Musings XXIII

in photography •  last year  (edited)

Watching me is like watching a fire. One with the desire to consume.

A little spark flickered today and I found myself on an unexpected journey of inspiration, self-doubt, and determination.

I was overwhelmed with the urge to create something on a limited amount of time. I sat at my vanity and thought to myself, “Do I go for it or save it for a rainy day? Do I continue impulsively or let logic overtake my mind?” The chances for success were slim but the spark was still alive so I went to work painting my features, my expectations low.

I looked at the time, noting that I only had forty-five minutes to shoot. I didn’t have time to create a new set and a voice told me harshly to avoid mistakes. I fell temporarily, trapped in a loop. Nothing was working and it seemed like I was destined for failure. I knew I was under the wire. 

With the last of my time, I bit the inside of my cheek and I told myself to not give up. I took a minute to think, erased needless thoughts, and finished with a calm demeanor. My alarm continued to chime as I quickly threw on my clothes before rushing out the door and into the cold.

These images were taken late this afternoon and I left without knowing what was waiting for me. I received some praise and I’m now happily sharing my thoughts, grinning over the days accomplishments. 

Thanks for reading. 🦊

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Beautiful, time has nothing on you gorgeous gal!


You are too kind! ❤️❤️

You look so fierce! <3


🔥 I try 😉❤️

Might I just say, you look stunning in red. I consider this a successful creation.

The second pose being my favorite - the pose accentuates your lovely form so very nicely.

Hope you find this type of inspiration more often. I missed my musings fix.


Musings and more | less have been on my mind since the start of the new year. I’ve just been waiting for some photos to appear. 😅

I’m warming up to the color. I used to hate red.

Thanks! The second pose is also my favorite. I had a couple of interesting poses that I would’ve loved to share but most were out of focus. I’ll give it another go next time.


Well you know I always eagerly await your wit and beauty I shall continue on as before 😚

I admire your determination to honor the impulse to create; it's all to easy to let logic get in the way. It seems like you tap into the realm very easily and consistently create beauty. Well done!


Thank you. I was lucky. :)

Very good combination of sensuality and attraction



The praise was well deserved. These are really nice, love the moody lighting here.


I was going to try something brighter but I enjoy the dark. :)

Love the lighting in these photos! Beautiful, definitely giving you a follow :) I posted a new painting of mine on my blog, feel free to check it out and tell me what you think xx.




🤣 this made my morning!