Musings XXV

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I pondered this morning and asked myself what words would go with these photos that I took yesterday. Maybe it’s the combination of music, setting, and the delightful smells of my tea dancing with my apple kolache which entertain my mind for writing. 

I’ve always viewed people equally. Gender, age, race, religious beliefs, they’re all in a grey area for me. If it doesn’t impact my life and a level of respect amongst all parties are established then I don’t pay it any mind because I understand that everyone has different tastes and we’re all different flavors.

What I can’t stomach is seeing others forced into specified roles/classes. In idle chatter most of these topics come up naturally without thought because I think there is a lack of understanding. There are always voices being left unheard and visual cues that are lost even though they’re obvious to the naked eye.  

In the middle of table talk I heard one person say that it’s easier to keep someone interested, when you first start dating, by behaving ‘normal.’ What does that even mean? I was surprised by their choice of words and cataloged it into my mind palace. (Sherlock reference? Yes.) I brought it up later and had a mini rant with my best friend and my better half. 

There is no such thing as normal and there really aren’t any clear rules to attraction. You grow up in your given environment, you consume a certain amount of knowledge that is deemed useful and then you slowly become the person that you are. Everyone gets so caught up with words, placement in society, and constant worry over the opinions of others. Why? It’s complicating something that is so very simple.

Thanks for reading.

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Yes,this is something that really gets to me as well, particularly in the sense that people can get so caught up in the labeling that it feels impossible to say anything at all without offending some people. I understand words (and labels) have power, but there also needs to be some leeway in realizing that not everyone is going to attach the same power (or stigma) to the same words or ideas. Policing other people's thoughts or behaviour is always a slippery slope...

Actually I think behaving ‘normal’ is more about keeping a certain distance and not getting too close too fast.


Yeah, that’s definitely the right way to view normal. In this case the person speaking was telling a friend that they should withhold their true self and change their personality when dating, even though that person has a beautiful personality.


Aww, that's sad.☹️
Hope they find someone who can love all the parts of them.


Me too!

Yes to this...Why must everything have a label? It's so much more interesting to just be. I always like the background items you use for your shots....nicely done.


Thanks! It actually took me some time to place the flowers, even if you can’t see them clearly. :)

  • Cute


So beautiful photo,i like,@vermillionfox


Thanks so much @love-peace!

Everyone gets so caught up with words, placement in society, and constant worry over the opinions of others! That's it!
Love the pictures


Indeed. :) Thanks for appreciating my words and my work!

Nice expression, and nice pics <3


Wow very very hottttttttttt


Thank you!

The choices you make every time defines yourself. We are changing everyday, evolving, improving, learning, recreating ourself

You're so pretty... ehemm... damn good writer

This is my face when I saw your picture

An this, a sencond later

Scientifically speaking: It's just a normal male behavior...

Your pictures enlighten my days


Thank you very much for appreciating my work. :)


You're very welcome