 and Fill In The Blank #51 , guess the correct answer and win a prize, multiple prizes to be won. Resteem reward also offered.

  • Old News: Featured in a previous post but still valid, in case you missed it :)

@chessmasters - Brought to you by the @steemsports team, same thing, only chess. Works just like steemsports bets, only vote on 1 comment!

@d3nv3r - Operation SteemPoke runs for 3 days, paid upvote and resteem, along with a 10 SP poetry challenge. Still over 2 days left.

@thecryptofiend - Steemit X-Prize, this contest is giving away 1MV! Check out the rules in the post, you have one week to come up with your idea to promote steemit. 

Steemit Photo Challenge - This week the theme is transport, with a top reward of 35 Steem Dollars! Most entries get lots of votes, quality photographs tend to be rewarded quite well. Get your cameras out and snap some pictures.

@crowdfundedwhale - Send Steem, Steem Power or Steem Dollar donation to their account, after that the bot will upvote your posts. The project needs more repeat donations. 

@steemsports - Almost everyone already bets on steemsports bets.... but some do so incorrectly. Cast only 1 vote in the comments section or you will not qualify. 

Special Task: Upvote and resteem this post, then comment "Task Complete" below for a reward of 0.1 Steem Power! Reward will be paid after post payout.  

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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