The Case Against DynCorp: An InfographicsteemCreated with Sketch.

in pizzagate •  3 years ago  (edited)
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Well done. Essential work.
I replied today to v4vapid:
I strongly recommend anyone concerned with the Harvest to
create an infographic clearly explaining George Webb's hints about the parallelism of Chicago's cattle slaughterhouse industry and the Human-Harvest process's top-down directors and executioners to terminate the influence of opposition and activism to the Fortune 500 corporations and local elites in those countries to be invaded by secret and non-secret armies to be pillaged and so advance the imperial enslavement agenda.

Right on! That has been something I have been meaning to do, but I hoped to come across more solid reference material proving to what degree harvesting takes place. Certainly keeping this in mind though, thanks!

Nice work, as always. What program/app did you use to make your timeline? I've been playing with a couple but they are very restricting.

Honestly I just used the online tool Timeline as I could quickly build something of this size:

By the time the series is done I'll need to use something else, however, that gives me more options. I was thinking I could do something more robust, yet still free, through Google Sheets or Charts.

Your work could join to mine here in the short run. It is posted here.

I have a working theory that John and Tony Podesta are working Mossad Operatives