The Morning Task Manager - Posts That Pay You!

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Who wants 1 MV? You want 1 MV! This mornings contests include one for 1 MV! I think updates 2x a day on the paying posts should suffice. Be sure to follow to keep updated on all of steemits posts that PAY YOU! Payouts for yesterdays Task Manager special tasks will be later today. 

@thecryptofiend - Steemit X-Prize, this contest is giving away 1MV! Check out the rules in the post, you have one week to come up with your idea to promote steemit.

@safecrack - Safecrack only has one winner, but you cant win if you don't play.  Jump over to the post and comment a 4 digit number over 0000, closest to the answer wins.

@ontofractal - Steem metrics report that pays you for your personal analysis on the steem ecosystem. Read carefully!

 Steemit Photo Challenge - This week the theme is transport, with a top reward of 35 Steem Dollars! Most entries get lots of votes, quality photographs tend to be rewarded quite well. Get your cameras out and snap some pictures. 

@bitcoiner - here is a cool random giveaway. Finish this sentence:  Steemit is ________________ , in the comment section of the post. This giveaway has about 8 hours left.

 @bola - Guess How Many (6 hours left), Guess That Movie (1 movie left to guess, 15 hours left). You can win by guessing the correct answer or get a reward via resteem. 

 @crowdfundedwhale - Send Steem, Steem Power or Steem Dollar donation to their account, after that the bot will upvote your posts. The project needs more repeat donations.

@steemsports - Almost everyone already bets on steemsports bets.... but some do so incorrectly. Cast only 1 vote in the comments section or you will not qualify. 

@taskmanager - The introduction post is paying 0.15 SP or more for upvote/resteem, yesterdays post is paying 0.1 SP for vote/resteem.

Special Task:

Upvote and resteem this post, then comment "Task Complete" below for a reward of 0.1 Steem Power! Reward will be paid after post payout.


Hi, I've launched an payout crowdsourcing experiment for news and observations about Steem

Ima edit you right in

Task Complete

Task Complete

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Check out the #steemitculinarychallenge, too. They are on challenge #4 now -- make a salad. I won $30SBD last week for a smoothie made out of weeds. It's organized by @englishtchrivy.

0.5 Sp for the find :)