The Daily Qurator #134 - Upvoting at $0.19 - $2.51 - So close to 100K...

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Cover art by - @seersalomon

Welcome to the 134th Daily Edition of the Daily Qurator. Below you will find some awesome members of @qurator that worked hard to post some good quality content for all you awesome Steemians to enjoy!

The @qurator project was created to help give Steemians some extra exposure and awesome upvotes currently worth around $0.19 - $2.51!

Note: some of you have been curated twice since the start of the daily qurator and some have been curated only once. As the Daily Qurator is gaining fame with every passing day, many new steemians are asking/will ask to join us. So, expect to see posts from new users for now. When the opportunity arises, posts from older users will be curated once again

Your Quality Curator ~( @goldendawne )~ Presents:


Din Tai Fung Soup Dumplings- Shanghai, China

Xiaolongbao is street food. It is more commonly known as a soup dumpling. This popular treat comes in many styles. My preference is for a dive chain... We came for the Xiaolongbao, but we did try a couple of appetizers. The dumplings are served with fresh ginger

Come along for sampling of some soup dumplings with @coldsteem and friends! So many varieties to pick from and they look scrumptious!


The Real Benefits Of The Article Is Far Greater Than The Show Revenue! How To Quickly Calculate The Real Benefits Of The Article?

Many of my new friends who joined Steemit just started with some basic Steemit knowledge and found several articles that did not seem to yield much for each article

Do you know when is the best time to Upvote another steemians' post? Do you know how to calculate your earnings from your post? Well @wang-peilin shares some insider tips on how to determine these and other revenue on steemit.


Steemit Discussion At Basecamp BSC (Bireuen Steemit Community

Communities provide something very useful for members. With the community, we can talk about things and exchange ideas. The community will also increase friendships and strengthen silaturrahmi... From this starblack coffee shop, every steemian promotes steemit from table to table. Every day there is always a new steemian signing up steemit

@albertjester has some great steemian friends at this base camp. Every people are meeting up, sharing ideas and working towards his or her own success on steemit. What a GRAND idea to have a place for all local steemians to meet up.


Use This 2000 Year Old Hack To Win Arguments With Your Girlfriend

I always win fights with my fiancée -
I never liked arguing - its a HUGGGE waste of time and it always ends with “who’s-gonna-apologize-first”.
I think this is usual in any relationship

We've all been there... we have all had THAT fight or argument. But what can you do before the argument erupts to prevent hurt feelings and unnecessary words? See what advice @bensimblog has to say about all that. Learn where the word STOICISM comes from and what it means.


Why I Love Driving

What do you do after a long day, or when you are stuck in a rut with whatever you're doing. Where do you go when you need to chill and relax for a while before going back into the daily grind, what if you need to get away for a bit and wait for some inspiration to strike you

How do you relax? Or blow off steam of a stressful day? Do you go to the gym and work out? Maybe you binge watch the latest drama on TV. @dxn prefers to jump in his car and drive... YES! Just drive!

...nothing else but me, my car and the road. All my troubles and concern flies by like the scenery and I am absolutely focused on the driving

For more information about the Qurator Project and how to join is click HERE


Qurator 2.0 Update Post

We made a new Informational Qurator post that contains some rules and guidelines. The banners with their links can also be found in the post. Here is the link, we suggest every Qurite read it to be up to date with Qurator. =)

Qurator 2.0 Update

Post Promotion Rules for DISCORD

Please have a look at the new rules:

Before you post your own link comment and upvote one of the last posts in the room.
Paste your link mentioning the person (using @username) you just upvoted.
After someone mentions you, check if your post did receive an upvote and a comment and give a thumbs up on the tag. If someone tagged you but did not comment/upvote your post, alert a moderator and we will deal with it.
Only ONE LINK PER DAY is allowed.
If you notice that someone left the link without respecting the rules, please report it to one the Moderators.

Not respecting the rules will have its consequences.
Failure to comment/upvote will result in a warning.
Three warnings and you will be banned from using #postpromotion. FOREVER

This room is strictly to post links.
Please keep conversations in #general-chat

We will give permission to the #postpromotion room manually to all Qurator members who read the rules, understand and obey them.

Please contact one of the moderators on Discord to receive permission.

New Tasty Tuesday is out! Go cast your upvotes!

We will be doing a weekly Tasty Tuesday that will focus on food related blogs. Photography and Food is something that gets overlooked by Steemit quite a lot so we want to help out a bit by getting more people involved in both categories.

To view our latest Tasty Tuesday please visit this link to cast your vote for your favorite dish!

Did you vote for your favorite Photo Friday yet? The newest edition just launched!

Qurator will be hosting a Photo Friday each week where 5 members will be selected to win a Tier 5 membership!

Head over to Photo Friday to cast your vote and show some support! Who knows, maybe next week it's your turn to receive some votes and stand a chance to win! =)


The bot is Qurator exclusive and will upvote all Qurites with an upvote of 2.65 times the worth of what you send it, up to $2.00+!

Delegators will see payouts of 90% of all SBD earned by the bot.


Qurator's Discord Channel that all Steemians can join -

New Tiers Update

The latest Tiers update is out and updated. You can see the post here.

Streemian Trail Account

You may have noticed that your upvotes from @qurator packed a little bigger punch! @scrooger and @ethandsmith are now trailing the @qurator account and will be sending you some extra upvotes from our side as well. It's not much but every upvote counts!

You can also follow the trail and send upvotes to fellow Qurator members when @qurator upvotes them. To set up a Streemian account only takes a few minutes and is a great way to earn some extra curation.

You can follow this GUIDE to set up your Streemian account.

After setting up your account you can follow this trail on Streemian:

We suggest NOT following the trail at 100% since we do not want to drain too much of your precious voting power. Play around with your percentage and if you see your voting power being drained too much you can simply lower your % in Streemian. If you have a lot of voting power to spare you can consider a larger %.

If you need any help or have questions come visit our #support channel on Discord.

Want bigger upvotes? Check out Tiers and how to gain access to them

TIER 0.pngBasic 2 STEEM/SBD registration fee. Basic upvote for life from @qurator.
Tier 1.pngDelegate 100SP to @qurator or Upvote @qurator's posts 4+ times a week
Tier 2.pngDelegate 200SP to Qurator or Upvote @qurator's posts 7+ times a week
Tier 3.pngDelegate 300SP to @qurator
Tier 4.pngDelegate 400SP to @qurator
Tier 5.pngDelegate 500SP+ to @qurator

Delegation links:


After you click the link you will have to check the value, click next and then enter your steemit NAME and Private Active Key to delegate. Please remember to leave at least 50SP in your account!

Steem Power1 880
Delegated97 961(+507)
Voting Power86%
Upvote Weight T00.2%$0.19
Upvote Weight T12.1%$0.77
Upvote Weight T23.1%$1.16
Upvote Weight T35.1%$1.74
Upvote Weight T46.2%$2.12
Upvote Weight T57.2%$2.51

Upvoting or Resteeming this post will help us grow and in turn enable us to give better upvotes to our members and quality content creators.

Your Quality Content Curator

Feel free to use our banner created by awesome Steemians.

Simply copy and paste the link into the bottom of your post, this will be awesome support towards the project and we are sure many of you are proud to be a Qurite. =)

<center>[<img src="">](</center>

<center>[<img src="">](</center>

<center>[<img src="">](</center>

Thank you @mrlightning | @rebelheart | @royalfinest for your designs.

The Qurator project is brought to you by:

@scrooger | @boontjie | @goldendawne | @ewkaw | @ackhoo | @em3 | @brumest | @stresskiller

Special thanks to @kryzsec for the SBD contributions.

For more information about the Qurator Project and how to join is click HERE

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Great Initiative Qurator. I hope to join very soon!

My upvote at the moment is only worth about $0.20. And that's with just over 500 SP. Not going to get me very far, is it?

If I can delegate 500 SP to you and get around $2.50 per vote, daily, then I have a real incentive to try to post daily!

And I promise that it'll be quality content. Not "this is a flower now follow me and upvote me now" :)

... As nice as those kind of posts are, I am getting tired of reading them. :)

I really like the Daily Qurator initiative too and the fact that you resteem some quality posts as it means that quality posts have an opportunity to get far more visibility and traction, something that is only possible today with bots.

Hopefully see you soon! Keep doing your thing and stay humble! :)


One question - is it a max of one vote daily, regardless of delegation? Or if we can actually manage to post twice a day, do you vote twice?



Thanks for your long and thoughtful reply, had a quick look at your blog and looks pretty solid! Will still have to go through our review process though. Sure it will be fine.

Won't suggest delegating the full 500 SP, maybe 300 and then upvote the @qurator posts 7+ times a week. That will give you Tier 5.

Tier 5 values fluctuate though, won't always be $2.5. Sometimes higher, sometimes lower. Depends on how many members join and people that move up in tiers.

The rules are strictly only one upvote after every 24 hours. So no extra upvotes from the Qurator account. We are supporting a rather large community and our Voting Power is quite sensitive.

Hope this answers most of your questions. =)


Got it, thanks! =)

Nice work

Hello wonderful Qurator family!

A question, because inquiring minds are curious, not because anything went wrong, how/when is the 'new day' caluculated for upvotes? Is there a certain time zone that we use, or would it be 24 hours from the last upvote, or some other equally exciting algorithm?



It is normally 24 hours from the last upvote. So if you made 2 within 24 hours, the 2nd post can still get an upvote if you EDIT and UPDATE it after 24 hours.

We have had many issues/complaints regarding this so we will be changing it soon to reset at a certain time each day. Coder working on it, taking some time though.


hallo family qurator is good and wise ..

I'm a bit curious to ask you what's possible for you ..
the question that I ask is the matter of your vote.
why some days your vote is getting less percent. whether the longer the less or how ??

please help information !!!


As we get more members and the more members the smaller the % will get to support all the members, that's why we constantly get more SP to support more members. So even though the % is smaller the actual value of the upvote is still pretty good and about the same as before.


Great! I will look forward to the new update! I am very fluent now in editing my posts to get a qurator upvote, as I often go on streaks and do 3 or 4 posts in 2 days, then nothing for a few days.

Thanks for all that you do!

Thanks for the post! I have a question. Please tell me how curators choose the posts of newbies, according to what criteria? Or such posts have little chance to be noticed? Thanks in advance for answer)


We review newbies that have already been on steemit for at least 2 weeks / 10 posts.

You can see the criteria and all the details here:

@qurator, I've sent you 12 steem yesterday, by subscribing tier 5.
When to process


Processed, we no longer accept steem for higher tiers, but since your account was approved before that rule was active you will get the T5 upvotes for the next 40 days. =)


Ok, thank you.

Hello freind!..nice post! and, your support greatly appreciated!

this afternoon I have sent 12 steem to handle whether still can be confirmed

i have send you 2 sdb as registration fees 10 days ago,still you have not confirmed me


Oops! Looks like you slipped through the admin cracks. Have registered you straight away and also sent a nice upvote your way on one of your most recent posts. =)


thanks a lot, i've got your vote :)