Water lily

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It's great to wake up in the morning. Open the door and see a flower bloom. It helps me to have thoughts as there is something nice waiting for me in today! That's really great.


Water Lyli on the water at my fish tank


Today will be a great day for me and for you.

The effect of smile:

Laughing helps reduce stress

The hormone cortisol and epinephrine secreted in the body tends to decrease when you laugh. These are stress hormones, suppresses the immune system, creates a loophole for infections and diseases. Studies have shown that laughing helps reduce stress, improves immune function, or, in other words, boost the activity of "warrior" cells - a type of leukocyte that hunts down and destroys. tumor cells and infected cells. Because of the tremendous effect of laughter, patients with cancer or HIV are advised to maintain a happy mood, laugh a lot.
Physical and mental stress can cause abnormalities in the prolactin, insulin, thyroid and other hormones, which can adversely affect the body's immune system.

So, next time, if you feel tired after reading the current news in the world, go to the jokes to regain your happy mood.

Smile helps relieve pain

Laughter is the best natural painkiller. It is very effective, free, without the doctor's opinion and more available anywhere.

You probably will not think about laughing if you just fall down from the ground or cut your right arm, but try to laugh, as it will help you soothe the pain quickly by reflecting the release of endorphins. In the brain when laughing (an analgesic drug acts as opium). Smiles help dispel fears, resolve anger, so that we will be able to solve the situation more effectively.

And there are many other benefits as well

Just smile for a new day!



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Nice fish tank and pictures.


Thank you !. This is my new home. and i love it

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