Steemit Portrait Photography Contest Week 89 - Outdoor Portraits

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This is my first time entering one of these Portrait Photography Contests.

I am pleased that the theme for this week is outdoor as this is one of my personal favourites.
I have never owned an actual camera myself (except for when I was a kid I was given one of the really early 'point-n-click' cameras with the role of film inside) All of my photography is shot using whatever mobile phone I happen to have at the time.

The photo I have submitted here is not one I took myself, but that is me standing there with my niece (back in October of 2010) and to be brutally honest, I have absolutely no idea who took that picture, I vaguely remember the day (visiting my brother and his family at their place which at that time was Blakiston SA) but who took that shot...?

I chose this picture for the Outdoor theme this week because it shows a typical sunny afternoon in the Adelaide Hills, green grass, gum trees, clear's very simple and may not seem significant or special to some, but these hills are home and I love them, just like I love my family who I was able to spend that beautiful, simple day with.outdoor portrait moznlily (3).jpg


Hi @steemulant ,
Thank you for the warm welcome, I really am looking forward to being an active #teamaustralia member. I've only done 1 post where I used tags #teamaustralia and #australia and I've already noticed an increase in engagement - pretty happy with that :)

@bearone these banners look amazing! Thank you I can't wait to use them....very cool ;)

Beautiful photo! Best of luck to you in the contest! Upped and resteemed, I might enter! 📸👍👍👍Thanks for the follow, following back!👍

Thank you so much :)

Was just doing some steemit surfing when I came across @mamaskitchen which of course led me to you... from what I saw very briefly I got the feeling I could learn a lot from you so if you don't mind you'll see me hanging around the place a bit :)
(so to speak).

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Thanks for your kind reply and support! I stopped posting in mom's kitchen quite a while ago as It was taking me to long to level up in my main @karenmckersie blog , I should be up to level 76 if I would have just kept one place to post. Anyways I might post there again in the future when Steemit gets busier, it's just to quiet right now. Best of luck to you!!👍👍👍😄

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Hey Moz,

Glad this popped up in my feed! Hello, from someone else who lives in Adelaide as well! :)

I went for a wander through the Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens just yesterday, and I'm pretty sad that I went too late for all the pretty autumn colours. It's a beautiful, enchanting (and at the moment... very cold!) place.

Hello there fellow Adelaidean! Yeah I was a bit slack when it came to connecting with my local steemians and yesterday Team Australia contacted me so I finally got onto it and yeah it's been nice to get some visibility :)
It is UNBELIEVABLY cold here - my weatherzone app says it's currently 6.8 degrees feels like 1.6....and it does get below zero here too....

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