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…continued… from part 1.


Gloria would always feel depressed. She would always feel hurt. To make matters worse, anytime Gloria and John have an issue, John always discusses, seek advice and solace in Gloria. I wonder why some guys are just a disgrace to the XY chromosome. Has he ever wondered how this girlfriend would feel? Why keep your best friend too close at the expense of your relationship? This is really a civil war he is breeding and it is capable of causing unending havoc, if not properly handled with wisdom. John is definitely playing with fire and he needs to be told.

Come on John, you don’t do that to your girlfriend. It is humiliating and manifestly unwise. You can’t force your girlfriend to be friends with your female best friend. That is not something you have to command her to do or place a demand on. Have you ever considered her feeling? I remembered few weeks back, I talked about how women are territorial. They like fighting for their space and keeping it so. They don’t like sharing it. They mark their territory and own it. It is quite logical. They can go through any length to claim their spot if they see any sign of a threat there. It is quite understandable and it is wise for guys to always remember this.


John, your girlfriend naturally should claim her territory, and in case loyalty has blinded you, that territory is you, and that includes all associations, your movements, even to the exclusion of any predator or pretender. You are not in a cage; remember we said relationship is for serious minded people. You can’t eat your cake and then want to have it back. You have to decide what you want to do, mister!

If your Gloria and Natalia can’t get along, that is a reality you have to live with if you can’t let one go for the other. This is the part where you have to thread with caution and apply wisdom, because your loyalty would be threatened and do not forget to whom your primary loyalty lies.

…to be continued…

Thank you for your time.

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Here come the crux..John is in a very weired condition where he is looking for his Love in Gloria whereas same time he is concerned about his friend Natalie too. For sure every women who is in relationship feel insecure with presence of other girl . John need to juggle out the situation thoughtfully to maintain both the relationship i.e Love & Friendship

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Interesting piece, keep it up Sir @Olawalium


Thank you. Duly appreciated.

As you said above that women does not like sharing. Specially they can't see you with other female friends. So never try to share yourself with others but your partner.

Sharing is caring but not to share our partners,lol.

Women are territorial, Love to conquer, keep and retain their space. No matter their terrible actions. NOTE: if the terrible attitude is to protect their "investment" its justified. John! John!! John!! Why have you donw this. From my experience ladies don't mind guys talking to their fellow guys than to other ladies. It shatters their their ego and possessiveness. There is need to always draw the lines when it comes to relationship.
Looking forward to see this thru.

He could loose his girlfriend if he continue with such acts and if they even continue to be too too tight, he won't be able to keep a girlfriend