Walking in The Jungle - Cost Rica

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Walking in the jungle of southern Costa Rica is always a pleasure. Today humidity has been in the high 80's. As I write this now having got back home, the tropical rain has come after several days, and is making it's beautiful music on the roof and leaves mixed with the afternoon bird chorus.
        The Jungle was very steamy and hot today, the cicadas filling the air with their calls. I walked an old and somewhat forgotten path, many fallen trees and vines, trying to return all to nature, as is their way.
        I found a suspension bridge on my path that was thoughtfully labelled with warning tape to ward off potential users! I managed to find another path to avoid this hazard and crossed the gorge at a safer location.
        I encountered many stunningly beautiful and massive trees. I love the huge buttresses they form to support their incredible weight. The scale of these trees is hard to convey but many are more than 100ft tall, and always an assortment of smaller trees ready to claim any free canopy space, when the older trees eventually give way.
        The wonders and pace of growth of the plants and trees here always amazes me, the growing conditions are not dissimilar to a green house, year round so there is almost no check to growth other than slightly less water in the coming few months. But the daily rain will return by around June and the great cycle will continue.
        If you would like to sample the joys of the jungle and the wild beauty of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica I happen to know of a fantastic eco retreat. Currently there are two awesome Costa Rican style Rancho's which are perfectly suited to the tropical temperatures with their palm thatch roofs and split level open plan living. Perfect for an artist retreat, yoga, wild life photography or surfing holiday. Local guides available for wild life walks, guide to local plants, cooking, surfing and much more! Hear the surf breaking on the beach from your hammock or bed - 100 steps from a gorgeous beach... Contact [email protected]









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Hi icedrum, thank you for this post! We are traveling to Costa Rica in about 2 weeks, and still looking for nice accommodations! Could you give more information in which area those Ranches are located? Cheers and happy new year :)


Hello lick-a-tree,
That is_** wonderful**_ (sorry for my slow response) - please contact [email protected] for more detail and they will very pleased to assist you.

I am following you now also :D

Awesome, great description too, we need to get over there sometime :}


Hi Paul,
You must come - you will love it!!

@icedrum, from what I can see, it seems like costa Rica is as hot as the equatorial part of africa


Thank you Ufaz,
I think you are correct :D

Wonderful description


Thank you so much Samir
Pleased to meet you :D


You're welcome. Blessed to meet you too :-)




Indeed, lovely writing

beautiful trees and greenery ,we should take care of trees ,because its very important for healthy life


Hello faizanramzan
Thank you so much - you are so right of course.

Please everyone plant a tree tomorrow ... or three!

Maybe next winter I'll make it back to CR, I'd love to hole up in a nice lodge and create a masterpiece in the tropical weather. Happy New Year, pura vida!

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi Adam,
Sounds like a great plan - go for it!

Pura Vida :D

this is really great man exploring lifestyle in the jungle

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi chidiebereegbo,
Pleased to meet you! Thank you ... I hope to bring some more of my adventures from Costa Rica to Steemit shortly - gonna get some tropical surfing for you all on gopro very shortly!

Following you now also - coz you are a Rastaman :D

That looks like an awesome steemy walk! I can almost smell the jungle! 🌴


Thank you Sallybeth :D
It was super-lucius sweet smelling jungle for sure!

Thanks for stopping by :D

crazy how the camera looks all steamed up it must have been hot!


Hi Owen,
Yes it was indeed very hot and humid! ... I had to keep wiping the lens of my gopro 2 to get some kind of vision!


Un buen lugar para excursionar bro. Saludos


Gracias Martin :D


Muy hermoso, exito


Gracias coriantun :D


Gracias a ti también amigo, y mucho éxito

  ·  last year (edited)

What a wonderful scene ;)
Every post made you catch my heart .. really then additional your caption with ideas, information and images that can amaze me :)
Keep it up ;)


Thank you so much Cheche!
Your kindness and support mean a great deal to me :D

Have a wonderul 2018!!


Happy new year ! Wishing you a prosperous and fruitful 2018 !! :)
Steem on (thumbs up)

But the daily rain will return by around June and the great cycle will continue.

It is really a wonder in variation of climatic conditions. In the northern part of Nigeria, rainfall probably comes between April and June and sometimes earlier or later. But in the tropical southern Nigeria, it begins to rain between December , January or February depending or climatic factors !


Thank you Nosim,
Pleased to meet you! I look forward to visiting Nigeria one day soon also, as I have heard many people praise Nigeria's beauty and wildlife.

I would way rather be in a jungle than in the snow


Hi viraldrome,
Pleased to meet you - They both have their beauty ... i LOVE snow too!
Have you got much where you are now?

Following you now for our many shared interests :D


wonderful photography dear @icedrump.
i like your post...
thank for sharing with us..


There is a ton of snow here lol

Beautifully explained. I like hiking. Nature is so beautiful.
Happy New year, Hope you had good year and 2018 will be full of success and blessings for you.
I have just joined steemit and made my first introduction post, do you mind checking that.
I hope I will have great time on steem.
Just upvoted followed you, hope you do the same so we don't miss out interesting stuff of each other.


Thanks Suf1an :D

This is a captivating post


Thank you Steve :D

this is beautiful, it reminds me of my time wandering in Monteverde: https://www.amazon.com/Moody-Tourist-Costa-Rica-2001-ebook/dp/B00BH2QIR4


Thank you Brazen :D

Really really nice shots. Love it.
Maybe wanne take a look at my blog. Taking some photos too with my sony a77ii and a55.


Thank you - you have a great vlog mbroek1983 :D

I Do love Hiking, really an adventurous one have no idea with the place Costa Rica until I read this blog but I think I might scared with the jungle photography.
Happy New year too many more appreciating nature! Cheers!


Hello Genevibs ,
Pleased to meet you - thank you so much!
It's not dangerous here really - but very beautiful!

Following you now also :D


Wow good to know it is not dangerous. I might include Costa Rica in my bucket list then.

By the way, nice to meet you here you have my followed also. Happy steeming!


Thank you Genevibs :D

Great photos and great writing . There is no other feeling like going on the woods, alone and yet so much not alone.


Hi Lior,
Pleased to meet you - thank you!

Following you now also :D

Amazing, I would love to go anywhere in South America one day.


Hi 8-Bit Eric,
Pleased to meet you - Go for it... you will be so pleased you did!

Following you now also :D

I spent 3 months in Costa Rica when I was in college. Truly a beautiful country filled with beautiful people! Thanks for sharing about your hike. Love the pictures.


Hello and pleased to meet you Swenger :D
That is awesome ... come back soon!


It is on my bucket list to return. I spent 6 weeks living with a family in San Jose, then 6 weeks living with a family in Palmares. We also took a day trip to Puntarenas. So many fond memories.

Happy new year 2018 @icedrum
Hopefully all went smoothly what you dreamed of for so long.


Happy new year to you also Musanna :D

seems so sweet to spend some time in the jungle


Thank you yassinof :D

I feel like I've walked myself haha, thanks for sharing!!

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you stochastic thinker - that's a great compliment :D

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I like your photo graphy and I upvote and follow you hope you also do same thank you HAPPY NEW YEAR

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