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Hi Steemian family,

Today we're talking about plagiarists, comment spammers and shitposters. Obviously we all know that whales with their mighty steem power can flag this stuff right out the sea. However is it solely up to them to police our shores? What can we minnows and dolphins do to help keep the Steemit ocean clean?

Sammy mentioned this post in today's SMG discussion about the growing issue of plagiarism on the platform. It seems we are all noticing this more and more so it's obviously a very present and relevant problem.

@Playfulfoodie brings up some great points and some solid advice in her article, well worth the read. By the way if you see this please feel welcome to join our discussion in the mastermind group. I found myself agreeing with your stance on flagging although in reflection I had yet to flag anyone myself.

In her post she summarizes that it is all our duty to:

Please help keep the platform free of this kind of abuse. It takes all of us to keep a watchful eye. Don't be afraid to use your flag. If you are afraid of retaliation, you can report to Steemcleaners instead, so you won't have to challenge anyone yourself.

I guess following on from yesterdays conversation about bots, I'd always thought plagiarism would be taken care of automatically. However now I'm realizing it is as much our individual responsibility to protect our reputation as much as the bots and whales.

"Don't worry @Cheetah will catch em all!!"

In the past I've been guilty of passing the bot-buck and I even told others not to worry about it as if it's not important. Sure @Cheetah does a great job finding copied content. However this is not absolute evidence of plagiarism, often times it simply links back to the authors own blog.

Often this can be a useful tool to verify and add credibility to your work.

I always advise people who get them to respond to @Cheetah's comments. This way other Steemians can see that you the author are acknowledging it as copied and may possibly avoid any hasty flaggers. Also if you've yet to provide your sources or quoted incorrectly then you have the added reminder to do so before your 7 day editing window is up.

One up for friendly bots!

So thanks to @playfulfoodie, I now feel inspired to do my part! Well I'm not going out my way to search and destroy any plagiarizers but I will be putting the smack down on anyone who crops up in my sights!

Well hold on what do we have here then..?

I didn't have to look very far before I realized damn, they really are multiplying all around us. This guy @sshh is looking to be honored with my first ever FLAG!

At first glance this attention seeker was pretty honest looking, I almost fell for it myself. Then a simple look at his comments feed revealed that he was indeed a "shitposter".

Here is someone who copy/pastes comments all over the place. Not really adding much value to the community and I honestly don't get why these people feel to do it?

Then looking at the profile more closely none of the posts made any sense? Somehow avoiding @Cheetah's detection but quite clearly copying text from elsewhere, compiling shitposts to make a quick buck and then not even succeeding much at that either!

The time has come, I'm flagging my first user..

Well that felt weird, I don't really like policing others. It seemed like a bit of a libertarian contradiction to me at first, until I switched my perspective. We as a decentralized community have to accept responsibility for ourselves.

I thought I was done for the day and then it's funny how law of attraction works isn't it.. when we pay attention to a thing we attract more of the same. This guy on twitter got my attention with his flurry of tweets..

Funny enough I looked for the upvote and saw a new comment which has now been edited, however since we're on a blockchain I'm sure there's some way we can see what was originally there?

This "Cryptojoke" guy accidentally revealed himself as the owner of the @ricegum profile here. Which by the way is also the stolen username of a presumably unrelated yet famous YouTube/Twitch gamer..

This @ricegum character is a shady piece of work, I indeed checked his account and what I found was a perfect example of why we as a community must police this type of behavior if we are to convince new users it is not a scam site!

As you can see, this plagiarizer has cashed quite a few well paid posts and was caught out over a year ago. So for many it comes as no surprise, however @Stellabelle did ask for social media verification back then. Perhaps this adds another missing piece to that puzzle but like I said it's old news.

You can read HERE how this scumbag pretended to be a model named Layla. Then played on peoples emotions by plagiarizing sexual abuse and abortion stories from reddit to cash in on Steemian sympathy.

Even though it was a year ago I flagged the shit out of as much as I could since his rep score is still at 55 and I don't appreciate some snide bullshitter trying to hit me up with "just want to help a brother :D".

So what's the point in bringing it up now then?

Well it just goes to show how this problem is rife and in just the past 24hrs alone I've found two plagiarizing shitposters living right under my nose. They will surely poison this website from the inside out unless we as a community make it clear we will not accept this behavior.

Yes our friendly bots are doing their thing and in my opinion are a great asset to our platform. However it's clear by these two examples that they do not pick up on everything. More can and must be done by our human selves, if we see it we must flag and report it to @steemcleaners!

Thank you @samstonehill and @playfulfoodie for bringing this topic to our attention at steemit mastermind group.

We will be sure to take every action we can to keep Steemit clear of plagiarism and shitposts!



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Great post @kenistyles, I'm glad mine inspired you to write yours and happy to see you already caught a few! Ideally, this wouldn't be needed, but we don't live in an ideal world, nor do we live in an ideal Steemit. We'll have to create that ourselves.

Thank you for mentioning me aswell :-)

Thanks goes to you @playfulfoodie, your post really helped shift my perspective about owning our stake and not leaving it to others.

If we all do our part, we'll clean this place up in no time! 👍

I hope so! This was today's encounter. I can't really take him down on my own though and he's becoming rude!

Fantastic article here Keni.

I have resteemed it with the firm intention of drawing more eyes and minds to this important issue.

The solution is moving towards us...

Thank you Sammy, you the man! 🙌

lol it is seems i fell pity of that guy.
now my flag is up and running. I just wanted to a part of the whole comunity, by getting money and also keeping it clear from amy spammer or plagiarist.

It's all good brother, if anything I'd say it shows you're a genuine hearted member of the community.

I spoke with someone else today who said he was afraid to flag for fear of retaliation.

If we own our stake in Steemit then I'd say flagging against plagiarism IS doing our part.

Thank you for this! We, as a community, need to figure out how to deal with this.

I have been getting this "good post, bro" nonsense in comments on my posts and I have started taking screenshots of their comment feeds (which are filled with the same one liners) and posting it in the reply, to call them out on it, hoping maybe a whale might see it and strike lightning into the hearts of the spammers:)

Right man! That's kind of the approach I had in mind with this post. However we too #minnowsunite can collab to bring them down.

Keep spreading the word and of course the juggernaughts at @steemcleaners are watching!

I've started flagging too. We can dissuade the behaviour we don't want to see. It's up to us

That's right! We got the POWAH!! 👊

You should try create your own content, put references and write your own insights, opinion etc

Exactly! The lack of effort not sourcing quotes and images or copy/paste spamming is deterring new users.

The irony is that plagiarism is just one step short of simply adding ones own opinion to creating original content.


Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki page about Flag. Thanks and good luck again!

Thanks for adding and great article by the way! It lays out a lot of information and balanced perspective. I hope it helps us all police plagiarism, as well as avoid future flag wars.

totally agree, that plagiarism and comment bots or whatever, ruins the beautiful creative community that has been built up here. I only joined recently, and it would be to bad it things end before they actually really started

Welcome and thanks for commenting. So while I do recognize it's a growing problem, I don't think it is out of our control.

Thanks to @playfulfoodie, I've a new sense of responsibility to our community and I'm definitely no wannabe cop, I just love my people.

It's up to us to police our streets and if we ALL take action on plagiarists whenever we see them. They won't be motivated to game off other people's work.

I already saw community response in action, yesterday we zeroed an abusive shitposter from rep somewhere in the 40's down to 8 with ZERO rewards.

This is our platform and we have to hold space and maintain it for so many people who've yet to discover cryptocurrency and online freedom.

Steemit ain't going nowhere, not on our watch! 😎

Always ready to support other people willing to join the fight on plagiarism here.

I noticed in one of your screenshots that someone was unsure how to tell if their post has been flagged. I was surprised by how many people are unable to tell so I wrote a post a while back to help the newer folk out. Its past the payout but it has been a helpful guide for some people if you want to pass it along the next time you get that question.

Excellent, will do and I linked to your post in our group discussion. Thank you! :)

Hi, This is a good subject. Now here is the thing: What do you do if you find a blog or some piece of writing and the publisher is anonymous or not visible? If I want to share it do I just acknowledge anonymous? I am a member in the church of perpetual astonishment. Samuel Stonehill recommended you and I had a look at your posts and like what I have seen so far. Being new to Steemit I am still finding myself thru the maze...for now this is to say love your work , upvote and follow you. Thanks

@copa-communion High, thanks for the connection. Now here what I would do is to put in quotations anything I copy and then to provide the source. Yes Anonymous is fine and if it is sourced somewhere we are doing our best to provide the link.

We are all finding our way together and yes @samstonehill is a wonderfilled steward for many. Thank you for your kind words and see you around ❤️

#WARONSPAM I'm adding this tag as I just saw @clayboyn resteemed @stellabelle who posted about it!

Clayboyn brought up some great points in her recent post that I wasn't aware of and also clarified that there can be space for benevolent bot use! GO BOTS! :)

i often see that cheetah is saying everything copy right like some people dont even copy but get the warning from cheetah and yeah there shall be no warning for copywriters there should be some serious action taken against them

Ok.. where do I start? So I looked through your posts.. you do realize that other people can read right?

I see a lot of un-sourced images and content that is clearly not yours. I noticed @Cheetah has commented on your posts and I suppose like many others you have avoided getting flagged. Although the obvious grammatical variations between posts are clear to see, sorry mate not fooling anyone here.

Now what to do? Where is my integrity? Does it even bother me? Will I follow through and flag abusers? I've no idea what "serious action taken against them" means to you but I guess it'll be a simple case for @steemcleaners?

(With faint hope that I am mistaken and you are somehow not trolling me, the optimist in me wishes you good luck)

eloquently put brother

Yeah not sure if I got through there..

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Hey @nigelmarkdias, thanks for adding mate! Had no idea about siteliner, perhaps combining them all is the start of a steemit bot super soldier!! 🤖

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