Qurator's Photo Friday - Photography Competition #8

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Welcome to the 8th Edition of Photo Friday!

Each Friday we will select 5 Qurites and feature their photography in our Daily Qurator post. Each Qurite featured in this post needs to comment with their photo featured in this post. The user with the most upvotes on their comment (not money value) will win a Tier 5 membership for 30 days! The votes will be counted when this post reaches payout.

Want to take part in Photo Friday? NOMINATE! After you upvoted your favorite photo!

We have over 763 (+103 from last week!) Qurites now and for those who would like to take part and be featured in Photo Friday could nominate themself or a fellow Qurite for a chance to be featured in Photo Friday. Simply comment in this Post with the word #nominate (don't forget to upvote your favorite photo first)and we will go look through through your feed the next time we do a Photo Friday competition!

We hope this can spark some more interest in the photography community within Qurator. Hopefully to get more users to visit photography related blogs and appreciate your photography. Hopefully there will also be some nice rewards on your comment in this post.

We have made it easy for all participants by providing the links to their photos that they can just copy and paste into the comment section of this post to officially enter the competition!






Let the competition and upvotes begin! Best of luck to all the Qurites participating!

*Note: Any upvotes from pay4bots will not be counted.

Your Quality Curator ~( @goldendawne )~ Presents:


Elegance- Original Content
@ ninahaskin shares a delicate picture of a gerbera daisy from her bouquet of mixed florals. So close of an image you can almost touch the pollen inside.


My MacroPhotography- Flowers

The beautiful flowers and its details deserve our attention... Like this pink lily whose stamens and pistils are a true spectacle

Vibrant colors and @sardrt has such a steady hand to get such an exquisite picture of this flower. Stop over and see more great photography skills she exhibits in this post.


My Chameleon

This is my chameleon. He was given to me by a friend. I do not know where he found it. I named him Rango, after the famous animated chameleon with the same name

What an adorable face! Well, at least it's an adorable face for a chameleon. He's got his eye on you; and he doesn't appear to be camera shy at all!


Fauna Italy- Animals, Birds And Insects That Live In Various Regions Of My Country

The peacock is native to India, where it still lives in its wild state...

Come along and check out ALL the beautiful pictures that @adrianobalan shares of various peacocks.


If You Had Wings...

If you had wings,
Would you fly away?
Or make contact again with the ground,
Here to stay...

Look at this mid-air flight of a butterfly that @charlesmackenzie was able to capture! AMAZING!

Congratulations to the winner of the 7th Photo Friday: @birjudanak

Prize: Tier 5 upvotes worth around $2 for 30 days!

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Your Quality Content Curator


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Thank you @qurator for featuring my white gerbera daisy photo in this week's Photo Friday competition!
Please vote for my image by commenting here


🌼⚘🌼I appreciate you taking a moment to vote!🌼⚘🌼


Beautiful delicate and seductive
Could be fine porcelaine beyond price


You have a poetic way with words! @mushegas Thank you very much!🌼


Thank you! @gillianpearce Much appreciated!


This is SO beautiful, Sis! Keeping my fingers crossed!


Thank you for the kind words and support, Lovely! 🌼⚘🌼


Beautifully captured with great blooming effect and depth.


Thank you @devilonwheels for the compliment and support!


Awesome shot! Good luck with the competition! =)


Thank YOU for selecting my macrophoto as an entry for the challenge! @qurator


@ninahaskin, hey. I am also great fan of macro. Keep doin great work.


Thank you for taking a moment to stop by and comment! @keys


That is an amazing flower! You have my vote!


You're too sweet @strypes Thank you for the kind words and your support!


All the luck, my dear Nina!


Thank you, lovely Isabel! @nolasco


#nominate Depth and colour in this photography makes it feel perfect

Thank you @qurator for the love
Please vote below if this image(or my work) resonates with you!


Great timing with this shot! Good luck with the competition!


Oh thank you thank you!

My photo. Thanks !


You are welcome! Good luck!

thank you @quratorU5dtSZAT9tuZJUvgYoFx8P6KidEwnVQ_1680x8400.jpg


beautiful bird! looks a little mean. i hear they can be a little mean. but pretty hehe. really good shot!




Most welcome! Good luck!

still waiting to vote ;)

congrats to the winners. I love the picture of the chameleon a lot

Excellent initiative, I will not take part so far, as I'm just a beginner photographer and it will be difficult for me to compete with professionals. Congratulations to all the winners. Good luck to all and good.

Отличная инициатива, я пока не буду принимать участие, так как я только начинающий фотограф и мне будет сложно конкурировать с профессионалами. Поздравляю всех победителей. Удачи Всем и Добра.


All you need is the photographer's 'eye' for light & composition

For most situations where natural lighting is concerned either you have it or you don't. Hundreds if not thousands of people can walk past exactly the same thing every day and see 'nothing'
But you look and it's a different perspective
And they marvel at your opening their eyes to something they've been seeing all along

Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder
If they can't see it, don't be afraid, submit your work and help them
That's what this site is all about

DSCN1975 c.JPG


Thank you for your wisdom.

Congratulations for the winners, the photos are good.

congratulations to the winners, success always ..

A picture IS worth a thousand words. Or much more.
It takes time to read
The image communicates in an instant
More power to the Qurator to foster and promote it


wow... these shots are amazing!
That first flower is hypnotizing.

OMG all of them are so gorgeous! Difficult to choose, our community has some really talented people indeed...


I love what you are doing here! Thanks for all the support ;)
upvoted as always

upvoted @stephanus for that super cool chameleon pic :)


Very nice picks for this week! Would like to #nominate myself for the coming weeks @webresultat

I would like to #nominate ourselves after upvoting that super cool chameleon pic from @stephanus - well done!