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This is part of an on-going series to catalogue and report major criminal and unethical activities of DynCorp. A complete collection of known findings can be found on the Pizzagate Wiki's DynCorp page.

DynCorp has been responsible for rapes, murders, and unspeakable atrocities around the world. Perhaps one of the first countries to actively speak out against these abuses was Colombia. They were the victims of systematic sexual abuse, chemical spraying, and mercenary actions taken by DynCorp.

Between 2003 and 2007 it would be reported that at least 54 children in Colombia had been sexually assaulted by military contractors the Colombian government would not name:

The Colombian press, however, identifies DynCorp, a Virginia-based contractor.

Source: The Nation

In one case DynCorp employees taped and distributed videos of sexual abuse with local children, leading to the suicide of one victim.(1)

These charges would later be compiled and brought before a committee on human rights by the José Alvear Restrepo Lawyers’ Collective of Colombia. Despite the effectiveness and depth of their case, DynCorp was protected by diplomatic immunity, and thus no criminal charges were ever brought against a single DynCorp employee. The case can be found in PDF format here.

Top photo from CIA World Factbook

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Thank you for sharing. The world needs to know......

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realmente aun conociendo la historia, sucesos atroces aun continúan
sucediendo, razón por la cual tenemos algo que escribir, lo mejor seria hacer justicia y mantener el respecto.

This is terrible - did not know - thanks for the research.

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Don't forget Dyncorp's coca eradication and fumigation programs along the Columbian/Ecuadorian border.

Counsel for Plaintiffs in Dyncorp Case Draws Crowd

  1. (U) In a related development, the American lawyer representing 1,600 Ecuadorians and the provincial governments of Esmeraldas, Carchi, and Sucumbios in the case against Dyncorp (the aerial fumigation contractor in the border region), Jeff Frazier, participated in a symposium hosted by the GOE's Northern Border Development Unit (UDENOR) on June 28-29 in Quito. Frazier said that Colombia's aerial eradication program had contaminated the environment, caused severe health problems, and had harmed the local economy. He argued that Dyncorp had been hired to fumigate in Colombian territory, not Ecuador, and since they had proof that glyphosate had drifted across the border and caused damage, the company failed to fulfill its contractual obligations and is therefore liable. ForMin Espinosa has expressed the GOE's support for the civil case against Dyncorp, but has stressed it is private matter not directly involving the GOE.
  1. (U) Human rights activist Rafael Jaque, who is affiliated with the Latin American Human Rights Organization (ALDHU) and has worked with Frazier on the case, was also on the panel. Jaque said that Colombia's aerial spraying program had caused genetic disorders, hair loss, skin disease, cancer, and raised infant mortality rates. He expressed satisfaction over the decision of the U.S. federal judge to deny Dyncorp protection as a contractor, and said that there are plans to possibly go after Monsanto for using Roundup Ultra in fumigations, which he said was illegal in the US. Embassy Quito paid for the participation of an EPA expert in border issues to inject some positive and balanced perspective at the conference, not on the glyphosate issue but on other panel topics where positive USG contributions to border zone air, water and sanitation quality could be stressed.

Glysophate / Roundup Ultra / Monsanto

Thank you for sharing, I am also starting to write small articles about the craziness that is going on in the lovely south American nation....I say, again Great article sir, will follow pay it forward, upvote share....Paz


Thank you very kindly! Colombia has been greatly exploited to little or no consequence and I thought this an important chapter on the disastrous effects of neo-Colonialism and privatized, military industries.

Gracias amigo, soy de Colombia, pero la verdad no estaba informado sobre ese caso en particular.