One of the Summer Days №5 | Photoshoot

in photography •  3 months ago

Today was a special day for me. Almost all free time today I spent in nature in a beautiful garden.

Today is the second day of autumn, but the trees still remind me of summer time and warm days. The weather today was quite cold and windy, but the photos were very warm and sunny.

I will leave a few warm memories in these photos and of course I'm very happy to share with you some bright photos about summer time.

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100

Thanks for watching and your time, I always appreciate it!

Here you can see some of my recipes:

1. Waffles with Cream and Berries
2. Smoothies with Mango
3. Pasta with Tomatoes and Spinach
4. Useful Bread for Breakfast
5. Cupcake with Sorrel
6. Pasta with Green Beans and Parmesan Cheese
7. Chocolate Cake with Figs
8. Pumpkin Cream Soup

Enjoy excellent day, friends!

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@@ nice incredible photography so nice keep it up@@

Beautiful dress
Blending superbly with green


Thank you so much! ❤

look at your photos and lose my head
you are awesome!!!


Lovely, very natural.

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I am become your photography fan.super picture me alsO like photography but in post not more traffic come 15 or 20 upvote no one want suport any one but i love your photography please carry on and i am watting for your next post best of luck.

Looking are u gorgeous & nice photography keep it up guys

Your picture have good quality

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