Street Art In Brooklyn. IV

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Brooklyn Street Art IV

Street art photos I took in Brooklyn. Continued
These are all from a few spots in Brooklyn ( Williams-burg & Bushwick )
I hope you guys like them

All photos shot with:

iPhone 8 Plus

Love the Garfield addition to this piece.

Even the delivery trucks in town are adding or allowing artists to paint their trucks, I guess it beats unwanted Graffitis.

Not sure if this one is unfinished or its suppose to be like this, I honestly think unfinished seems awesome.

This f*ckers are every where in Brooklyn.

I really like thisone.

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—Joyce Brothers.

I hope you guys enjoy the post

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F o l l o w M e @necio

Sola @necio
IG: cormeum_photography

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@jlsplatts, thank you, “guilty!”

I’m a big fan of street art, too, @necio. Thanks a lot for sharing these shots. It’s tough to say one is a favorite over the other hu? I think I’m with you though with the one that seems unfinished.

And hey dude, while I’m here, I could be way off but if you see lightbulbs like that and they seem common, odds are they are then and the message is the lightbulb. Ex: the top on was screaming and the second one had no eyes.. I wonder if they’re all making different faces? Interesting.

Hey that makes sence! in some areas there are multiple light bulbs with different expressions, I will definitely start logging them and trying to decipher the messages.

Glad you like them brother.

I love it. Thanks a lot for sharing. Hey while you’re keeping an eye out for light bulbs, look for “News.” You’ll start noticing them now. Here’s mine right around the corner from my house:


When you see News, a story is being painted. So there will be surrounding pieces explaining what the artist(s) think of current events.

Example: This is right next door to “News,” see it? It says “Strange.” ‘Strange News.’


Thanks a lot sharing your images!

Wow! these are awesome, I now see what you mean.
Thanks for sharing.


I wish more places allowed people to express their work in these ways. Around my area it only exists on the train cars but there are a lot of them. Often almost causes me to steer off the road trying to read them. Thanks for sharing.
@dandays is a huge fan of street art.

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I totally agree!
Yeah it was like this years back where it was only on billboards / train cars and unattended walls and for sure illegal, It's still illegal here in NY but some places are given the green light by state or owners and it's seen more where the neighborhoods were considered bad years ago.
I am glad you liked the post.

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I figure as long as they get the ok let them have at it. As long as they keep the images clean... you know rated G since kids walk around and what not. They are artists and should be provided a canvas of some sort to express and show their abilities.

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This is awesome!

Thank you!.

Nice picture

Thank you!.
Glad you liked them

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