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RE: MyPictureSunday #11 - G20 Summit (no comment) Part 2

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Nice work and it's a great example at how fast things can go for what most of us know as 'normal' to where there are no services, access to banking, food b/c it's all been looted/ransacked overnight. One of these times, the windows won't be repaired, atm's not replaced, trucks will not be let through and then what?

The dual usage of the stones casts a bit of optimism... cobblestone almost a projectile and transformed by another into a message.


Also it is quite possible that paid mercs are sent in to do damage..the agenda being to discredit anyone who works toward change. Basically a classic frame job. So when services are down, the media puts the blame on people who tried to make things better and the govs who are actually causing the economic and social problems "rescue" the masses from those evil people who tried to change things, if that makes sense.