Poem: "Crime of the Century"

in poem •  5 months ago

"Crime of the Century"

Image Source: Pixabay

The crime families have met
It’s all been flogged and had been set
The crime of all crimes
A product of the masterminds

They have met with the hackers
And the behind-the-scenes backers
Their foul plot now in play
Let the whole of the world fall prey

The bankers, they will never fall
The contestors will run over to the mall
With their two dollar money orders
All for fame and obvious fortune

Any fraudster knows
To bring all the gullible in to binge
The prize must be huge
Huge and as heavenly as a sin

If you never have to pay
Make the prize a billion they say
In gold or in fools all told
Oh yes this tops even Thomas’s crown

With their affairs and petulant airs
They love the sound of their own voices
Living in a world with too few choices
For those still seeking fools gold

Anything they don’t understand
Must be evil
Burn those whom don’t adhere
To our negative trump like ears

These brilliant pyramid men
Have figured out the perfect scheme
Send me two dollars
The contest is different than it may seem

If you cannot see the evil at the gate
The amateur and his childish affair
You are as blinded as the guard
In the museum of fraudulent despair

The super tramp and his tired theme
The Master of all that is Krispy Kreme
Has just reported now on live TV
He's managed to pull off the crime of our century!

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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