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What's regression?

It's when I start questioning:

Should I be really doing these things?

Analyzing My Life So Far

Regression is like this void, where all the reasons for doing things vanish into.

A state of purposelessness.

This is the reason why I didn't stick with many of those "systems" I used to come up with.

My Takeaway From This

  1. Creating a schedule is surely better than not having one.
  2. Whatever you drop off, don't let it be meditation. That shit works.
  3. Oh and, exercise.
  4. If you're not 100% into it, even only 99%, then it's not gonna work.

So where to from here?

Gary Vee's advice of trying new things. I'd say one at a time, looking at how trying to go all in since the past few months resulted in failures.

Sometimes this regression happens due to a lack of proper perspective.

Some nice perspective changers:

The odds of becoming a human. Look it up.

Thinking that today is 100% your last day.

Make-believe that your whole family's dead.
(heard Gary saying this recently; gives a huge boost of motivation to work to people who know what they wanna do)

Closing Thoughts

Have fun in whatever you do.

Have a grand vision of how things will be when you consistently do that thing. And make sure you love that vision. Else, if you're not interested in the vision itself, it's not gonna work as I've found.

This is making me rethink stuff.


Where am I going...

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