Gringalicious Snapshot Sundays + Pancakes!

in photography •  last year

So it’s Sunday again.



I don’t know about you but Sundays are always my favorite day for sleeping late, sipping coffee, enjoying a yummy breakfast (in this case pancakes!), and staying in something comfy all day long. In fact, my work uniform of choice on Sundays, and any other day I can get away with it, is typically fluffy pajama pants and soft t-shirts. Who’s with me?



As for the pancakes, I’ve shared lots of recipes here on the blog for pancakes but these happen to be my PB+Banana Protein Pancakes topped with berries (because they are, as you all know, my obsession in life!)., and some whipped cream!



I’m wishing you the brightest and coziest Sunday my lovelies!



ALL CONTENT IS MINE AND ORIGINAL! All of these food photos were taken with my Nikon D5300 and my favorite Lens, the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. You can find out more in my INTRO POST.

And, by the way, to all the minnows out there, my intro post did a huge $0.21. The key to success on Steemit is to be consistent and persistent.

Also, a huge shoutout to @rigaronib for designing my logo!

Gringalicious Headerlast-4.jpg

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Recipe available upon request to the first Steemian friend who says today's words : "Sunday Snuggles!"


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The style of your day attractive .. seems fun
The breakfast picture makes me hungry
Wonderful pictures .. Thank you for sharing

This is awesome. I love it.


Pancakes are usually bland-looking and too sweet for me at the same time. It's a double-edged sword and I can't imagine having only pancakes for breakfast. -But you make them look so 'likable' for me! Nice work!


Thanks for commenting on my post

After seeing pictures of these early morning delicious fruits, I am hungry now :p


go grab some fruit to cure your hunger

Delicious food. "Sunday Snuggles!"


Happy Sunday @pariza


1/2 large banana (65g), mashed
2 tablespoons powdered peanut butter
30g (1/3 cup) Kodiak cakes Protein waffle mix (you can buy
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
3 tablespoons unsweetened almond milk
46g egg whites (3 tbsp or 1 white)
pinch of sea salt
1 - 2 teaspoons of stevia (or sweetner of choice, sugar, honey, agave) to taste

Whisk together the egg whites, mashed banana, and almond milk in a small mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, mix the dry ingredients, salt, baking powder, sweetener, pb powder, and pancake mix..
Combine the wet with the dry and whisk until you have a nicely thick pancake batter. Heat a non-stick skillet over medium high heat and grease with oil if desired.
Pour the batter into desired size pancakes and cook for 1 - 2 minutes per side. Remove and top with any desired toppings and enjoy!


You look so beautiful. Food decoration is outstanding. Thank you so much @gringalicious

Really amazing dear😍😍


Oh, you were so close @lifes-a-donut. Upvote for reading anyway!


I was cracking up when I was trying to type the words! LOL
Thanks for giving me a "good effort" upvote! LOL
And I do want to make these pancakes! Your berries look delicious!

Wasn't sure if I had landed on Vogue by accident or not! :)

Fabulous @gringalicious!


Aww, too sweet Old Dog. You're always so supportive, thanks so much!!

Ahh, good morning my friend! Those protein pancakes adorned with a smattering of berries look delish! Of course, I am a sucker for anything coated in whipped cream, lol!

Glad to hear that you are lounging around this fine morning, I am doing rather the same thing, and very much enjoyed reading your perfectly pictured post while sipping a huge cup of cocoa butter infused coffee.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day:o)!


You too @generikat! Thanks !

Beautiful photo!

Sunday Snapshots, what a cool idea, very catchy.


I'm glad you liked it @noboxes!

Gorgeous photography as always!!

Great idea with photos above the bed!


thanks, I am glad you liked it @piach

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You are really beautiful!


Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate!

many thanks for those advices

Drop-dead gorgeous ...


Aww, I'm flattered @hms818!


I mean it....This time you overshadowed your food photo shoot.....

I agree with you completely! You seem very happy and enjoying life. Thanks for spreading your good cheer around!


I am so happy to hear that @gtrplayer!

you made sundays and pancakes look better!!!! loved your pics ;-)


thanks so much for commenting and welcome to steemit.

Here is some helpful info for newcomers -

Have shared some wonderful meal photos. Your photos look great and beautiful. I like your smile. Thank you.


Nice post really enjoyed read it, keep it up @gringalicious

This recipe very testy, i like this food. and your photography all most beauty . i follow your all post, all the best my dear.... and next post give us


I'm so glad you liked it @triptybarsha!


Thanks my dear

Wow... Lovely food, it's more delicious "Sunday Snuggles!"


Thank you so much for your support @quinnpeterson! I just shared the recipe up top!

Nice pic professional photography upvote resteeme done.


Thank you so much @anik-hassan !

Hi dear.. Waoo breakfast is so yummy.. Enjoy dear.. Best of luck


I really appreciate that @biyanoor!


Thank you dear... I just seen your recipes.. All are delecious and your blogs are also nice to stop anyone.. Nice to see you here.. You can also cheq my post about pakistani foods.. You ll surely like our colorful foods like me.. As. I always feel good to see attractive pics of different foods

oh, the recipe too please. lol


Haha, I've just posted it above. Thanks for reading @lifes-a-donut!

Wow very amazing..
Success is always for you...


I'm so glad you liked it @boyelleq!


Thank for you glad my best friend @gringalicious....


For you too

Nice post!!! "Sunday Snuggles!"


Haha, so close @hotrod. You'll get it next time I bet.

O so nice photography i like it.


Thank you so much @ansarmehmood!

You need to rest some day of the week, and eat what you like. Fabulous, greetings ..


22, how do you do that?

Great photography @gringalicious thank you for sharing your Sunday with us....


thanks so much for taking the time to comment on many of my posts @universalpro


☺️ I love doing that

I think no one today will be able to stay away from your bed. :)) @gringalicious


I am still in bed, for example. :)))) @gringalicious ,

sometimes my son asks "is this a pajama day?"

This really looks so tasty, i am getting hungry...


Haha, me too @andyblack! Thanks for reading!

Everyone's with you on your Sunday schedule, @gringalicious! :) Damn it, now Sunday is already gone here and it just rained all day... But that was just a perfect excuse to stay home :)


Oh, well better hopes for next weekend @herverisson!

I love ya kid!


Deep earth colors. Yummy Yum!


thanks for taking the time to comment


You are welcome.



I really appreciate it @effortforchange!

Indahnya ....

Beautiful! Good Sunday morning...well afternoon here now! LOL! Have a good one.


Thanks so much, Tess!

Your face is very charming when in bed, especially with a row of fruit that is good for health, hopefully health is always awake @gringalicious ,,

Good photography, Good Post, and GOOOOOD FOOOOD


thanks for commenting @joe007

Hi. am a lover of your post and this is epic I'm true sence. I must say that I like your post and it am inspired.good job , thumbs up, keep up the good work


Oh, I'm so happy to know you liked it @fatogunalex !

My Sundays look alot like yours ;) In fact, I had banana pancakes too, topped with pinneaples, cheddar cheese and maple syrup. Yummmmmmy!


That is so interesting of a combination, but sounds kinda delicious! Thanks @jessicapixie!


Yeah, pregnant cravings give interesting combinations :P

Sunday morning I'm waking Up... :)

Nice to see you there, have a nice evening!


Thanks @tomosan! Happy day!

Sunday is also our favorite day to lounge around in our pjs and make some yummy comfort food. Especially in the winter ;)

Also, I love the way you’ve displayed your photos! That’s too cute!


Thanks @melodyrussell! I'm so grateful!

It looks so yummy. Now you've made me hungry @gringalicious.
I'm also obsessed with pancakes and all sorts of berries😋.
Would sure check out your other food posts.
You look beautiful too.



great thoughtful commenting

You are amazing!!! What photos !!! <3


Hii @gringalicious
How are u ? I see u have a great day
I like it, thanks for sharing


Welcome bro,

I love lazy Sundays. I don't get many of them since we live on a homestead. Chores are 24/7. But I do like a relaxing breakfast out on the patio.

How beautiful you are and how delicious that food is. Greetings from Venezuela


Thanks for taking the time to comment @elizmaestre

You have my sister's beautiful day. Rarely is anyone getting the good days as you feel. enjoy your weekly aja sudariku beautiful.


Thanks for taking the time to comment @antonysteem

Good Morning lovely! I too love lazy Saturdays for me. Drinking my coffee slow, pancakes, and lots of laziness. My favorite breakfast food is pancakes, eggs, and a bowl of fruit. BAscially your picture, we are just twins in that sense. I love breakfast in bed.


slow coffee, and lots of laziness, I like your way of thinking @kubbyelizabeth.

Sunday is a best day for me too.after church i go out with friends come back and a very good are very beautiful...nice food can i join?


Thank you very much @thomasgift!


If you like to travel you can follow me :)

Lovely post. I love strawberries. Unfortunately, they can not be grown in Nigeria and the ones we get here aren't as sweet as it should be.

I love the pictures at the head of your bed, I assume that would be family photos. I am gonna copy and put mine up there too. 🙈

Have a great day ♥


Thanks so much for the great commenting @chiama


You are welcome

OMG Watta hot kissable pancakes mind boggling !!! Quite soft too!!!!@gringalicious


Sundays are best time to sleep in late, grab an unusual meal like Afghan food, and to prepare for the productive week ahead. The nikon D5300 with nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G takes fantastic photos. Thank You for sharing on Steemit!


Afghan food, interesting. We have a holiday tomorrow in the states. So, a short work week for normal people. I am glad I am not normal.


Not being normal has its benefits. I have never wanted to be “normal” and it is great to meet someone else that is not the typical “normal” being. Thank You for taking time to respond to my comment. I look forward to your next Steemit Post.

Good view for food picture, great taste surely and always there's the awesome pretty girl behind this work @gringalicious. :)


thanks so much @roonyy, I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my post

that is so beautifull i am talking about you ... you are so awesome ... this is so amazing sunday i wish it cames again and again


you are awesome but .. you dont post that much why is that so

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Very good detailed post. I like your choice of camera. Nikon rocks! :)


thanks for taking the time to comment @chadcrypto


Sundays rule! love it. usually starts with a morning run with my dog "George the dog Norman" and then 100-0 in 0 seconds, relaxing...
Orange marmalade, apple blossoms, toast and tea...


George the dog, that's awesome. Thanks for commenting @michaeljn

Good food - good mood. You are beautiful @gringalicious and the pancakes look amazing. :)))


Thanks so much @valensia, I really appreciate it

Totally agree- we finally got some sunshine here today so a nice walk with the dogs and a yummy breakfast! Girl you are adorable! Have a beautiful day!

what can i say ... perfect EVERYTHING! ;)

Wow!😻 I like to post!!! Very beautiful ⭐️I follow you! ✨ Please follow me!💖

Your photo is good @gringalicious, Hi, there's something I want to say, if you fit into a model, even I'm ready to be a photographe. 🤗🤗😁 Thanks for sharing

Thanks. Excellent!

thanks a lot @gringalicious for sharing with your useful post! You know I've heard about pancakes a few days ago from my English grandma she said that in UK They are making pancakes for special day once a year. And photos are gorgues! You've done professional job I look forward your next job

Sundays are really the best days top sleep late and be cozy. I personally sleept 13h today lol. I always have a great time reading your post!


thanks so much for the great commenting @lunaticpandora

Seem you have enjoy your day to the fullest


thanks for commenting on my post

Nice I love it looking cute and charming damsel


Oh, I'm so glad you liked it @orishtimothy!

Aaah! You should do way more pics of yourself. So adorable! <3


Always so sweet and supportive, thanks so much @condra

This girl so pretty!!! x


thanks so much for the kind words @vajola

Beautiful photography as always... and amazing looking food!

Been a long time since I have enjoyed a "lazy Sunday;" since we have a gallery and open at noon on Sundays, the idea of spending Sunday in bed sort of went away. But I enjoyed living vicariously through yours!


well, I am glad I was here to help @denmarkguy



Steemit has all kinds of good doing, you better believe it!

People have no clue what STEEMIT it is about to do next but I can see the change on the way!

Mama mia molto bella

Are these pancakes? Wow, so unique and tempting!

Your posts are breath taking!!! Pictures amazing, keep up the good work. Love it.

i enjoy your post ^^! Thanks.

I though it was ice cream instead of whipped cream hahaha, this really makes me hungry now, pancakes are so delicious and fluffy as pajamas are they are the perfect combination for sundays !

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Happy Sunday and great week ahead. You have a nice shot @gringalicious
Nice to meet you.


happy today for you!

These are such a lovely photos of you my Dear, i already saw them on the Instagram and one of the things that caught my eye is your photo display above your bed. My daughters used to have it too when they were younger. I really love that idea.

Oh, and not to forget those mouth watering pancakes. Absolutely love it 🍇🍓🍇


thanks so much for all of your kinds words and support @lenasveganliving. I always appreciate your encouraging words

nice post. i like..i from Indonesia..

Cakes looking delicious and ofcourse you also... Always love to watch you.

I don't cook but i love to eat variety of food anytime any place.

Those pancakes look so yummy!!

Reality work..nice effort..of original !such a beautiful post line is nice way to introducing post yourself.I look foward to seeing more from this blog. All the best in 2018..@owaishassankhan
Can we fallow each other.if you like...i like it very much.

Ohhhh! Always you surprise me with your delicious cakes! I love pancakes with fruits, in rainy day i prefer to stay warm and eat something sweet with my Moroccan tea.
Have a nice day dear.


Always so sweet @creativewoman, thanks so much.

I need to try some Moroccan tea


Hi my dear! Yes it’s so easy to make it! Very nice in rainy day, with mint and you can add little basil.