Summer Photoshoot | Bouquet of Green Peas

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Have a nice summer day, my friends! I spend a few days in the village and watch as every day in my garden a lot of different greenery grows.

The other day I noticed how a few pods appeared on the green peas and in just a couple of days the pods grew and green peas became visible in them.

I decided to collect a few twigs of peas with green pods and combine them in a small bouquet, which I put in a beautiful iron vase.

I found this iron vase among the old things (sometimes it is useful to disassemble the old inventory for the garden).

In the end, I made an interesting composition of pea twigs. In addition to the photos, I used a wooden frame, which was set in the garden among a green apple tree.

I think the photos turned out very bright in a rustic summer style, which I really love :).

I hope you like my summer photos and you will plunge into the summer village life ..

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100


Thanks for watching and your time, I always appreciate it!

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Enjoy excellent day, friends!

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Green color looks so bright and refreshing in the images.

lovely pics

Thanks for the pics! Upvoted!

A lovely still life for your photo composition

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i really enjoy this post...that is very amazing...
thanks for share!.

very nice your post upvote for upvote @miloaz

Thank you!

@milaoz i like green peas when cooked them in fried rice and eat them with mint mixed yougurt

Interesting recipe, I will definitely try it :)

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please @milaoz

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Very nice n beautiful pics.... Which camera did you click to capture this.....

I really enjoy your post, especially I love the photos, they are beautiful..

Thank you very much!

Excellent photography

Thank you!

congratulations, I like it very much

Thank you :-)

Contrary to sycophant opinion here, this is not great photography, and we don't feel this posting is worth its current rewards.

Really nice photos, great job ! Congratz from a photography beginner

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

Green colour came out nicely you also arranged the twigs and leaves very beautifully .

Thanks, I am very pleased:-)

Great idea, beautiful capture!

Thank you so much!

excellent your photoshoot.i always follow you... please support me

Nice pics...
i upvoted your post...
do have a look at my profile and give your valuable comments

Thank you!

This is next level beautiful all the photos are.

Very nice n beautiful pics.... Which camera did you click to capture this.....

too NICE CLICK those was.....glad to watch...

Great series!

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hello , editing is so good and the colour correction of the photos is great. they have a porsche touch...

Bouquet of Green Peas nailed it

Great pics :) Upvoted :)

Very beautiful pictures.. Nice bouquet. Thumbs up to you..

Thank you very much:-)

I love it. You look like a superheroine with the power the plants. Nice photographs

majestic photographs

majestic photographs

milaoz, i think u like Greenri too much?

@milaoz and woooww
Your photo clearity is very good.
Which company camera you have @milaoz?

you are too cute with those flowers

Oh god! this is unique, i loved it.

Awesome camera 📷 :-) and awesome photography 👍😊 keep going on

Thank you very much, I'm very happy ;-)

Hi Milaoz
Your collection are so good.

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