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…continued… from part 1 and part 2.


The point is your female friend has to respect your girlfriend. Is your girlfriend not the woman you wish to spend the rest of your life with? So, what makes you think you can treat her anyhow, or act anyhow and you expect her to be cool with it?

Like I said, your female bestie should be able to respect your girlfriend because your girlfriend owns that territory, regardless of if your best friend has been there before her. If she won’t respect her, then you have a serious issue on hand. You have in fact given your best friend leverage over your girlfriend by telling her everything that happens in your relationship and also exposing her flaws. You have given your female best friend the ground to exert authority over your girlfriend, which is why you are powerless to stop it. If you don’t handle things better young man, your girlfriend might throw a gauntlet down and ask you to choose between your female best friend and her. Who are you going to choose?


Both sets of relationship are valuable to you, so it is going to be difficult to choose. Like I said, your female friend has some ‘political’ leverage over your relationship, and this is why she is rubbing it in on your girlfriend. It could be because she was there all along before your girlfriend came on board, she had known you before your girlfriend came on board, and you made it worse by asking your girlfriend to go and apologize to her for asserting her territorial hold over your affection. Don’t forget that your girlfriend owns that territory and any other person apart from her is an intruder and that person should not have the legal ground or authority over her.

The thing is this John, if you so much love this female friend and you could be making your own girlfriend feel like an intruder in her own relationship, why not just defy all odds and date your female best friend, rather than put this young lady through all these torture?

…to be continued…

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One should ask for respect either it is female friend or your girlfriend. After that you should clear between them the relationship. You need to clear that whats your Relation is with them.
Clarification of relationship status will help to resolve the issue. Don't let any one to spoil the atmosphere in relations.

Its very important to call a spade a spade! Its very dehumanizing and way far disrespectful. Hmmmmm!!! John Its very important to note that if you dont value what you have,someone else will for you.
More so if you dont place a good Price on your Item in this case relationship and more precisely Spouse, No one will for you. Power is very key in relationship especially for ladies and unfortunately John has given that power to his "bestie"
Omàsè oo

So far there are many scenarios. Firstly either Jogn unable to identify the true love between them secobdally, John deeply in love with Natalie but unable to acknowledge it thirdly he is confused between the two.
Here tye maturity comes into play either he make both understand the importance of each of them in his life. Obviosly both of the girls are integral part of his life...and he now manage to treat them as per their existence and importance

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To me, it's even a shit, telling my best friend what happened between I and my girlfriend. Its just ridiculous!