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This is part of an on-going series to catalogue and report major criminal and unethical activities of DynCorp. A complete collection of known findings can be found on the Pizzagate Wiki's DynCorp page.

I figured it most appropriate to start with one of DynCorp's earliest scandals. Few people know, but DynCorp played an instrumental role in the Iran/Contra Scandal of the 1980s.

The enterprise Eagle Aviation Services and Technology, Inc. –EAST-, subcontracted by DynCorp, helped lieutenant colonel Oliver North, during the Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980’s, transport weapons and munitions for the Nicaraguan Contras in their fight against the Sandinista government.

Source: Argentina's Institute for Strategic Studies and International Relations

In the 1980s, EAST and its founder, Richard Gadd, helped North, then a National Security Council official, secretly supply weapons and ammunition to Nicaragua's Contra rebels at a time that Congress had banned the government from providing lethal aid.

Source: Associated Press

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At it again... do you ever sleep?!

Stoked you joined steemit, I can tell you that your contributions are helping to breathe more life into the topic here. Keep it up, who knows maybe we'll reach a critical mass sooner than you think.


That's certainly the hope and thanks! At the very least this info is now starting to get organized more meaningfully and sources archived, but I am growing quite attached to this place as I imagine many will.

Good stuff! I've been investigating the Clinton's since the 90's si I've come across DynCorp before. Thanks for posting and welcome to Steemit! Upvoted & followed!


Thank you kindly and keep up the good fight!


Us rebels here in Arkansas ain't too fond of the Clintons!