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Promo-Steem is a voluntary group of Steemit users consisting of affiliate members, known as Steem Ambassadors.

Our network rewards and supports the worldwide network of voluntaryists who are actively promoting and growing Steem and the Steemit platform


Our main goals are as follows:

  • Leverage the Steem blockchain to be the first ever community to reward valuable, voluntary promotional work where the community itself directs the rewards

  • Maximize community control over direction of the promo-steem initiative in order to stay in line with the values of decentralization

  • Set up an international network of trusted Steem Ambassadors, providing structure to the promo initiative and ensuring the best quality promotional work is recognized

  • Publicize your promotional activities and events while finding willing supporters to come and help you

  • Our guild voting system allows you to assign some of your voting power to support promotional activities

  • Provide essential tools and resources to help make it simple to promote Steem and Steemit and other initiatives

  • Provide a chat area for discussion and development of promo ideas and projects.

  • Become the go to place for Steem Whales and Dolphins to propose bounties to the promo community

(credit @reko)

Present Status and Look ahead

  1. Beta test phase website launch is imminent - please stay tuned over the next few days as we want the community to review our site so we can incorporate as many of your suggestions as possible

  2. Development of promo voting Guild mechanism (we are looking for help from fellow steemian python script programmers)

  3. Operational hand over to community following test phase completion

Steem Ambassadors Programme

Steem Ambassadors are respected, trusted and upstanding members of the Promo-Steem community who have a proven track record in the execution of highly effective promotional work for Steemit and the Steem blockchain.In return for their great service, Steem Ambassadors shall be given voting rights on the guild and we are working on many other additional privileges in the medium - long term

More details of how to apply to become a steem ambassador will be found on our website in the coming days - stay tuned

(Credit: @gretness96)


In addition to a chat area, a voting guild, an events page, and whale bounties the following resources will be provided as part of the promo-steem experience:

  • onboarding area for new sign ups
  • promotional ideas
  • Art work, logo down loads, business card designs and flyer designs, all generated by the community for the community
  • Interest free micro loans that will help new promoters to get started
  • Newbies guide to steemit (sourced from the community)

(credit: @jassennessaj)

How we came to be

This amazing, fast growing initiative started with @stephenkendal as #promo-uk in May 2017. With several early successes the UK team grew quickly and @starkerz helped grow the initiative onto the international #promo-steem stage. @anarcotech then came on board and since then our community of dedicated promoters has successfully promoted steem in university tours, investors shows, seminars and on the streets all over the world!


WHY @steem-ambassador?

We will use this blog as a central communication hub for promo-steem. From here we will be able to feature amazing Steem Ambassadors, resteem the best promo work, keep you updated, receive delegated steem and run our upvoting guild. Additionally we will be able to publicize events, meet ups and help the most inspiring promo content rise to the top!

Curation Rewards

The rewards from this blog will be used in several ways:

  • Pay out rewards to steemians with most sign ups each month
  • Pay quarterly returns to steemians who provide delegated steem
  • Support promotional events

Thanks for all of your support so far and we cannot begin to explain how excited we are going forward!



I'm very glad that the @steem-ambassador promo hub has been created. For many months I've been doing steem promo in Belgrade, Serbia where I reside at the moment. Successfully, I've helped 2 people (@ana-step and @stella98 get started). They are not doing badly. We plan to do our first meet up in February. Additionally, from my country Nigeria, I've helped to onboard @trendyevents, @farida, @justiceoses, @eugenecr7. They are also planning their first meetup in Nasarawa State of Nigeria. We would definitely need the support of @promo-steem, @stakerz, @stephenkendal and all other core members of the team to be able to achieve our set goals. Keep up the good work!

@maryfavour for @redfishpillar.

Wonderful initiative guys, happy to be supporting you.

We expect to be building and launching our gamified STEEM tutorial for new users fairly soon. We were also thinking of letting the tutorial finish with the opportunity to apply for a steem mentor to view and give recommendations on their first posts.

I know some of you have also worked to build steem mentors and so I would be curious to know if we could discuss some opportunities here of overlapping wherever it is mutually beneficial.

Keep it up!

This sounds AESOME! we are thinking of some sort of steemit initiation programme. really suggest talking to @dan-atstarlite and @anarcotech. We plan to have a call in 2 weeks to decide what the ideal steemian looks like after having completed a series of steemit initiation blogs. definite mutual benefits here! would be great to include you in the call between Dan, Dylan and @starkerz. if you are down, will keep you posted on the times. if you cant make it, please send me some more of your ideas, i really hate reinventing the wheel, am super busy, and if a talented guys such as yourself are working on very similar or even the same things as us, I am more than happy to default to what you have done. Eventual aim is to reduce attritian rates of new users by including a link to this series on our promo sign up page at our website. then allow for different levels of qualification based on different levels of skills obtained / blogs completed. all ideas at the moment, but very interesting....

Hello to the people behind @Steem-ambassador

This is a great idea. I am looking forward to follow the work that you put down promoting Steemit to people around the world.

I am a bit curious if you have planned to organize a promo-tour?

We are a workinggroup of steemians here in Norway that are planning a meet up for our magazine here on Steemit, @Onebitnews, for that purpose to increase the focus on new Steemit members and how to help them get a good start.
We have also a section every week with that can be helpful to new members.

I wish you good luck and success.


Hey @gyldenhorn, thanks for your comment. appreciate your support! We did a promo-uk tour this summer. See HERE for one of @anarcotech's blogs from the tour. Additionally @steembirds plan to do a #openmic #promo-steem tour this summer - see a blog on this HERE

Hey @steem-ambassador! Thank you for your service of supporting steem promotion!

We have two offerings we created to help make Steem one of the top 10 most popular social media sites.

The first offering is a post syndication service that is designed to convert facebook followers into steemit followers! Our service grabs the image, title, and first few paragraphs of a chosen steemit profile and publishes posts automatically to any timeline/group/page that you or your followers have the right to post to. We think your team may find this service VERY useful!

Check out our service here. We will happily give your team a free subscription.

Our second offering is a super simple guide to being a steemit rockstar. We have compiled a lot of very useful information to help minnows get started here in steem. Our guide is notable because we have reviewed every bot on steemit and are recommending a few minnow friendly bots(that most steemians are unaware of) that give a great ROI. Check out the guide here

Deepest apologies if this comment was inappropriately placed. We just want to get in touch with you!

If you like our guide or our sharing service, please share our offerings with other Steemians!


Any lectures to that effect will help me move faster in my quest to promote steem in my region. I am giving you an up vote now and I am following you. Thanks

I feel your meetup is a great idea, do go ahead sir...

Wow that does sound like a great project. Especially concerning the possibilities for members with less means to have the possibility go the designs etc. from the community and also to get interest free micro loans! sounds amazing!

I would love to be a part of this!!! How can we get started?

Ps we are from Canada!!

GREAT POST!Help me Follow x Follow From venezuela

Thanks for your post!
Please Follow, Upvote & Resteem my post to help us to travel & explore more

Good Afternoon from Nebraska, USA! I have read your article and am wanting to help and contribute how I can. Please let me know how I can get involved with your movement!

Upvoted and resteemed!

Hey @entrepreneur916, thanks for your comment! There are so many ways to get involved. We actually just happen to be looking for someone from the US to head up promo-steem! Could this be you? I suggest for now, wait for a couple of days until we release the website. a lot more will become clear after that. then lets talk again.Additionally @stephenkendal has his BAT PHONE which you can call on +44 7546 957973

Excellent. I am fairly new here to steem but have seen a bit of success so far on my first week. I have an MBA (Master's of Business Administration) with a major in Human Resources. I will be attending my Doctorate program sometime this year I believe, as long as life doesn't get in the way. I own a fairly success corporation in which I am the CEO, and now Steemit has become my new full-time venture.

You can reach me at [email protected]

Please let me know how I can help.

Steem-Ambassador seems an amazing commendable adventure many should take
Good luck and fortune if you are going to steer the ambassadors in the USA. You get my vote

BTW I am amazed how you managed to make over 500 posts since you Joined in Dec 30 2107
Is there something I am missing about how to get more out of a 24-hour day?? :))

Thank you very much for your support. Coffee, lots of coffee and a burning desire. Many of them are comments and replies, but in the end, coffee is responsible for all of it! I truly hope I get an opportunity with this wonderful team.

Java rules!
And there are many Steemians in Indonesia who know a lot about the virtues of a good java to keep you moving and shaking

There's a desperate need for a SHORT concise guide to getting posts seen and as a result making money on Steemit. All posts are NOT EQUAL
Vaya con Dios

This is the best news for me as Steemit Promoter,my work is getting easier now with this initiative.
This below will help us greatly

  • onboarding area for new sign ups
  • Art work, logo down loads, business card designs and flyer designs, all generated by the community for the community
  • Interest free micro loans that will help new promoters to get started
  • Newbies guide to steemit (sourced from the community)
  • promotional ideas
    I will be waiting for the website anxiously!

Yes, we really think that the site will help focus the efforts of the #promo-steem movement into one place, allow for coordination, and better allocation of resources, along with the tools you need to promote and to get rewarded!

please follow back. i followed you. thanks

Steemit will go main stream in 2018!! That is our goal!!

Looking forward to you being an integral part of this happening @futurethinker ;)

Thank you. I am excited to start working on this with the great people behind promo-steem and the future promoters!

Hopefully that goal would be met before the 8th month of 2018, I'm new on steemit and i still havr alot to learn

this is a great idea and i have always been in support of this. great work guys, big thanks to @futurethinker for bringing me onboard.

And thanks to you @samstickkz for bring me to steemit.

I'm always try promote steemit in my country..
I'm create steem business cards and daily update steem price...bcz..I want promote steemit..specialy in my country...
Pls give me to any ideas..and I'm always trust steem can change my future..
Pls check my blog..

There will be so much material on our website which will launch in a few days, i hope it will provide you with some inspiration!

@starkerz massive material! For everything. Lots of options for sign up for new users, lots of content to learn about steemit, and lots of information on how to get started here, as well as how to be a steembassador, and much more!

I can't wait to see how everything will be displayed on the site.

Plus let me tell you this Monday I will be posting Chapter #5 of the larger series of 11 Chapters/posts , that will mention several ways to earn rewards on the platform, and promo-steem is mentioned and explained here. So I will be waiting for your feedback on any additions needed on that one.

I even added an example of how any person interested can start promoting steemit. Hope you like what I did here.

Congratulations for all the efforts on this huge project @starkerz and @stephenkendal!

Regards, @gold84

Come find me in @futurethinker or in my discord group I can answer your questions there!

Looks like #promo-steem is going to have a strong 2018! I have Re-steemed!

Its looking strong for steemit, steem and promo-steem!

You guys are doing an amazing job here, I can't wait for the website to come up. Am 100% down for the promotion of this platform, big ups @starkerz i'm inspired.

Check out my latest post: My Big Whale Ambition on the Promotion of Steemit -


Thank you for you kind comments to @starkerz, he really is a lovely man ;))) hehe o)

@steem-ambassador . Thanks for the information. I am very happy and very helpful.

This initiative is one of the best I've seen on this platform. I'm really excited and humbled to be a part of all these. @starkerz thanks for the efforts

GREAT to hear @bait002 we are really excited to have strong, proactive people like you involved!

Looking forward to collaborate! @bait002

I would more than like to sir 😃

Awesome, wish I could nominate this for ocd-resteem and the comp both :D All the best with this initiative...

Thank you for your wonderful intentions! :)

This is just awesome! And at the right time too..
I am conducting 2 workshops in India this month:

It would be great to receive all the support material to go along with to help me promote it better. ✨
Waiting for the website launch! Will definitely apply for an ambassador position 🙏🏻

Great news about your workshops! We have all of this support material. you should be able to get it all off the website when it launches. looking forward to interacting with you more

Super! Looking forward ✨

This is a great initiative, this will aid promotional activities around the world.

Really really really looking forward to getting this moving now! :)

Yes it will samiwhyte!!

Very cool! I'm looking forward to becoming a Steembassador :)

We are looking forward to that too!

What an excellent initiative. I have just started promoting in my region. I believe this initiative will serve as an avenue to motivate promoters of steem

Absolutely! this is exactly the idea!

A great initiative. Thanks to all you guys who have been involved.

Wow!!, this really good and great, I have being waiting for when the steem-ambassador will be lunch and now it has being lunched. this really great.

Am really happy because it going to help the platform alot and those that promo-steem.
Thanks @starkerz, @stephenkendal, and @anarcotech for making it possible

What about those that promote it via online means? I am starting a new campaign myself in which I will be tapping into SEO for the most popular keywords that would get people to take action and join up.

Awesome support from everyone you make steemit stronger every day

Certainly dont want to exclude this method of promoting. if it is on the promo-steem tag and is high quality promo work, what ever it is, it is our job to do our best to get it upvoted.

Wonderful initiative born in the UK. The pictures shine with optimism. Good luck with the website and promo voting guild mechanism, I can't wait to see the results. Cheers, Promo-Steem! :)

Thank you!! great to have your support @lifenbeauty!

This is the best i have seen so far...keep it up...u guys are really amazing!!!@steem-ambassador @starkerz

STEEMON!! thank you!

Incredible post! Such a great idea, well done guys! Can't wait for the website launch! STEEMON! 2018 is going to be a great year!

oh yes! it certainly will!

Hello! I'm from Mexico and I really like the job you are doing! I hope here we can do something like that, I'm new on steemit but I'd like to grow and help the Mexican and latino community :)

Awesome! We are not aware of anyone in Mexico doing this! There are some great people in South America, particularity Brazil and Venezuela (@theghost1980 may be a good place to start...) But you will find a lot more information on the website in the coming few days.

This is a project that needs to be publicize to the entire universe and am glad we are doing it. Hopefully this trends on all news channels soon @steem-ambassador

hehe! well that would be great for us all!

I'm happy to see this up..... As far as today is concern this is the best post so far..... It promise and recognise promoters of steemit..... I'm happy for this initiative.... I'll look deep closely and make contribution and suggestion......

Another good news is that i registered 9 new members two days ago..... I was a bit angry when their password was not sent yesterday.... Buy today they all called the final message has been sent to them.... By tomorrow.... I'll put them through blogging proper....

God bless this community

I wish you a lot of success !
I am sure @transisto, will like this post :-)
Can't wait to help you in the futur!

Thank you @roxane! looking forward to see how you can add your french je ne sais quoi to this movement! :))

@Roxane tu es déjà ambassadrice steem? Je suis motivé pour en faire partie !

@starkerz , @stephenkendal and @anarcotech congratulations for the hard work on this huge project! We are very close to the launch now! Many people are interested everywere in the world. This will be huge for steemit!

Regards, @gold84

We hope it benefits everyone in the community! Steemon! thanks for being a part of it @gold84

Hi, I'm interested in the program :) I'm based in the U.S. Seattle area. I have an established Travel Blog 40K+ visits monthly and decent followings: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.

This is awesome! we are looking for people to help lead the promo steem initiative in the USA. WE will be doing a bit of work over the next few days to help set up a network of promosteemians / steem ambassadors and then see what happens from it! stay tuned!

Amazing!! So thrilled and excited about this!!! We will make it better, bigger and even more successful!! Well done guys for all this hard work you did!!

ALLA!! much appreciate your presence here! thanks for the comment and your support with promo-steem! Looking forward to things as they move forward!

I am sure this initiate will provide great support for people who are willing to promote the platform. I can't wait to see the website.

Ahhh! nice to see you here Mr. @eroche! looking forward to receiving your feedback on the site!

Way to go! This is good news, we @credo community could use a little booster.
This post has been resteemed! 👍

Looking forward to being able to give a boost to such great initiatives!

Good morning, from Venezuela, I love this initiative, it will give more impetus to the community and make people who have not yet been seen, I am eager to take STEEMIT throughout Venezuela.

sounds great! we look forward to seeing more of your work on the #promo-steem tag, also check out the website which will have more lessons about how you can get involved (to release in next few days) Gracias!

it is a good idea.
but here is a suggestion.
promo tour was held in UK, why not focus on "Developing Countries" which are large in sense of Population and every year alot of engineers pass out. It should collaborate with "Universities" and lecture could be arranged. People will love it.
because of poverty, students feel that until they are aged 23+ yrs, they cannot contribute to their family income.
Trust me that universities in India, Pakistan, and other South asian countries would love to "engage" with such initiatives.
you can acquire email adress of specific university of a country and instead of lecturing them could just write up email to them and it will help them and this platform as well alot.
It simple and more useful

Thanks @kay-khosa, We completely agree with your sentiments, this initiative will benefit developing countries much more than developed! infact it is really taking off in these developing countries! you can see the size of the movement in @starkerz's talk at steemfest 2 months ago here:

Although we dont have anyone in Pakistan, are you the man?? would be great to have you on board! pleasure... thank you very much @steem-ambassador, i can write emails to my university head and can pay a visit as well. it would certainly be useful for student's growth and can give them idea about what lies ahead after their graduation.

good luck! we lok forward to seeing more about it on the #promo-steem tag!

True, I think the value proposition for developing countries is much higher for new users considering the payout amounts for those with smaller amounts of steem power!

it will be the huge group support among steemian, cant wait to get involve and move forward ....

Look forward to having you!

with the existence of this program promo-steem will continue to expand to all over the world, successful @starkerz

@steem-ambassador hopes we all will benefit from this new system that leverages the steem blockchain!

I'm kind of an affiliate marketer myself. Maybe I can be part of this?

Very cool project! Looking forward to your website and posts!

We are looking forward to getting your valuable input on the short comings of the site as well!

This is simply amazing. I'm honoured to be featured here at a time I'm going on air for steemit. Great job,guys.

Keep up the great work you steemit promotion legend! so many people on this blog asking about promotion in Nigeria. I have refereed them to you of course ;) I hope you dont mind the additional traffic going your way ;) steemon! and thanks for your great work so far!

Thanks a lot. I really need that traffic. Steem on!

Muy buena iniciativa, felicitaciones, tienen mi voto y mi reesteemear

Mucos Gracias Amigo!

we will always help your friends, hope the future of promo-steem will always evolve by @strkerz

Thank you @humaidi, appreciate your support!

You are wel my friend..

great concept. cant wait to see it in fruition

Another happy day for me! I truly hoped for such an organization within Steemit and of course I am with you! I got this morning’s good news about @steemit-ambassador from @mammasitta from
#steemit-austria and here I am.
I am a former PR manager and now culture manager, artist and writer. I am fond of Steemit from my very beginning in the middle of December 2017. I am convinced, too, that Steemit will become viral within the next months. My first message to you and proposal to my fellow Steemians: Let‘s talk about Steemit outside of Steemit - in other blogs and in other social media and wherever we go. Steemit has become a wide land so people interested in Steemit and beginners should be supported with a link to a (developing, updating...) beginner‘s guide or beginner‘s handbook. To provide this, should be one of our first goals. I‘m already into it and this is just the beginning. I developed my own web empire with dozens of wordpress blogs and with activities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn and Sola and more... Besides, I write for an online magazine. Now I can use my older communication channels to promote Steemit! Hope this inspires fellow Steemians to increase the image of Steemit in the „outer world“, not only in Steemit itself, too. Here some (not all) my Steemit promotion activities up to now:

Thank you for your most important initiative and greetings from Austria.

This is so great! We checked out your blog! what a diversified and telented lady you are! Awesome! Thanks so much for showing your interest in this initiative. Since you have such experience in websites, we are releasing our site for this initiative over the next 2 - 3 days. it is in test phase, but it would be great to get your input on it. Hope to see more of you going forwards! steemon!

Will love to do. Looking forward to your info & instructions! Thank you.

I love the vibe and energy you guys are using to promote the community!!!. how do i get involved from Nigeria.

We would like to suggest you contact @greatness96! he is a steemit promotion legend in Nigeria!

Hallo @linsalala! You can get involved from everywhere in the world. Talk to friends, recommend in magazines... Support beginners here... Upvote good content. Exchange withg fellow Steemians is useful. Go on reading about the steemit-ambassador activities and you'll find your way to contribute. Don't forget to click on the Follow button of this blog to keep in touch. So many ways...! It is great that you are ready to do so. Thank you for helping the community to get better and better!

Great idea. I am looking forward to getting more info! I have a Masters in Entrepreneurship and am committed to promoting decentralization.

awesome news! stick around for the next few days, we will release our website and are looking to support strong talents who know promoting and can make things happen! also, take a look at the tag #promo-steem to see what type of work is going on!

he follow and upvote I follow and upvote back

All looks most excellent. Looking forward to this going live.

The Wales end of the operation is progressing extremely well.

  • First meetup confirmed for 10 February.
  • Extending that now into a Intro to Steemit / Drop in taster session.
  • Secured a page of coverage in the local community newspaper (2500 print run) to go out 10 days before the meetup.
  • Busy recruiting new steemians to meet our 100% growth target for 2018Q1 - 5 signed up that we know of so far.
  • Training session for 2 of the new recruits tomorrow.

@pennsif! this is GREAT news and we really support your work going forwards (if it is anything like your work in the past that is ;)) Please let us know when you have blogged about it and we will do our best to support!

Thank you - it is getting really exciting now.

This is the post with the update....

Hello from Tunisia! I have read your article and i want to join you. Please how I can get join your movement!

Thanks very much for your interest! Details will be on our website which is due to be released in beta phase in the next few days!

Hello guys.. ! I'm from Philippines and I really like the job you are doing! I hope here we can do something like that, I'm new on steemit but I'd like to grow and help my community.. please help me guys how to involved myself here.. thank you..

Magangdang Umaga @ihey18!! great to hear from you! there is a GREAT steemian who can help you in Philippines! his name is @jassennessaj! I am sure he will have some more info that is on the cutting edge for promo work in the Philippines! otherwise, please wait for our website where there will be many more details!

Thank you s much for this info sir.. try to connect to the person you are referring.. hoping for a better outcome.. thank u so much my dear..

nice pics

Wonderful ideas !
Watch out for #steemit-austria
We are growing every day more and more!
I am ready to become an ambassador!

This is awesome news!! love it! looking forward to find out more about you guys! much appreciate your eyes on this @mammasitta! I am sure that as a community we can achieve great things!

Danke vielmals !
I just wrote an article but it’s another idea

A welcome development, everyone out there needs to know about Steemit.

great!!! can't wait to take a part of @steem-ambassador to spread the world bout steemit and steem

@orcheva, thanks very much for your support up to this point!! looking forward to lots more!

it will be big on future..oh, we will make big meetup on this january 14. lets spread the world about this..

cool! you will be able to post these types of events to our events page on our website soon!

can't wait to spread it !!

Nice post @steem-ambassa

This is beautiful, I already follow you, though I got active on steemit just few days ago, I have decided to be a steemit promoter, I have brought in some of my friends already like @hibiz, @chisaka who just signed up, and am planning a steemit seminar in a university here in Nigeria..... Let's work together, am just new here and I'll need a guide on how to go about my steemit seminar, thanks for what you're doing in the steemit community

Great news! we are glad you have been inspired to get involved!

Good morning
I'm Rx Carvajal from Nigeria and I'm new here but many of us here dont know anything about Steemit and it would be nice if theres a way i can help contribute to this movement.

Awesome! thanks for getting involved! more details will follow on the website which will be released in test phase over the next few days! stay tuned

Where in Nigeria are you @carvajal? We could meet up and spread the world to a larger audience with nice publicity