The Daily Qurator #354

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Cover graphics by - @aaronleang

Welcome to the 354th Daily Edition of the Daily Qurator. Below you will find some awesome members of @qurator that worked hard to post some good quality content for all you awesome Steemians to enjoy!

Today’s Features:

Your Quality Curator ~( @goldendawne )~ Presents:


Painted Messenger Pebbles

Today I will show you some little pebbles I have painted and collaged
I like to always have on hand small messages,
which are actually words or pieces of sentences that I tear in a magazine ...
Obviously, I do not choose any magazine ...
the magazine is necessarily inspiring and with very positive content,
I also like when it uses different fonts, which allows me to have all kinds of words but also typographies

Oh now these are just the coolest little decorative creations! What an artistic way to say what's on your mind. Kind of reminds me of those little Valentine's Day candy hearts children give out; but these are for adults exchanging positive motivational words.


Using Cryptocurrency To Teach Children About Money

I had to go on one of those long car rides and in that car was a parent. We started talking about teaching young children about money. As I was talking about curriculum and the role of parents, the parent stopped me. She said all you need is cryptocurrency to teach children about cryptocurrency

The world is changing; whether we like it or not, and the way money and currency is being used must change too. Twenty years ago Paypal was unheard of; virtual money? Children need to learn about the ways of the cryptocurrency world and @alvinauh shares a great post about this very topic.


Illustrations For The Little Prince Happy Version For Children

Here comes the 3rd piece of "The Little Prince" - happy version for children
Drawing a series of illustrations for literary works is a comprehensive work - not only to consider the problems of the painting itself, but also to find ways to reorganize and permeate the various plots in the original work, and to put the story in a frame with limited length and quantity. Express clearly. This kind of translation between literature and painting is often more difficult than painting a painting alone

These illustrations are AMAZING! Look at every little detail!
@pgr is a very talented artist!
The “Never Happy Rose” has to be my favorite! Which one is your favorite?


August 2018 Summary And Experience Report

In response to the promoter of this event, @chann , I decided to participate in this "2018 Monthly Summary" event.
Hey, in a flash, August is coming to an end... I should also be the time to summarize the things that have been completed/not completed this month

Do you often think about where you are at in your steemit life? Do you keep track of achievements and future goals? Well @wilhb81 does and is sharing what happened in August and what they want to accomplish in September. Stop over to see!


A Market Friday Visit To A Scottish Craft Market

I am sharing a trip to a quaint little crafts market that takes place in Edinburgh on a regular basis on the weekend. Located in a posh place of town called 'stockbridge', the market sports hand crafter goods. For starter's there's a druid that sells ales and unique home brewed wines made of elderflower and other botanicals like thistles.

Whiskey flasks with handmade covers caught @fiftysixnorth's eye at this Scottish Craft Market.
Head on over to see what other crafts were available for sale at this market.

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Thanks much for the mention @qurator ^_^ I'm happy you enjoyed my messenger pebbles ;-)




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