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I have an odd way with handling friendships. I wouldn’t say that I’m a terrible friend but I may not be your first pick. 

I believe in tough love because some people will not listen and I hate repeating myself. I’ll ignore people that are fishing for attention, it doesn’t work with me. I like being around dependable people but I find it hard to rely on others so I do a lot of things alone and that has pissed off some people who would’ve liked to be included. I have strong opinions. I can be really quiet. I listen well but I suck at comforting people with words. I can give you a hug and feed you sweets instead.

I realized that most of my friends aren’t on Steemit so I recently uploaded new images onto my other social media accounts. Doing something as simple as this would comfort most of my friends and it would reassured them that I was indeed alive and well. I was really surprised when I heard an immediate notification ‘ping’ and saw that it was from a friend that I haven’t spoken to for sometime now. 

We both live busy lifestyles that have torn us from one another. I was only able to see her once in the past three years and it was to see her off on her journey to live in the Philippines. It’s sad that we’re only now able to talk after she’s traveled so far from me.

Friendship is earned and earning my friendship is fairly simple. Don’t offend me and respect my choices and my efforts.

I have a deep respect for time so I don’t mind giving my friends space when they need it. I might also be the one that needs it the most. I may be an introvert but my friends are always welcome to my space. Plus, I’m always around doing something so I don’t mind the company. I have fun doing nothing and enjoy everything. 

I also received a call from my friend Albert and was worried that something wrong had happened. He laughed, saying that he was doing what I do once a month which is to call all of my friends to let them know that I still care about them. We played catch up and chatted about all things Magic related.

It was nice to get his call. I don’t get too many calls these days. We live in a time where posting images is enough and we’re only communicating with one another via text. It’s convenient but I personally love receiving phone calls. 

There are days when I realize that my friends are far away and I feel incredibly lonely. I wish I had the time and the money to travel to see them. I want to be in their company, laugh with them, and let them know that I’m still supporting them from the sidelines. 

Thanks for reading. 🦊

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Diddo. Nobody calls or writes anymore. It's nice to get on the line. It was something I used to do a lot when I was younger... But people pass and friends grow apart.


I always end up in a two hour long conversation when I do get someone on the phone with me.


Those conversations where your ear would get sweaty and sore on the phone and you would have to switch sides. Haha I get you.


Yep! Exactly. 🤣 I used to play a game where I’d snack and my friends would have to guess what I was eating. Never a dull moment!

I love reading these "musings" posts.
I've definitely found that since joining Steemit, I'm really turned off by FB. I feel a little guilty about sort of neglecting that community, because so many of my friends either have hectic work/kid schedules, or live far away... or both! So it's almost the only way to try to stay "in tune" to each other's lives... but I poke my head in every now and then, check on a few ppl, then nope the f out again. I'm trying to remember to post photos of the kids at least, since that's how the extended family stays in touch as well... but I haven't been good about regular updates over there since sometime back in the summer. 😅
I really love your idea of calling all your friends once/month to catch up! It can be hard to carve out time to just chat, but I remember spending hours on the phone with friends, in the days before having kids. Now the only one I actually call regularly is my mom. lol I guess a text/snap is better than nothing, though, right?


You had me at “nope the f out“ 🤣 I’ve got plent of acquaintances that like to bitch and whine of FB so I’ll either hide their posts but it’s never ending. I go on these calling rampages knowing that maybe 1 out of many will pick up. Sometimes I’ll get a call back from a handful in the middle of a conversation and then I feel slightly guilty! HAHAHA! 😅 I need to do what you’re doing and get better at calling my mom. She recently freaked out and thought I was in some sort of danger because I slept through her phone calls twice in two days. Nice to know that I’m loved!


HA! Yes! I'm sooo over all the "vaguebooking" and bitchiness over there. I now know better than to just scroll my newsfeed, because all it does is piss me off before I find updates on the people/things that I wanted to check on in the first place. So now I basically just look at a few friends' pages, and get outta there! lol
My mom and I definitely didn't keep in touch very well for a while... maybe it's getting older, or maybe it's being a mom myself now, but I sort of realized I needed/wanted to have that relationship back. Plus, I want my kids to know their grandparents as well as they can, being that we live about 12hrs away from them. I get annoyed with the constant texting/checking in sometimes, but it really is (as you said) nice to know I'm loved. lol

I absolutely adore the honesty of your Musings.

I used to enjoy communication with friends till everyone began to be too busy with their own lives and I withdrew myself. Now I sometimes try to let them know I am indeed alive and well. Sounds worse than it is really :)


You’re the best! I also really enjoy your writing. 💜

It really does! I also get pretty annoyed when my I friends forget to respond back or they suggest a hang out that never happens. Again, annoying but we’re all busy so it can’t be helped. 🙃

I hope that you get to see your friends and make some new ones. You're very lovely and these are wonderful pictures. I especially like the first one (the attention getter) and the last one (looks like you are deep thinking).


Thanks and I’m sure I will see them soon.

Classy crib! I can see, you've got taste! Cheers!


Thanks! We’re hoping to fill the entire wall with more frames and mirrors.

I know the feeling, I took to Steemit and fell off facebook. I posted one Steemit article to facebook about the house demo, where I mentioned my wife was pregnant, turns out I forgot to inform any of our friends, and every creative type I've tried to lure here has met me with complete indifference😕

Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other @goldenarms😂


I’ve told a handful of people about Steemit they’ve reacted in a similar way. You can lead a horse to water. Yesterday was a good day and a bunch of local steemians had gathered organically and we touched on this very subject.

I understand your way of being, I tend to be something like that too. I am a very sociable but lonely person at the same time, I do not like many social networks because I consider them rather cold when trying to communicate, at least for My pleasure. It is a pleasure to know more about how you are as you feel and how you think, your photos give a special touch since you are a person of great body expressiveness besides that I am an admirer of your photos.


I agree, other social networks are pretty cold. I see a lot of angry people looking to vent out their frustrations and it seems like they’ll never have good days! I’m glad to hear that you can relate and thanks again for being able to appreciate my art!