Ruffels, Seaslugs and Oyster Shells on Logs

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How's your weekend goin' Steemians? I hope it's been a fun one! Mine's rather busy but I'll let you know later. Right now, I just want to let you take a closer look to nature's secrets behind rotting things .

At first I thought I got the shot I needed when I first found these on a rock near the venue which most of you are more familiar of .






My husband and I were attending a certain workshop and since it finished quite early, we decided to take a stroll in that beautiful place and the universe is such a tease it brought me something to use to join the Old Dog's mundane art which will soon be over.

I found all of these on a pile of logs from trees recently brought down by the code red windstorm.



I had a hard time choosing what to put on his post's reply section cause we're only allowed one entry. Here's why.





Don't they look like sea slugs?

Ruffles on skirts! That's what I thought when I took these shots in this angle.







How many lichen do you see on the picture below? 5% up for the first one to give the right answer and enumerate the colors.


Well, I've first decided to use the oyster shells anyway .. just because but as you probably have already guessed, I used the thumbnail as my final entry while having second doubts whether I should have just used the ones on the stem and the tree trunk. That's the dilemna in having too many shots.


So .. tell me, if I were you, which of these would you use?

This content's 100% mine. I took all of these pics with my Samsung Galaxy A3, 2016 edition.

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Thank you for posting dear @englishtcrivy.

Lovely photographs of these beautiful subjects.

Happy to hear you are participating in @kus-knee's contest.

The very one you selected would have been bleujay's choice as well.

There is a principle in art that it demonstrates beautifully.

It pertains to art professor said it like this.....a composition should have a daddy, mother, and loads of babies you have

the larger oyster shell as the daddy.....the four that run together being the mother and the smaller bits as the is reading and that is what is important. Hope this makes sense.

Wishing you all the best.


thank you mon ami
I wasn't thinking of joining cause I thought I must have been already late but opportunity knocks when you don't expect it as always and nature presented me a platter full of lichen ^ ^!

about the family ... wow! that's the first time I heard about that!

yes, it all makes sense

I chose that one cause of the rules on "heaven and earth and something in between"
but you translated and worded it much easier

thanks a lot! ^ ^

whether 4 ..?

yes 4! but that's not the 4th
it's on the other side hahahahh
that one you encircles is just a rotten version of one of those gray ones :D

edit: cheers!
thanks for really reading and looking harder than harder :D ^__^ hahaha

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

..ha..ha, exciting ..!thanks

you're welcome
seems like you're the only one who got the question right :D

WOW! You have caught the essence of the oyster! Simply amazing👍This is the first time I have seen your work! I look forward to your future posts! Thank You for sharing.

wow beautiful photography dear @englishtchrivy
I like your post dear
@love you dear
I @resteemed your post

this post very nice..and great photography

I think 5 to 10 moss are attached

I think it's about 25

If it's not 1 to 100

Maybe 3 to 14

About 25 moss attached

3 to 15

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Oh my God! They are so beautiful! you have a fantastic photoshoot of lichens!I will not count them! I'll just enjoy your shots! 😍😘😗😙😚🤗🤗

Thank you!
where have you been my darling biologist!
long time no see!
I'm glad to know you're alive!

I am now at home in Spain. I hope your plants are okay!? 😍😘😗😙😚🤗🤗🤗

that's good to know
plants are okay most of them
pineapples are struggling a bit but all shall be well
fingers crossed

in my opinion 3..

almost right .. look harder ;)



buzzer ~~~
look harder than harder :D

I see a lot of moss in the area, if I may be very curious if the moss can be consumed humans. Because there are several types of moss that can be eaten even as a herb ,,,?

i asked that too

Amazing.Such a beautiful picture.nic photography.hope everyone like it.keep it up.

good post....dear @englishtchrivy

nature is expressed in an extraordinary way dear friend @ englishtchrivy, gives us beautiful art daily, which are only appreciated by those who love nature.
According to my vision I can appreciate two varieties, the black-greyish, the pastel earth color, the dark green and the light green.
for my pleasure I would have used the second image as a cover, I think it expresses the end and the beginning of a new natural life cycle
I wish you a wonderful week

that was the first shot :)
i thought i'd settle on that but i found more :D

Theoretically uncountable because below the visible may be more

haha it is!

I'm fine and having a good time on steemit.
I hope you are also having a great time in steemit.
wow, beautiful flowers.

Nice shots of the moss and lichens, they are too often overlooked!

thank you!
true blue they are!
hey! am glad to see you !

Mine was nice and was filled with fun

I'm just enjoying your photos now, a little tired today and can not help looking, hehe

thank you
I think you're up at dawn, too
I hope you were able to rest
feeling better now?
take care!

raffel. this flower in aceh indonesia very much. and fery interesting

Nature always gives a very beautiful for us to enjoy, I really like your photos and techniques you do, hopefully your trip is fun.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

From the photos you uploaded, there are several types that I see. And we are too careful with this kind of plant, because not all types of plants can be consumed. Some even are poisonous. Better to find references from the right experts so as not to harm.

Good post 😉👍👍. Please vote @ojha14

I dont know why I love this photo.
So beautiful combination of colors :)

maybe cause it's minimalist
i wanted to use that one, too
having too many choices make it hard

Heyyaaa oooh i really enjoyed these. My weekend was busy working and cooking, but its alright! I have never seen them soo up close, its lovely!!! thanks for sharing, i dont know which one i would pick tbh!!

Hai @englishtchrivy you have good photography, i want to share with you that I want to be a close friend of you, how i can do?

Very good

Wow this is a perfect entry for mundaneart too looks astonishing :D

I would chose this one :


It looks really awesome and i'm sure that you will win in this contest:))) Good luck my dear 😊😉😉😉

thank you
I also thought that just because it has three sorts of lichen and one moss in it

It's like a full mix 😁😂😂😂

wow this is really the special post loving it

They are indeed some awesome shots and the answer is found so will skip it and nicely taken shots and hope you had a good time among the nature !

I did!

Moss is a lot, how I calculate it, about 15 to 20

That looks like a strange photo-poetry @englishtchrivy :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Are you new in Steemit? Kindly read the Complete Steemit Etiquette Guide Revised Edition authored by @thecryptofiend to help us all get along well with each other. Hopefully you do get to read it now since there's nothing else that comes after it except that picture below.

(a) I am new in steemit and I never know there has an Etiquette Guide. Ya you are right, every one need it, so we can make good communication each other.
(b) Why you leave lot of comment by "", the sound like bad song, don't you...? Look, how about you leave the comment with one penny, so the sound will be change like "yee...yee...yee". If that is still expensive, you can do with 0.00000001, at the end of number the sound still "yee...yee...yee". Only one penny for respected each other.

Have nice day, mom, very glad to see your level grow up. Personally I really respect for your level.

Forgive me if my comment disturb your feeling.
Best Regard and Full Respect
Fajar16. Re-Steem

So many!! I found some last week too ​but hadn't the camera to photograph...
I would have used this one. It has lots​ of colors and details...

...and it would probably fit in the thumbnail ;)


the 4th one.