Waffles with Cream and Berries | Recipe

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Good morning, friends! Today is a great day, which I started with the preparation of crispy waffles. I think cooking waffles is a terrific way to start your day.

I did not prepare waffles for a long time and today I suddenly wanted to bake delicate and crispy waffles with just a few ingredients.

An important role in the preparation of waffles is taken by a good butter of high fat content. The taste of butter gives waffles that crisp structure and creamy taste, which is so important for waffles.

I try to use always the best butter and flour of the highest grade, these are the main ingredients for making waffles.

Also today for cream I used sour cream and powdered sugar. I put the waffles together with the cream and put them together in a pile.

In a place where I live a season of various berries has come and I with udovlstviem used berries for decoration of wafers. I chose strawberries and yellow currants. This combination of berries makes wafers even more tasty and beautiful.

As a result, a beautiful and delicious breakfast has turned out that can brighten the beginning of your day and give you a summer mood :).


1 packet of butter

3 eggs

6 tbsp. spoons of sugar

2 cups of flour

For cream:

1 glass of sour cream

0,5 cups of powdered sugar

10 g vanilla


  1. Soft butter mix with sugar until a lush mass.
  2. Add the eggs. Mix everything.
  3. Gradually add flour and knead the dough.
  4. Select the forms for the waffle oven.
  5. Add one tablespoon of dough to the molds and bake wafers on each side for about two minutes.
  6. For cream, mix sour cream with powdered sugar and vanilla.
  7. Connect the waffles with cream and pile it together.
  8. Decorate waffles with fresh berries.
  9. Enjoy the beautiful breakfast!

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100

Bon Appetit!

Thanks for watching and your time, I always appreciate it!

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Enjoy excellent day, friends!

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I'm craving already 😬😁😀


Me too definitely gonna try to make it

Beautifully platted and so wonderfully decorated with gorgeous looking fresh berries. Definitely such magnificent shots. Am loving the Waffles with Cream and Berries and those amazing captures.

Yum! Followed!!

mouth watering

They look so good!!

Really a delicious item you posted...
And Very interesting thing about you is the way you present the thing in-front of us.....
It's really a cool......
What a great way to start off your day...This looks absolutely delicious...
Have a great day...

Just by looking at this photos i got full. They just look so delicious.

It does looks delicious!

That looks damn delicious.

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Hi, how r u? Its seem delicious. I will try to make it.
Thank u :)

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wow nice post, waffles can be a good breakfast because they carry high calories that can give us energy throughout the day.

I have upvote you in your post please doo the same for me

These look so yummy!!

It looks perfect, congrats

Looking so delicious creamy berries item

I like the presentation

Wow how delicious was your recipe copied, I invite you to visit my blog, greetings

Se ven exquisitas, lo voy a intentar

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It brings water in my mouth, are you a professional chef ?

Yipee! My favorite. Food porn. Looks tantalizing.

Today I had a similar breakfast, but it did not look so good or so appetizing. Many successes.

Really a delicious item you posted...
And Very interesting thing about you is the way you present the thing in-front of us.....
It's really a cool......


This post made me sooo hungry

So delicious!

What a great way to start off your day...This looks absolutely delicious...
Have a great day :)

Please dont do this..I just cannot resist myself from tasting this amazing looking breakfast. Its been long time since I have tasted something like this. Will surely have it in the weekend. Thanks for the idea and great work...its looking delicious....

it looks very good! thanks for this recipe :)

Beautiful waffles look very appetizing! :-D

what good looks I think is delicious

I am create this recipe can I send mi video link

Does it taste good?

Really Good Food Photographs, I Personally loved it ...Followed you and Hope i can see more of your work

wow, what a good recipe to start the morning, a question is true that if you beat the dough by hand it will come out more spongy?

wow!! Nice photo

Amazing photo food. I have to do Waffles . Thanks for the recipe

That looks amazing! Can't wait to get somebody to make it for me!


That looks amazing!
Can't wait to get somebody
To make it for me!

                 - motownvinnie

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Unintentional, I assure you! lol

Excellent article and a good start. I, too, most recently at Stemit and looking for new friends and like-minded people, I followed you and you follow me. Together we can quickly develop our blogs on Steemit.

@milaoz waffles are my weakness!!!

wow what a delicious waffle🥞

Nothing is more important than good and healthy breakfast.
it looks delicious.

uwww i want that cakes :d

wow !! Nice pic

Recipe I like it

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Yummy :) Can you please make for me?

Looks attractive and it should be tasty when i have this on my table.I would replace sugar with other Ingredient in order to make it even more healtier

These waffles look to delicious & fresh berries are the best ever..!

photography and food both are awesom

ya its a best for taste and best recipe for sweets.

looks amazing!

Really nice photoshoot. Also, those waffles look really yummy. Thanks for sharing

It looks delicious!!