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DynPort Vaccine Company

This is part of an on-going series to catalogue and report major criminal and unethical activities of DynCorp. A complete collection of known findings can be found on the Pizzagate Wiki's DynCorp page.

The hope is to provide the reader with historically factual, and well documented cases so that they may better understand why DynCorp has been a major subject of Pizzagate research and should be further investigated by federal law enforcement.

DynPort Vaccine Company (DVC) is a little-known sister company of DynCorp who has also been involved in major scandals, particularly of the biomedical variety. DVC's mission, according to their website, is to, "help the government protect soldiers and civilians against emerging diseases and possible bioterror threats. We also manage product development programs for U.S. and international government agencies and provide consulting services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies."(1) DVC is now owned by CSRA, Inc., a merged conglomerate of CSC and SRA International. CSC also owned DynCorp for a short time before they sold it to Veritas Capital in 2005.

The name DynPort comes from the combination of DynCorp and Porton International (Porton Down).(2) This would be interesting as the founder of Porton Down would be found guilty of selling unauthorized anthrax to Saudi Arabia in 2002(3). This would be during the same time period DVC was also contracted to produce anthrax and anthrax vaccines, the latter not being completed by the time of the sale.(4)

It doesn't end there for DVC, however. One of their closest research and business partners, Baxter International, has its own section on Wikipedia dedicated to the list of scandals they have been involved in from 1975 to 2010.

  • 1975 Hemofil - Hepatitis B outbreak
  • 1983 Prison Plasma Collection
  • 1996 Japanese Haemophiliac HIV Lawsuit
  • 2001 Althane disaster
  • 2008 Chinese heparin adulteration
  • 2009 Avian flu contamination
  • 2009 drug cost inflation
  • 2010 Hepatitis C infections
  • 2010 infusion pump recall
  • 2008–2010 tax dodging

Source: Wikipedia on Baxter International

Despite the rather dubious nature of DVC's business practices and partnerships, they continually receive lucrative contracts to develop vaccines for major pandemic disease development and vaccinations as well as bioweapons research. They seem to serve as a middle-man for government agencies and private pharmaceutical companies and are always on the cutting edge of the next big epidemic disease.

Perhaps most unnerving is their current work on injectable vaccine for Yersinia pestis, more commonly known as the "Black Death" or "Bubonic Plague".

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Bubonic Plague Vaccine? Yikes!
You know, if vaccines were really about saving the most lives, they would have developed a Malaria vaccine by now as that kills more people than any other infection. So either they don't want to save millions of mostly African lives each year ... or the they know that the vaccine would never work and the obvious failure would expose the fact that the other vaccines don't work well either.
Malaria is spread through mosquito bites, and Yersinia pestis is spread through flea bites. So I wouldn't expect them to be able to make a Yersinia (bubonic) vaccine if they can't even make a malaria vaccine that works.

Excellent point I didn't even consider. A lot of money and research seems to be going in the wrong direction. Got me thinking about the Bubonic Plague outbreak that happened in my hometown recently though. Makes you wonder where it all came from...

Do you live in Africa?

That's the scary part. I live in the state of Idaho in the U.S.

oh my! Yes that is crazy. It sure makes you wonder how it showed up in Idaho as that is not its native habitat.

It started at the Air Force Base of all places too.

Starting at the Air Force Base says a lot!
It had to have been released on the military personnel on purpose, or at best accidentally, from the lab. Wow!