TUESDAY TOAST: Bruschetta, Goat Cheese, & Almond Toast - FOOD PHOTO SHOOT

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Happy toasty Tuesday again, guys!


Clearly I'm in a basil obsessed mood recently but I think that's because I picked up the cutest little basil plant at the store a a few weeks ago and I've somehow managed not to kill it yet. That, and it's currently sitting on my counter-top reminding me daily how delicious it would be in whatever I'm making.
So I got a great response when I asked you if I should make “Tuesday Toast” sort of an official thing, so here I am with another quick and easy recipe (if you can even call it that), to hopefully fuel you in your own toast greatness. Today’s star flavors are bruschetta, goat cheese, and slivered almonds.


It’s been about 6 months now, since we moved into this house we’re in now, and I can’t even begin to deny that being in the heart of town near everything has been super nice. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever lived this close to so many awesome grocery stores. (Thank you Trader Joe’s for only being about 20 minutes away!) One of my favorites that I frequent has this awesome health food section that is sort of like a mini version of Whole Foods within the store and I always find myself trying not to buy everything on every aisle of this section to use in a new recipe. However, I do usually end up grabbing an item or two that I haven’t seen before just to get inspired for the next recipes on my horizon.


I will definitely admit that it’s a trade-off to live in town because you don’t have moose randomly walking across your yard and there are a lot of people and houses so you don’t see many animals. I’ve caught myself missing the freedom of endless woods and daily wildlife sightings from when we’ve lived much further outside the city. I’m just enjoying this season of my life at the moment though, because it’ll probably change again very soon.


Anyway, I know I could have shared a recipe for the bruschetta, I mean it’s obviously amazing when made from scratch, but I kept this one extremely simple instead and used some from TJ’s. I know, totally cheating aren’t I? Hey, but if you want me to share my own recipe for bruschetta let me know because I’d love to do that also, it’s just that toast Tuesday is all about simple and easy so we’re keeping this to under 5 minutes to prep.



ALL CONTENT IS MINE AND ORIGINAL! All of these food photos were taken with my Nikon D5300 and my favorite Lens, the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. You can find out more in my INTRO POST.

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Recipe available upon request to the first Steemian friend who says today's words : "toasty tuesday!"




Looks amazing.

Thanks @pariza! Happy Toast Tuesday!


1 slice your favorite bread for toast (can be gluten free if needed)
2 teaspoons olive oil
2 - 3 tablespoons bruschetta, homemade or jarred *see note
2 tablespoons goat cheese, crumbled
1 tablespoon slivered almonds
few leaves fresh basil, optional
salt & pepper to taste

Place your bread in toaster and heat until toasted to you preference. Remove and drizzle with oil then spread on the bruscetta and sprinkle with goat cheese, basil leaves, almonds, and season to taste with salt and pepper.

*You can make the bruschetta from a recipe or buy bruschetta in your local grocery or onlineas well

Lovely pictures! I'm not really good with cooking but I sure know a tasty meal when I see one. I'll try making this using this procedure and making sure that it looks exactly like it is in your pictures. Thanks @grigalicious

yum! a little upvote for you

Nice shoot sir credit goes to you upvote sir

Looking yummy 😋

Wow such a fantastic idea for a simple sandwich.... great stuff...

Beautiful food.

I can go for one of those right now. I am working so hard on losing my European trip and Christmas weight and I think that would be ok to snack on.

I'd love to make you a piece, Randy. Maybe a trip to Cuidad de Panama should be in my planning, we'll see.

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, I know you are crazy busy. Hope all is well with the little guy!

wow! I wish i could prepare this on my own. :)

Oh, you can @tamsguitar. It's very simple. Thanks!

Nice pic...two thumbs up

Yummy! ❤️
I'd like to eat a toast right now!


Your work is very well done, contact me at steemit.chat, ( same username )and I may be able to give you some assistance

waow amazing food thank you for sharing

So glad you liked it @haniaking!

Up vote and resteem!! Great photo shoot @gringalicious

Gorgeous food photos, just amazing.

Oh, you're too sweet @noboxes!

Such elegance

Awww, I'm flattered @mamaloves!

wow, I have got to learn how to take photos like that!

wow I love the toppings on that! :) looks so festive and so delicious - as toppings go, maybe the more the merrier I suppose :P

Thank you very much @polebird!

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It is a very appetizing recipe, good photos, greetings from Venezuela.
I'm new if you check my blog, would you help me a lot, I'll follow you

Hi my dear! Today another great recipe! The toast looks so good with basil, in our bistro me and the progressivechef we use it in panini, it gives a great taste and nice flavor , I hope you share with us the bruschetta recipe , because it’s interesting.

I’m really thinking about taking a @gringalicious Challenge and take a week (or a month), and finally make all these recipes I drool over daily.

wow, I appreciate the compliment, but don't take a week or more off of steem, this is a fantastic time to be here. I know what you meant and thanks so much for the compliment @jessamyorchard

Very Nice And Great Article Sir Really Appreciate able We Will Wish By Your Effort Steem Will Grow And Rise Thanks For Sharing Sir @gringalicious

Really nice photo! This toast seems delicious!

Please upvote my last post, too! I need support to be able to keep on qith my foodblog project! https://steemit.com/dailyfoodphotography/@foodart/main-dishes-recipes-3-prawns-and-vegetables-tempura

a beautiful day, it tastes delicious delicious food all would like, good post and I want to taste it.

thanks so much for commenting on my post @lamkuta

I'd pick off the almonds...because i'm allergic to those. But the rest looks really delicious. Also it's not cheating if it's delicious.

bummer, allergic to almonds. So glad you like the looks of it. No almonds, no problem

Your post made me hungry! Toast!

It's already Wednesday here in the Philippines. Happy Tuesday to you, @gringalicious!

I could definitely eat a piece of that wonderful toast right now. The goat cheese is a nice note and sounds good. Being close to stores sounds like it is working out for you.....well, more for us as we get to see all your great creations! Sorry I have not been around often, I am battling the flu and have been just been doing the necessities in life. I am feeling better every day but has been quite a battle. Have a wonderful day.

So sorry to hear about your bout with the flu. I hope you are doing better?

thanks so much for taking the time to leave an awesome comment. Yes, being close to the stores is so amazing!

healthy food is guarantee to good health

thanks so much for taking the time to comment

at least something that motivates me here. It looks very good.

so good to hear from you @homeartpictures, thanks so much

That looks so satisfying and easy to make! Note to self!

thanks so much for commenting @nomadicwonders

I love the Toast Tuesdays ! :) I know them from Instagram and yours look delicious! Even though I prefer them without goat cheese because I don't like cruel food. :)

I am thrilled you like my Toast Tuesdays. Thanks

its looking really tasty and yammy i8 love to watch the post!

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Yay! "Toast Tuesday" love it :)

I hope you have a chance to give it a try @denisechips, thanks so much for commenting

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Those basil plants are a better deal than buying a package of fresh-cut basil. They will keep putting on leaves, especially if you cut one branch at a time, down low. The plant will start putting on new growth from that cut branch. And they sure smell nice, too! Enjoy your Trader Joe's! The ones I've been to are always crowded - always! And happy Toast Tuesday!

Yes, Trader's can be crowded for sure. I always try to avoid the after work rush and never on Saturdays.

Great idea on the basil, thanks so much @haphazard-hstead

You're welcome. If you do try to keep your basil going, they don't want too much water. And they will like as much sun and warmth as they can get. They are summer plants, after all. Here's to more basil in your future! : )

Dammnn you know that you're photography is on point where you make something as basic as toast look this delicious!

I could eat homemade bruschetta until the cows come home!

Did the cows leave home? LOL. Sorry, trying to be funny. Thanks so much for the continued support @cecicastor

Yup! They leave for the pastures in the morning and return in the evening...

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that great! it take 5 mint tp prepare ! i will prepare it to !
i think it would be delicious!
yummy mouth watered!

Oh that's great that you like it @addys!

yaah look so tasty! it take 5 mint so i will prepare it! thanks you did great job!

Wow the recipe looks very tasty and delicious thanks for [email protected]

thanks so much for reading and thanks so much for commenting @universalpro

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Nice sir upvote me

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seems to be delicious. I really want to taste it, in my area live eata like this rarely found, almonds are hard to come by. I will wait for the next post.

Oh, well I'm sure you could replace the ingredients with something similar. Thanks @syareefa10

Great food photography its very inspiring! I especially like the super shallow depth of field which at times can be very difficult to pull off when shooting food. Was this light via all natural window light or were you using strobes bounce cards etc. Im very interested in your process if you don't mind lending some inside to that.

so glad you see the food photography. I only use natural light. Soon, I hope to do a process post / tutorial. Stay tuned

Yum looks delicious

thanks so much for commenting @cassteem

There is actual drool...okay maybe that's exaggerating (because chics don't do that) but salivation most definitely. Yum. I mean I'm actually assessing what's in my cupboards to see if I can make this right now. I do have feta!

that's awesome, I motivated you to check the cupboards, that's awesome. Thanks so much for letting me know @dreemit

nice photo u have :) love it

thanks so much for commenting @jikey

I was just thinking of basil today too!! Great minds think alike!! Looks good!! Great post!

thanks so much for the great commenting @sweetjoy

Wow! It look so yummy!!

thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my post

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Great commenting, thanks so much @ledezmajoven

Good friend was a pleasure

Very tasty. My taste buds are in ecstasy

Looks yummy 😋 will try it . You might also like to try this out cornbread https://steemit.com/food/@mhizblessing/recipe-1

thanks so much for commenting.

Mmmmhh looks so delicous thanks for sharing Ill try it out :)

Beautifully made with love and how nice mornings would be to eat something like this :D

as always, thanks so much for the continued support @blazing

Oh my god, I love goat cheese ! Soo good.

One of my favorites! :) I like the fact you had almonds for topping :)

Thanks, I hope you can try it some time @missdeli!

Wow! It looks so delicious😍
I would ask my mom to prepare the same dish for me once I go back home this vacations :) .

Basil is the greatest and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

That is a really useful article. Many thanks!

Wow! Terlihat sangat menakjubkan @gringalicious, saya tak sabar mencoba...

Terima kasih kembali @gringalicious! Saya tunggu resep anda selanjutnya, salam pertemanan dan salam steemit.

Drooling! Reminds me how much I looove basil.

Nice photos ! Make sure to check my profile for photography :)

Looks fantastic, I'll have to try it out someday!

cant wait to try this as it looks so delish.

Foods looks tasty and your photos of it are very eye-catching

First time someone told me about Bruschetta I was thinking "okay, it's a low-production-value pizza..." was pleasantly corrected.

GOOD!! Que buenas. Saludos.

Awesome posting. Yummy food. Great vote. weldone. salut

Hello, I am new supermanmaster, I like your work, give you a lot of praise

I'll substitute the nuts for CHEESE! ;) Yum

wow it looks great! 😎

i have to try this at home - now. thank you for sharing. Br from austria

Im gonna jump to your post through the screen ;) Yummmy it seems delicious. great post i love it

I'm hungry now, this looks delicious!

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oh my god it looks super delicious! Thanks for sharing your recipe in the reply, it was so easy to follow! I'm following you for more awesome food post ^^

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