Ham Rice + Steakhouse Comeback Sauce - FOOD PHOTO SHOOT

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My family didn’t eat out that much when I was growing up, but when we did we always tried to make sure it was someplace we all really enjoyed that we could count on to serve good food. When I think about all of the different places we did like to go, each one has a few specific dishes that stand out in my memory, you know what I mean? I guess we all have favorites and I bet you have your own place you like to frequent for a certain menu item you love.


My mom and I used to love this one authentic Chinese place so much and we learned which things on the menu were the best and she knew exactly how to order. Wow, that was a really great restaurant and thinking of it is making me hungry. Another place we liked to go on a weekend with some friends sometimes was Outback steakhouse. There are quite a few dishes that come to mind from there but one of my family’s faves was always the iconic bloomin’ onion and the comeback sauce.


Okay, and speaking of bloomin’ onions, that is on my to-do list this year. I tried to pull it off last year but it was a total fail. In fact, if any of you have miraculously stuck around that long you might even remember me telling you how I it had flopped and I ended up frying some cauliflower instead. Eh hem, but let’s not focus on my fails….


The good news is that today’s recipe was something good enough to be worth sharing. I have to give this one to my sis, @uglysweater, it was all her idea really. She came to me and said “I need some rice with that sauce we used to get at outback.” I wish I could bottle whatever it is she’s got that fuels her inspirations all the time. Whenever I need something out-of-the-box to try I know who to ask. Of course, depending on when I ask her I’ll occasionally get a response like “spicy-tuna-balogna-eggroll-biscuits” or “fried-peppermint-bacon-coconut-burritos”, things like that which basically make no sense. Most of the time though, she just includes chocolate, pancakes, or rice in her ideas.


Anyway, I decided her rice idea this time was brilliant so I went for it and everyone loved it, especially the sauce. Actually, I’ve been making the sauce for all kinds of things since the rice because it was such a hit. For example, it’s a great dip for fries and the guys loved putting it on their burgers. Then everyone has just been dipping anything else they can think of in it.


One of my favorite things about it was how simple and FAST it made this recipe, so easy. I’ve already made it twice within a week and tried adding different things both times. Feel free to add any extra veggies that you like or you can serve this rice with salad. I really like that it can be a side or a main course, and what’s great is that everyone enjoyed it. Another thing you can change up is what meat you add. If you prefer chicken to pork then go for it, make this your own. Also, I’ve got tons of guys around so it was a no-brainer for me, but the bacon on top is optional if you want to skip it.


Basically, it’s all about the sauce and the rest is super versatile. Oh, and I tried it both with white rice and then brown. Personally, I liked the brown rice more and so did most of the gang, but that’s just a preference. Try it both ways so you can decide for yourself and I’d love to know what you guys like better!



ALL CONTENT IS MINE AND ORIGINAL! All of these food photos were taken with my Nikon D5300 and my favorite Lens, the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. You can find out more in my INTRO POST.

And, by the way, to all the minnows out there, my intro post did a huge $0.21. The key to success on Steemit is to be consistent and persistent.

Also, a huge shoutout to @rigaronib for designing my logo!

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Recipe available upon request to the first Steemian friend who says today's words : "Comeback for the rice!"



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So elegant and nicely presented!

  ·  last year (edited)

"Comeback for the rice!"

The natural coating of the brown rice really helps all those food buddies pass through, if you know what I mean. Colon health today is medical bills avoided tomorrow!


So true about eating healthy to avoid medical bills! :-D

Every time i see your photos i think to myself: daaaaamn! These are amazing photos. I've told you before, but I'll do it again. I really really love all the effort you put into the arrangement. Colors, lemon wedges, tomato, barely seen knives, towel, ... just amazing. All those little things makes it look even more delicious without even knowing it.

I try to learn from steemians like you and use it with my photography. But when the time comes for me to take some food photos. All i can think of is doing some close up's :D I never ever remember to decorate the table as well! :D Someday ... i guess :)


I am so glad you noticed all of the details. Thanks so much for the fantastic commenting @poss

Oh... so delicious... fabulous photos... great stuff...

so yumm yumm haha

It looks very tasty :D


thanks so much @piach

OMG you always with amazing food, photos and description... I’m hungry now! Hehe 😍


thanks so much for commenting on my post @abundancedeal

  ·  last year (edited)

look delicious @gringalicious Thanks for sharing testy food photo.


Thanks @suchi! So sweet, my good friend!

Amazing pictures, I remember that in my childhood I did not like rice at all, but when I grew up over time I discovered so many amazing recipes with rice that I was just crazy about it. There is an amazing spice called Philadelphia that includes lots of Middle Eastern flavors that goes amazing with rice and you should try. It has a subtle sharpness and it is best not to put a lot of it out of it but I promise you it will get you the dish :)

i want one bite :P


The truth I have to say that it is a delicious recipe and above all very easy to make, good post greetings

it looks very appetizing

Love the light you're getting on these shots. Natural or off camera flash? You're rocking it anyway, and that rice looks amazing!


I ALWAYS use natural light because camera flash + food is never a good idea. Little tip there. Haha, thanks @davekavanagh


Definitely true for on camera flash, thats never good. Although if you use an off camera flash and remotely trigger it can produce some nice results. Especially in a softbox to diffuse the light.

The comeback sauce looks super delicious, I'll try it with my burger next time (: It's true about having favorites in food places you tend to go with your family, there's this burger with fried plantains I love at "Avila's Burger" (they sell my favorite burgers) and a honey mustard chicken at another restaurant namde "El Tinajero". I used to go every Sunday to have lunch with my family. Great post and amazing photos :)


Sounds delish @alemars16

Looks tasty as always :) Thanks for sharing! Wonder what tomorrow will bring, hehe.


Yes, me too! Haha, thanks @mikesthoughts!

Hello! Nice shoots, like always and very delicous recipe. I personally prefer brown rice because of its consistency. I saw that even if you boil it a little to much, it will still remain firm! :) thank you for inspireing us!


Thank you so much @missdeli

Awesome recipe. I use brown rice, just me. The sauce would be excellent on vegan bean burgers, just make your own vegan cream cheese.


Thank you so much @cecicastor!

Hmmmm ...! it looks so good ...... surely you cook with feelings .... I want to taste it... @gringalicious


Thank you so much for the support @sayedahmadsabiq !


U are welcome !

amazing food post


Oh, I really appreciate it @haniaking!

I love that sauce!


Oh, you're always someone I can count on to support me @lifes-a-donut! Thanks!


Follow u

How long have you been cooking for? I'm not against cooking, I just don't get around to it. My younger brother is challenging me in the kitchen (let me just admit it—he's better). Anywho, thanks for your inspiration and I hope to be getting in the kitchen more this year—and whip his butt! ;) lol

~Cheers <3


I've been cooking since I was very young so probably close to 10 years. You've just got to get in the kitchen and forget the rules because cooking is about having fun with it. Thanks for reading @whitneynoel! I know you can do it if you just put in a little practice. Good luck!


That's really great to hear that you are cooking from 10 years. I am not professional but really passionate about cooking and i try to make creative dishes with simple and cheap ingredients.

Have a great day and stay blessed.


Yea... I tend to be free and not measure preciously! SO I could probably use a little bit more of guidance. I want like to try one of your recipes. Do you have any recommendations?? (I've been in the kitchen so I'm not completely knew to the kitchen—just got a lot to learn and practice. ;)

Look delicious, I dont know much about culinary of other country. Cause of that, I really love some one who share their country's culinary. You know al so love to write about culinary, Specially traditional culinary of my hometown


Thanks @maulida!


You're welcome my Dear, where you from..??

great food photography as always, you are amazing!


Oh, YOU are amazing and always too flattering @noboxes.

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wow dear its looks like you have magic in your hands
looks delicious and yummy
God bless you dear best wishes

very good to be sure, honestly suddenly I became hungry ;)


Haha, well then I did my job @achyarmuhammad


yes, you do a very good job. I'm in Indonesia, how can I get that food?


Its really wonderful foods and looks very amazing @gringalicious. I think its very tasty and delicious because i can,t offered to see its picture.
All the vest and stay blessed

Hmmmm yummy. Great post. Thanks for sharing.


I love to do it @easytyga!

This looks very good :) I must try this :)


I hope you do @foxkoit, thanks so much


you are welcome :)

That looks delicious!


thanks for taking the time to comment on my post

  ·  last year (edited)

Rice Looking Very Good, i like Rice . Am Eat Yesterday Chicken Rice .



As always, yet another tasty looking ensemble. :-)


thanks so much for the support @michaelijn


It is a pleasure, love your posts. always enticing :-)

That looks delicious @gringalicious. A definite comfort food!


So happy you like it @sgtechservices

hımmm I'm hungry :)))


I am thrilled you liked it @trnrozg

Wow! This dish looks really tempting👀 How spicy 🌶 is this dish? Thank You for sharing.


It's pretty mild, although you can adjust it to your taste.

i can feel the taste :D it is delicious :))


thanks so much for commenting @catlove

This post has received gratitude of 1.18 % from @appreciator thanks to: @gringalicious.

great,nice content i like your steem post for cryptocurrency news kindly follow me.

"Comeback for the rice!" And looks amazing btw!


So glad you liked the post. I just shared the recipe but I really appreciate the request and you reading the post @yairdd!

I like your way of showing your recipes you are very animated and eloquent according to what I understand when I translate. That rice looks very good, exquisite rather the touch of pork although optional should give it an ideal flavor. Greetings from Venezuela @gringalicious, thank you for sharing your recipes.


muchas gracias por tus commentarios @rosibelsac

That looks so delicious! The photos are high quality too. You have put a lot of love into this post. Kudos!


thanks so much @maryjanepower

Wow! You made hungry with this nice dish! Great recipe, I was thinking about cooking some rice, but i want to cook something different, when i see your hum rice with the comeback sauce I love it so much.


I am thrilled to hear it @creativewoman, thanks so much for letting me know. I hope you try it and it works out perfect.

Wish I could Cook Like you,but I will at least try this recipe and see how it goes:)


fantastic, I am so glad you are willing to give it a try @miss.bozena

Wow, terlihat lezat saya jadi ingin mencoba sepertinya bagus untuk saya...


Thanks! I appreciate it @fakrol!

This Post makes me hungry 🤤 if you want, check my channel and see my new post 👍



More fantastic food photography as I've come to expect from you now! Great shots as always, this one I'll definitely try though as I love both Ham and Rice. Win!


Fantastic, I am thrilled to here it @skiesandsports

Thanks for the post. I love the photos. You made great effort to photograph the bowl and its contents. I'm going to try this rice dice too!


fantastic, thanks so much for commenting @steventemplar

This looks so delicious i knew it will taste nice


thanks so much for commenting

Looks great! I think it's very tasty :)


I am going to try this out. I’m new to steemit and posted my favorite receipt from my upbringing in Sweden. It’s called Grandmas Meatballs. Maybe you will try it out ?@bigapplebo
Your blog looks really nice and the post is very organized. I have to admit I will model you for the future. That looks so good btw, do you cook allot with rice ? What are your cooking inspirations and food heritage ? I grew up in Sweden to a African mother so my cooking is all over the place but those are my main regions of influence. What about you ? What’s your favorite cuisine ?
Stop by.. say hi. I will follow ...


Thanks so much for the fantastic commenting @bigapplebo, I really appreciate it


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very good post, do not forget my vote yes @ampon

Looks so delicious .! Dishes from rice are my fav . One

What is bacon?

Wow great photography all the images are amazing..... foods looks really good and delicious and yummy thank you for sharing the recipe....

its looks really delicious to eat wonderful presentation nice dish this is :)

looks delicious, keep sharing

I don't even eat meat and yet the photo drew me in! As always, SUCH amazing work you did with all the details in your lovely photos!

the content in the tissue layer of red rice grains may work against angiotensin II. Angiotensin II is an endocrine protein and the culprit is well known in the development of high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. Red rice consumption can also be for the prevention of heart disease ... your post is great, besides delicious and tasty, it also contains a cure for certain diseases.

the food looking like delicious,your food made me hungry DSC_5304.jpg


@mary.linda! Thank you so much!

Very testy

Wow! Awesome 👌..Following you for more.
You can visit my profile,hope you like my photography...@shoot

every time when I see your post, I immediately want to quickly try your ways and the recipe that you have published in the post.

and after I try it turns out the taste is very extraordinary and caranyapun really easy sanagt suitable when we serve at home each

thanks stemiit colleagues who have divided the recipe maun procedures for his,

and I wait for tomorrow his recipe or new menu that you will post.

thank you @gringalicious good luck always your efforts

this is delicious and beautiful looks so yummy

Woow... very nice @gringalicious 😍

It looks very tasty

this looks so yummy i would wanna taste that :D

great photography..and amazing dish you have prepared .i like it very much...

It seems interresting i followed and up voted. Please keep doing your great work

Anything that involves rice I am all about it, if love to have that sauce recipe I see some people beat me to today's words, so I'll be looking forward to it under one of them😊 Have a special day❤️


I agree with you about the rice @cecirod1218!

You just got me hungry again after having breakfast.
Yea, you win.

Another delicious recipe!

That looks like something easy and fast to fill my tupperware for bringing at work during the week :) Thanks for the idea!


I hope it is something you enjoy @herverisson! Thanks so much !



Looks Amazing !!!

loooks so yummy.
thanks for sharing.
thanks for sharing recipe.


Thanks @qami!

Yammy...looks very delicious. I love rice in all versions. I will try your recipe :)


thanks so much @migratorybird, I appreciate your comments