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RE: Launch - @steem-ambassador - Promo-Steem - Supporting Promoters - First Blog Post!

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Hello to the people behind @Steem-ambassador

This is a great idea. I am looking forward to follow the work that you put down promoting Steemit to people around the world.

I am a bit curious if you have planned to organize a promo-tour?

We are a workinggroup of steemians here in Norway that are planning a meet up for our magazine here on Steemit, @Onebitnews, for that purpose to increase the focus on new Steemit members and how to help them get a good start.
We have also a section every week with that can be helpful to new members.

I wish you good luck and success.



Hey @gyldenhorn, thanks for your comment. appreciate your support! We did a promo-uk tour this summer. See HERE for one of @anarcotech's blogs from the tour. Additionally @steembirds plan to do a #openmic #promo-steem tour this summer - see a blog on this HERE

Hey @steem-ambassador! Thank you for your service of supporting steem promotion!

We have two offerings we created to help make Steem one of the top 10 most popular social media sites.

The first offering is a post syndication service that is designed to convert facebook followers into steemit followers! Our service grabs the image, title, and first few paragraphs of a chosen steemit profile and publishes posts automatically to any timeline/group/page that you or your followers have the right to post to. We think your team may find this service VERY useful!

Check out our service here. We will happily give your team a free subscription.

Our second offering is a super simple guide to being a steemit rockstar. We have compiled a lot of very useful information to help minnows get started here in steem. Our guide is notable because we have reviewed every bot on steemit and are recommending a few minnow friendly bots(that most steemians are unaware of) that give a great ROI. Check out the guide here

Deepest apologies if this comment was inappropriately placed. We just want to get in touch with you!

If you like our guide or our sharing service, please share our offerings with other Steemians!


Any lectures to that effect will help me move faster in my quest to promote steem in my region. I am giving you an up vote now and I am following you. Thanks

I feel your meetup is a great idea, do go ahead sir...

Wow that does sound like a great project. Especially concerning the possibilities for members with less means to have the possibility go the designs etc. from the community and also to get interest free micro loans! sounds amazing!

I would love to be a part of this!!! How can we get started?

Ps we are from Canada!!

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Thanks for your post!
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