MyPictureSunday #11 - G20 Summit (no comment) Part 2

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Dear Steemians, welcome to a special episode of MyPictureSunday

As some of you already know I was in Hamburg to capture the G20. This post is the second part and shows the day after the first riots. Riots happened again at the second day and I had to leave the area since I was in the middle of the clashes and it was too precarious. The photographs are uncommented. Make your own conclusions.

All photographs taken with a Nikon D750 and AF-S NIKKOR 24–85 mm 1:3,5–4,5G ED VR
The winners of the MyPictureDay contest will be announced tomorrow in a separate post

A Steemit exclusive photographic documentary. On the blockchain!

P.s.: Pepper spray hurts


Awesome shots, who do you work for ? Or are you an independent photographer ?
However those people destroying shops and atms .. what a buncha muppets.
What are you proving by destroying someone else's good?
Why didn't they study to become a politician and make a change rather than throwing rocks and writing "fuck the system" on walls !? Hippies .....

I shot these photographs for Steemit

Good stuff @timsaid !!

A little sad to be honest, but good report. I can feel the revolution in the air.
Not a fan of non pacific manifestations but oh well... those G20 fuckers are far from pacific so... fair enough.

Great commitment going there to shoot pictures for us all!


Now this is what I would call a true STEEMER. Respect !

And you do extremely well at it. Keep up the great work.

freaking scary
how could you dare and still shoot these?
I wouldn't dare go near the place
you still alive?
be safe :D

It seems that in recent history, most politicians who attempted to make change were murdered. One prominent that comes to mind was JFK, who was shot 7 days after announcing there was a secret shadow government controlling everything, if I have my facts right.

Nowadays successful politicians are not the ones who study harder but the ones who shout louder and make the better show

yeah...@kingmotan i agree with you. There has to be a better way.

Incredible Tim, I had to wait until I got home to respond to this on my computer, I'm not that good at cell phone texting.

These images as seriously raw! You can feel the grit and emotional scars left behind in that city. I was over at my father-in-laws house today, they have a Russian background and have satellite feeds from Russian and other international news. The difference in coverage from that to American news is striking to say the least. This kind of event is glossed over, rose scented, and dismissed for other trivial crap that has no importance in the larger scheme of things.

As I watched on their tv I showed him your pictures from your first post. It was the same "real" content as the international reporting, but much more personal. Then your second post came across later in the day, the whole family stopped to look through your post in shock. Everyone said almost the same things. First, they were alarmed for your safety and asked how I "knew" you and if you were safe. Secondly, they felt a sense of sadness from the obvious distress of the world, and pity for the innocent casualties of the rioting - the local shop owners, etc. who clearly do not deserve to be the focal point of aggression. After they would just walk away in silence.

I am glad you are safe, grateful for your courage, and thankful for what you have shared with everyone.

I really don't know what else to say. It's clear the world needs reorganization, respect for humanity as a whole, and a time of healing.

The result of too much tolerance for left-wing extremist terrorists. The authorities should have reacted much more forcefully and with overwhelming force.

Hey @sauve, it's a slippery slope with some of that. I see both sides. If people as a whole, any country, are not given a chance for peaceful protest so their voices can be heard and popular dissent known, then governments rule with unchecked power. The world did that already, and we lost a thousand of years of advancement because of it.

The key is "peaceful" protest. So the police forces have to show some restraint to give the benefit of the doubt in the begging. The problem lies with those who only see violence and anarchy as a way to still things up. Uncivilized behavior in these situations will not solve anything, it simply drowns out the voices needing to be heard.

The only solution for the police is to hammer down once protest turn into riots. If you behave and just protest no touch but if you even so much as begin to damage property receive the full force of the law. Its the only way people are going to learn if they have consequences for misbehaving and if that means going back to middle ages tactics, so be it.

I agree , they should prepare for the worst in people, but hope for the best - and only start crack'g skulls if they get out of line. But people everywhere do deserve the ability/chance to protest peacefully.

agree. this is totally unreal to be happening in Germany 🇩🇪 ⚡️👮🏻👮🏻🚓🚔🚓👮🏻👮🏻

@timsaid Tim, you were there in person. You got to experience this first-hand. We are discussing this based on what we see from our living rooms. What are your thoughts on what you saw? Were there peaceful protests in this, or mostly anarchy for the sake of anarchy?

These "protestors" are millennials who get money from mommy and daddy and don't work and want socialism. They are lazy and wan't other peoples money that they don't deserve

What do you base that on, @cryptotraderx?These protesters are informed,intelligent people, I know, since im familiar with activist circles. I do agree that some people go there to catch a fight, or break stuff. There are always rotten apples. These people are protesting a parasitical, dysfunctional capitalist system however, and they won't stop until they are heard. I won't either.

It's getting weird though when there are thousands of "rotten apples".

The German media and school system is brainwashing everybody that left violence doesn't exist and the right wing is the real problem. Wake up! When was the last time there was right violence on that scale? And what fear mongering by the media would have followed?

Do you really believe that "informed, intelligent people" behave like that? Everyone with just half a brain knew beforehand that the situation would escalate and therefore would not attend. Just watch all those videos with people booing the police because they are defending themselves. Being masked at a demonstration is illegal and the police had all the right to separate them. Those are not actions of informed, intelligent people.

What crypto told me is that when you want to see change you have to build an alternative yourself. Whining about the status quo is unproductive, and so are most extreme left wingers. If you have good arguments you will be able to convince people without resorting to violence.

That shop owner with a broken window sure will hear you and change the system for you. And these "rotten apples" are not individuals, but what mainly the group consists of. If the capitalism goes down in favor of anarchy - this is what the world will look like - exactly like on pictures. Maybe some people find it pretty... I find it pretty too - for a computer game.

I have been to a number of demonstrations, and the black bloc is always a minority, the real violent people an even smaller minority. If you have no personal experience, I don't take your claims seriously, I'm sorry. I'm a pacifist myself, and an anarchist. Most of my anarchist friends are pacifists.

Nice work and it's a great example at how fast things can go for what most of us know as 'normal' to where there are no services, access to banking, food b/c it's all been looted/ransacked overnight. One of these times, the windows won't be repaired, atm's not replaced, trucks will not be let through and then what?

The dual usage of the stones casts a bit of optimism... cobblestone almost a projectile and transformed by another into a message.

Also it is quite possible that paid mercs are sent in to do damage..the agenda being to discredit anyone who works toward change. Basically a classic frame job. So when services are down, the media puts the blame on people who tried to make things better and the govs who are actually causing the economic and social problems "rescue" the masses from those evil people who tried to change things, if that makes sense.

p.p.s. @timsaid getting stabbed or shot hurts too.

Did you actually get pepper-sprayed?

You are putting up some amazing photos man ! Stay safe :)

Tried to get as close as possible but at one point I returned. Thanks for the support

Seems like you're really commit to taking your photos :) the important thing is, you didn't get too close to danger.

Damn! The situation looks bad.

Hope all is well on your side.

I'm Tim the Steemian bro! Steemians are clever and know how to stay safe :P

Was just waiting for this post before i slept off @timsaid
what a shock about the damages on G20 Summit !

Krass beeindruckende fotos! Die Gewalt die dort immer wieder zu sehen ist... unglaublich.. kann das immer nur bis zu einem Gewissen Punkt begreifen... und Gewalt ist für mich irgendwie unverständlich...

Es gibt Dinge die kann man nicht verstehen

Upvoted as usual :)
I do a series called becoming one with nature and just released the 4th one. It is going okay at the moment but if anyone could Resteem and Upvote that would mean the world as i think the pictures are pretty good :p


Whenever I've looked at these protest in the past and listened to the comments of the protesters I have always come away no wiser as to what exactly they are protesting. These shots sure make it look like what they are really protesting is that they haven't busted up any shop windows and atms lately.

Good post Thanks for sharing

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You did a nice job over there.

Krasses Foto!

Awww I miss going to riots... 😟

Well I don't.

Amazing photo's Tim. You were very close to the KSK there, it would have felt pretty surreal & a bit outta control, I imagine. All that senselss destruction there on the ground is unfathomable to me. Hope you got over the taste of pepper spray from your throat.

Yeah, better don't go there

Best advice for her! not funny at all.


Wat the hell is dat? i think that just small war.

Nice post.. these pictures really capture the chaos, unfortunate though :/

The pictures are nice.

Starting from the G8 homicide in Genoa a series of violent events took place in different cities during the G8/G20/Gwhearetheimportantcountries,theotherscanjustfollow meetings.
Since these are not "open meetings" where anybody can stand up and express his/her own opinion...
what is the point to continue having them in big cities where regularly cause a lot of injured people, destruction and devastation. uys, wouldn't it be better to meet in isolated places (countryside, islands) to talk about your shitty politics and business? And all the people can gather in a place for manifest peacefully against this shit, without any need to infiltrate police to attack police and destroy everything giving a justification for more police-state control...
you want to stop climate change and you do not have people smart enough to find simple and wise solutions. But maybe smart solutions are not serving the cause?

Maybe they benefit from riots pain suffering murder. That would be one reason they continue to hold meetings in populated areas. Many times riots are instigated by foriegn, paid actors.

I still think holding such meeting away from populated areas would be a better solution, also to avoid "paid actors"...

Love your work, thanks for sharing :)

unbelievable... just unbelievable...

Damn, i swear you can feel the hostility in the photos. This just concerns me more with humanity. "We want respect so we will burn everything down!" What?

It felt very dangerous

Riots are just mini wars. Make Love, not war.

Amazing photos, thank you so much for sharing. You have is a true perspective on the best of the protestors. The last pic of the love flip-flop sandal is especially haunting.

This is a brilliant piece of photographic journalism! Thank you for sharing @timsaid ! Upvoted, followed and resteemed

This really getting out if hand. I think the government should do something now before its too late. Better still they can inform the UN. This is so disgusting

Thanks for posting these photos. Great Job!
My favorites would be Peace Sign in Stone Sidewalk and Police People Plow.
WTF. What are they thinking? Who comes up with the idea to pull up the stones on a sidewalk to reorder them into a peace sign... Let me destroy the sidewalk and put down what is important to me.
The Police People Plow was amazing. Seriously, Is that needed? Are we really prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse? Been watching too much Resident Evil or Walking Dead....
Your photos are great and glad you are safe.

Finally the next album of your G20 Pics came. :)

After seeing the pics in your last post, I prayed to God to end the G20 Summit peacefully. But it did not happen.

The unrest continues even in the second day. I hope it didn't cause any harm to any person.

Thanks @timsaid for being in Hamburg, Germany and providing us the view of the status there. We see it through your camera.

Thanks for your awesome work. :)

Looking hostile.Taking pictures of this is quite courageous @timsaid

Make love no money .
Pada rusuh.
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It's amazing how you can see anarchy, Illuminati and peace symbols all in these pictures. They all contradict one another. Pepper spray does hurt, I accidentally sprayed myself one time. Be safe - great photos!

I said yesterday that it might get more severe @timsaid if you can recall my comment.

Really some outstanding photo's in this one. Like the one with the fire very much and like it much how you putted the riot into pictures. Keep up the good work! Pitty so much stuff got vandalized but with this kind of pics I would almost say it's worth it!

This is so scary. Be safe

Wow nice pics, thanks for bringing us into the action. But be careful out there man!

Your post is very interesting to follow, the photos are amazing you are a brave ... success continues for you.

Beautiful article, I follow you.
I can not understand, You have the Swedish political model Require you to follow it.
It is the solution for a better world

Good photos. I believe in the end nothing much happened, if it had been in Latin America I can assure you there would have been much more problems.

:( It's getting really really bad. I hope everyone stays safe out there.

Let's hope so

wow pictures @timsaid upvoted visit my blog plz when you free thanks alot have a nice day

Your photos and moments are freaking amazing! @timsaid

It is unbelievable how some people can really act. What happened to joining together lol?

Speechless. Don't know what all the destruction proves. Because we want to we can. Just be safe and out of harms way. Great photo journalism. Thank. 🐓🐓

Oh no. Nonono. No. Sht. Not good.

Not good at all

Hey man, great photos, consider posting smaller sets for limited conections. Anyway, keep shooting !

You captured some great shots. You appear to have been right in the eye of the storm. Good job!

Great documentary style, great post!

those are like pro photo-journalists shots! careful there too!

The pictures are nice.

Wow, intense stuff. Thanks for sharing, and for being there.

Thank you for bringing us these.

Thank you for seeing them

@timsaid am following you and am amazed to see this type of stuff in your blog and am happy and satisfied to see such an amazing photography espically the one with neon lights and fire and such great coverage.... @naseerbhat

Thanks naseerbhat,

this wasn't easy at all


great gallery there

Thanks Patrick!

you are welcome

Thank you so much for sharing those powerful images with all of us. Stay safe out there soldier

What a mess. I hope all resolves with no fatalities. Awesome picture though. We really are in some interesting times these days.

wow, the situation looks bad

These riots are almost not covered at all in the news - even on website like TheGuardian, it's covered but never at the top of the page.

Any photos are a good and important addition.

Ya, but these seem more raw, more real. I like it!

Amazing photos. I never realized Germany has such a big capitalism movement.

I saw som peace and love in there, that is very important, I believe evolution is better than revolution, but I see why revolution and riots give strong messages, stop the money game, capitalism the Trump Joke.
Let's work together for peace, shall we?

amazing immersion
so pride to see people against this machine
its sad because its the same in a lot of europeen country and worldwhile
very nice pictures
the guy with the flame is just very impressive
Upvoted and followed ;

Big Thanks @timsaid what great pitures. But as I look at your pictures it remind me that nearly all around EU at the moment things like that happen more than often. I escape EU in 2000 and i feel it was the right choice. Today 10 000 Km away from EU i look at the news, not the mainstream one in which i really don't believe, but the dissident medias on internet as the well thinkers of EU call them. And really when i look at all the events in EU i really feel it will end in blood. I hope i am wrong but i am so happy to not been there no more. ^ and follow you THX

the pictuctes show the people voice , interesting post the G20 is for the future of the planet but the president dont understand yet...probably

Hey, good luck on your journey in our fine community! I'll follow your account to see how you doing :). Please follow me @nakedchef89.

Yeah, you did your thing with these. Makes we want to take some pictures of my own.

Great photo collection of the historic G20 gathering. Great work and thx for sharing.

Just doing what I can

Gorgeous shots and informative! Thanks for sharing!

thanks so much for documenting these events. you're a very talented photographer! sorry to hear you got pepper sprayed!!!

@timsaid... These pictures are heart breaking 😢.. The whole objective of G20 submit has been defeated. Riots and violence of any magnitude or form is not justifable. May we have peace and harmony in the world. ✌️

You were very brave and the photos prove that. Sorry to hear you got pepper sprayed! Be safe and keep up the great work!

These protests are ineffective. The G20 heads of states are just puppets of the real powers behind the scenes.

Thanks for sharing. It really captures the mood of the crowd.

I'ts horror...

Is this little war has been closed? or still existing there?

Interesting post, great pictures, true Steemian! Thanks for sharing

Großartige Fotos.. impressive!

great work man :D whats in your camera kit by the way ? what all lenses , tripods you got ?

I need ur like on my post

Riots do hardly any good...sad to see this happening. Just march in peace....

oh my God! never seen before

well... the history starts here and now .. we can see riots, which will be in books soon.. hope it'll be good soon.

Rioters in flip flops? I don't want to be an ass, but how smart is that?

I wonder if they trashed any BTC ATMs...

Hope you recovered soon ;) I got some in my face too, not permanent.

I can feeling what I see in picture, the power of movement society

Wow!! Right in the middle of all that action :O
I can only imaging the thrill of being there... Thanks for sharing the amazing photos...

There are also multiple video clips showing unprovoked violence by the police. Different sources claim that the police started provocations first. I want it to be clear that I'm a pacifist, and I don't condone destruction of property either,when it harms private individuals. However, most protesters came for a peaceful protest. As they should, violence solves nothing. The police could never live after that motto though, as violence is their modus operandi.

Tim, what incredible photographs. I first wanted to say something flippant like: "You should come to South Africa; we see this kind of thing so often that we are immune to the behaviour." There is some vague truth in what I am saying, but after scrolling through everything, and also watching some clips on YouTube, I feel different. This is reminiscent of Kristallnacht. Pure, unadulterated violence and hatred. Oy...

Why were you peppersprayed? You weren't rioting yourself right? Did the police think you were or did someone else do it? These pictures are insane. Sadly beautiful. They really capture the atmosphere.

amazing post you have done here
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@timsaid !!
its really great work , nice pictures as well. keep it up. see u soon.
i've upvoted you.

Hey, good luck on your journey in our fine community! I'll follow your account to see how you doing :). Please follow me @nakedchef89.

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