Aaaaand I Stopped With The Lottery Box Thing

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Why do we stop doing certain things after some time?

I guess it's because our priorities change. Either that, or you're lazy.

But I'm not lazy, so, my priorities changed.



That's what I've started focusing on since the past 3 days. You know, I thought, "Am I doing all of these various things (coding, learning Japanese, drawing, animating etc.) because I'm trying to avoid doing something else?"

Tough question, but the answer was 'yes'.

I've always got good grades throughout school, but I feel like I didn't truly deserve it. It's because I used to game the system by studying at the last moment most of the time. There was never real learning.

Khan Academy

I'm guessing that's why I decided to start learning all the basic subjects like Math, Science, Economics etc. from Khan Academy - to make this wrong, right. I wanted to feel deserving of my grades.

But then...

Right after school was done with good grades, college wasn't so much the same case. My real "grades" became apparent in college.

Side note on Grades
I think our grades are a measuring tool of how much effort we put studying, rather than how much we actually know about the subject.

So, in that sense, when I got low marks in college, that means my old habit of post-poning studying caught up with me. And because of that, I actually failed in a few subjects in my finals for the first time.

Just because I didn't even study! Not that I studied and got less marks, didn't even study!

I actually skipped my finals this year thinking I'd "make money" through online content creating, such as YouTube and whatnot.

I know it's a sin mentioning YouTube here. *Insert thuglife.mp4


But that was actually an excuse for not having a proper study habit - the result of studying for my school tests at the last moment.
So kids, if you're in school and you're reading this, don't do, uh, this.

Cut to the present...

Now that I've come face to face with this fact that I was excusing myself from putting in the effort —to sit and study every single day —that's exactly what I've decided to do.

So was my previous plan of Lottery System not working a bad thing?



please tell me you got the reference.

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Fuck college!!! I went..... my degree is as much use to me as a cock flavored lolly pop..... i got a massive student loan.... so i left the country to avoid paying it back.... i say find something you like and just start doing it.... become the best and money will come later no matter what you choose..... so long as it interests you enough to invest the time needed to excel

I didn't know you could avoid college loans by moving out of the country. o.o

True, I'm in that discovering stage now - gotta try different things and see what I'll like enough to stick with for a long time.

Say, what did you choose to do?

Upside of leaving the country.... they don’t know where you are.... so cant send bills..... downside... i can be arrested when i re enter the country (I don’t think they would actually do that..... but it is possible).....i was going to declare bankruptcy to solve all my problems.... but.... the form was super big.....

  • i spent my 20s getting fucked over by every employer around...... now I’m a driver/tour guide..... i get paid to make stupid and dirty jokes.... which suits me..... i only work 7 months a year... but make more than the average person that works year round

How ever.... i would recommend University if you know exactly what you want to do ...... and there is a specific course for it Doctor, engineer, accountant etc.... i just did a regular commerce degree like everyone else..... and when we finished there were no jobs

Sounds like you're in a fun job. I'm doing commerce too. My plan after I'm done with my degree (hopefully next year) is to take time off and try many things. Money won't be the primary focus. I guess I'll not worry about it at all. Just need experience.

I'm following Gary Vee's advice to graduates. You know him?
I like that video, gives me some kinda direction when everything feels confusing.

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