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RE: MyPictureSunday #11 - G20 Summit (no comment) Part 2

Incredible Tim, I had to wait until I got home to respond to this on my computer, I'm not that good at cell phone texting.

These images as seriously raw! You can feel the grit and emotional scars left behind in that city. I was over at my father-in-laws house today, they have a Russian background and have satellite feeds from Russian and other international news. The difference in coverage from that to American news is striking to say the least. This kind of event is glossed over, rose scented, and dismissed for other trivial crap that has no importance in the larger scheme of things.

As I watched on their tv I showed him your pictures from your first post. It was the same "real" content as the international reporting, but much more personal. Then your second post came across later in the day, the whole family stopped to look through your post in shock. Everyone said almost the same things. First, they were alarmed for your safety and asked how I "knew" you and if you were safe. Secondly, they felt a sense of sadness from the obvious distress of the world, and pity for the innocent casualties of the rioting - the local shop owners, etc. who clearly do not deserve to be the focal point of aggression. After they would just walk away in silence.

I am glad you are safe, grateful for your courage, and thankful for what you have shared with everyone.

I really don't know what else to say. It's clear the world needs reorganization, respect for humanity as a whole, and a time of healing.


The result of too much tolerance for left-wing extremist terrorists. The authorities should have reacted much more forcefully and with overwhelming force.

Hey @sauve, it's a slippery slope with some of that. I see both sides. If people as a whole, any country, are not given a chance for peaceful protest so their voices can be heard and popular dissent known, then governments rule with unchecked power. The world did that already, and we lost a thousand of years of advancement because of it.

The key is "peaceful" protest. So the police forces have to show some restraint to give the benefit of the doubt in the begging. The problem lies with those who only see violence and anarchy as a way to still things up. Uncivilized behavior in these situations will not solve anything, it simply drowns out the voices needing to be heard.

The only solution for the police is to hammer down once protest turn into riots. If you behave and just protest no touch but if you even so much as begin to damage property receive the full force of the law. Its the only way people are going to learn if they have consequences for misbehaving and if that means going back to middle ages tactics, so be it.

I agree , they should prepare for the worst in people, but hope for the best - and only start crack'g skulls if they get out of line. But people everywhere do deserve the ability/chance to protest peacefully.

agree. this is totally unreal to be happening in Germany 🇩🇪 ⚡️👮🏻👮🏻🚓🚔🚓👮🏻👮🏻

@timsaid Tim, you were there in person. You got to experience this first-hand. We are discussing this based on what we see from our living rooms. What are your thoughts on what you saw? Were there peaceful protests in this, or mostly anarchy for the sake of anarchy?