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…continued… from part 1 and part 2 and part 3 and part 4 and part 5.


You can’t eat your cake and have it. Relationship isn’t by force. You should know who your heart beat for and if you feel you can’t let your best friend respect your space, then stick to her and leave your girlfriend alone. This is why it is advised that people should date only when they are ready. This guy obviously doesn’t know what he is doing and he has a terrible way of showing it too.

He needs to determine the direction of his future and what he wants; your female friend or girlfriend? Which partnership would he prefer and once he is able to know this, it would be easier for him to decide.


John needs to understand that ladies are different, just as guys are. It would be wrong for him to be expecting Gloria to be like Natalia. I think he is trying to compare the two together and he feels a bit more at ease with Natalia, or it could be that he is not paying attention to know who Gloria really is, because he has been blinded to the characters of Natalia. Never compare ladies. What draw you to her in the first place? We are all a work in progress, so be tender when dealing with her.

Situations like this can drive Gloria to suicide and John would live to regret that because it would be too late to change it. Think young man, think. You can’t cope with the consequences of what you are setting in motion. Leke Alder once said, “You don’t shoot artillery in a closed environment” and that closed environment is your relationship.

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Yes, to understand how the guy feels too, I know it is not easy to just cut off your female best friend, at least she means something to you. It is a difficult choice to make; understandably, but there must be a respectable distance between your female friend and your girlfriend. You need to get your girlfriend to the point where she won’t have to feel threatened by the presence or at the mention of this female friend.

…to be continued…

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Give respect to others according to their relationship.
The most important person is your partner.
Give your attention to your partner.

Its very sad that John lack the very atomic value of Respect and is traceable to his upbringing. Am sorry to say this because whatever we turn out can never be without our foundations.

Yes that what i meant....John needs to open up and discuss with both of them. If he holds seperate feeling for each of them its better to talk and make them understand...you can row on two boats. Rightly said the maturity comes into play. John needs to be free of all doubts and make way for the one whom he think is best...or both...but only one could be her life partner

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He need to give her best friend space for him to enjoy his relationship or just break up with his girlfriend. I think thats the two options he got