Smoothies with Mango | Recipe

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Good morning, my dears! Today my day started with a good mood and as the heat on the street increases with every day I continue to come up with new drinks and smoothies every day.

Today I prepared a tender and nutritious smoothie with cold milk, vanilla sugar and mango. You only need to take three ingredients!

Smoothies on this recipe are terrific and very tasty. Mango gives smoothies a smooth texture and velvet taste, and vanilla makes smoothies very fragrant.

Mango must be chosen so that it is very ripe and soft, so your smoothies will get more gentle and will get a beautiful shape.

I was delighted with this smoothie and will now very often cook it for my family.

Recipe for smoothies is very simple and just a couple of minutes of cooking you can enjoy a cold and fragrant smoothies, it's great is not it?

Now quickly remember this easy recipe and boldly cook it in your kitchen!

Also do not forget to enjoy my photos of smoothies :)


Ripe mango - 1 pc.

Vanilla sugar - 2 tbsp. spoons

Cold milk - 2 cups


1. Add cold milk to the blender bowl.

2. Mango cut into small pieces and add to the milk.

3. Add vanilla sugar at the end.

4. Mix everything well.

5. Smoothies pour on the glasses and decorate with branches of fresh mint.

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100

Bon Appetit!

Thanks for watching and your time, I always appreciate it!

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Enjoy excellent day, friends!

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I also add some ice cream in it which tastes really well but not always. Your smoothie looks delicious.

Thanks, oh I think with ice cream this cocktail will also be very tasty! :)

Oh my, this looks absolutely delicious.

Thank you!

OMG i love mango, and these smoothies look awesome!

My love for mangoes is insane! I love them in any way possible. The recipe you have suggested is great and could be twisted by using almond milk and honey insted to make it extra healthy- it's just an idea :) Thank you for sharing the lovely photoes also!

mangoes are my favorite fruit

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Thank you very much, I'm very interested in your proposal, I'll try :)

sweet on top but the sweeter ones are below

Thank you!

looking delicious and i think we increase its taste by adding some fresh cream

your photo shoot is fabulous

Thank you :-)

These smoothies looks delicious. What can one use instead of sugar? I am a diabetic and would love to try out your recipe but want to cut out the sugar part if possible?

You can add a spoonful of honey or do not add anything other than mango, since the mango already contains sweetness ;-)

This I think must be extremely healthy. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing how to make this nutritious smoothie

Nice and Good Recipe

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing! Yes, it's imple to make. I'all try with strawberries.

It is look so tasty and I like mango made drink too .

Thank you :-)

Mango is one of my favorite fruit! Gotta try this recipe!

same here!

Mango is one of
My favorite fruit! Gotta
Try this recipe!

                 - jmauring

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not this bot again...

Not qualifed ... :(

pls upvote to uplift my mood. :)

what do you mean not qualified?

Delicious, what a craving to eat one now.

Looks amazing and tasty

Thank you!!

Vy good morning dear!

The sight of these smoothies has got me drooling already. Really gotta try it out. thanks for the recipe.

sure your photography is a great shorts. and i love mango

I drank all of that:)

i like that recipe and i will try it the good thing is it will take very short time to prepare it and it is healthy and tasty i think

thanks for sharing!

Good morning to my friend milaoz. wonderful food photoshoot..

interesting blog you have a good job! I'm also a cook if you're interested, check out my blog

Thank you!

Delicious and healthy, at home we enjoy smoothies every morning! :-D

Been following your posts these past few days, thanks for sharing great recipes. BTW, I like mangoes.

@milaoz Thanks for a new smoothie recipe to try! I've never seen vanilla sugar at our local store. Is there a way to substitute it?

Yes you can add ordinary vanilla :-)

Thanks! I was thinking that may the case but wanted to confirm before I tried it! :)

I don’t have a mango but I’m gone try this with blue berries.

liked the photos as well as overall receipe. You seem to be great photographer and food lover also. Do you like cooking ?

Yes, I love to cook delicious food :)

glad to know @milaoz Do you cook non-veg only veg food also. What''s your favorite dish .

The presentation is very beautiful, obviously you should know incredible, the mango has a unique and wonderful flavor and its nutritional content is high.
I love the photos, the way you put everything, I congratulate you.

Thank you so much!

I love mango and vanilla both and Nice photography by the way

@milaoz Mango smoothie is my favorite!
I have yet to try vanilla sugar. Do u think using simple vanilla would be suffice?

Yes, you can also add plain vanilla and a little sugar if you want :-)

Looks delicious

This looks amazing. I love mango it the BEST EVER!!

Thank you so much!

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This recipe is made by you ? the recipe is awesome.

Yes this is my recipe, thanks :-)


wonderfull inspiration. Great photography skills

Nice recipe, I'll try it for sure.

Thank you :-))

it would be so much delicious. Yammy!!!

i love reading your posts great work

Wow! So delicious. I'm craving right now @milaoz . Awesome shot. :)

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Mango is healty for body..
and taste is delicious

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Nice articles and soothing pictures.