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… well, you see it for yourself now 😊
390 years ago the Augustinians asked Peter Paul Rubens, Jacob Jordaens and Anthony Van Dyck, the most important painters of Antwerp, to make three altarpieces for their baroque church that was ten years old at the time. For the 400th anniversary of the Baroque Saint Augustine Church Jan Fabre was asked to create his contemporary interpretation on the site where the altarpieces were hanging at the time… and he did.

Fabre used no oil paint in contrast to his predecessors, but he did have 450,000 cover plates from the jewel beetle. He applied this technique for the first time in the Spiegelzaal of the Royal Palace, where he transformed the ceiling into a Heaven of Delight. From commencing the concept to the final realization, it took 2.5 years.

As you can see in the first picture it was almost impossible to take a shot with the 3 works… and when I tried to shoot them from up-close some very nice guides told me I was not allowed to come that close… especially the Schwarzenegger lookalike convinced me 😊
So here are 3 bad quality zoomed in pictures of the works…

Center panel

Left panel


Right panel


I must say I never saw that many bugs in one place 😊
BTW: Thanks @gillianpearce and @keithboone for the interest!

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Happy to hear that 😉
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C'est insolite ヽ(•‿• ) Merci pour le partage !

Avec plaisir :-)

Very interesting post!

being in an old church i guess i can say: OMG! hahah They're so beautiful! :D

hahaha, good one!

😂😂😂 have a nice weekend pixel 😊👍 rock and roll! 🤘😎

This is definitely a different church. All that green art is something I've never encountered. Usually Churches artworks are more of the same old boring paintings.

Great stuff! 😀

All depends of the setting... you'll see, I have some old boring paintings but... in a different setting... I'll post them later...

Very unusual style and color, but sooo very beautiful! Old, contemporary, and even jewish (יחוח) :)

You always have to please your sponsors... there are a lot of Jews in Antwerp ;-)

sad but true.. i'm about sponsors ))

Hello pixelfan!

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Well, that says it all of course...

Wow!! Excellent photos @pixelfan!! Amazing works of art!! I would've never guessed it!! I've seen the beetle in jewelry and the colors are gorgeous! Glad you were able to zoom in and get these! From the distance in the last post, all I could think of was something out of The Wizard of! In my defense thoughI couldn't enlarge it and, geez, I must be losing it as a few months ago I would've thought to research it!! xoxo ❤

You don't have enough time for research... you should stop all that mooning, it's very time-consuming ;-)

Lol..a girl has to have a hobby!! 😉

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