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RE: MyPictureSunday #11 - G20 Summit (no comment) Part 2

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These "protestors" are millennials who get money from mommy and daddy and don't work and want socialism. They are lazy and wan't other peoples money that they don't deserve


What do you base that on, @cryptotraderx?These protesters are informed,intelligent people, I know, since im familiar with activist circles. I do agree that some people go there to catch a fight, or break stuff. There are always rotten apples. These people are protesting a parasitical, dysfunctional capitalist system however, and they won't stop until they are heard. I won't either.

It's getting weird though when there are thousands of "rotten apples".

The German media and school system is brainwashing everybody that left violence doesn't exist and the right wing is the real problem. Wake up! When was the last time there was right violence on that scale? And what fear mongering by the media would have followed?

Do you really believe that "informed, intelligent people" behave like that? Everyone with just half a brain knew beforehand that the situation would escalate and therefore would not attend. Just watch all those videos with people booing the police because they are defending themselves. Being masked at a demonstration is illegal and the police had all the right to separate them. Those are not actions of informed, intelligent people.

What crypto told me is that when you want to see change you have to build an alternative yourself. Whining about the status quo is unproductive, and so are most extreme left wingers. If you have good arguments you will be able to convince people without resorting to violence.

That shop owner with a broken window sure will hear you and change the system for you. And these "rotten apples" are not individuals, but what mainly the group consists of. If the capitalism goes down in favor of anarchy - this is what the world will look like - exactly like on pictures. Maybe some people find it pretty... I find it pretty too - for a computer game.

I have been to a number of demonstrations, and the black bloc is always a minority, the real violent people an even smaller minority. If you have no personal experience, I don't take your claims seriously, I'm sorry. I'm a pacifist myself, and an anarchist. Most of my anarchist friends are pacifists.