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I got me a new toy and spent the whole day, yesterday (not really .. almost :D ) tinkering on it. I have to admit, at first... I almost got disappointed with the result ...


I have always wanted to capture those "lamp stand bys" up there, outside but my phone can't really capture them ever so vividly as I want it to, so I was hoping the new toy would do that for me. Since it's my first time to ever use this brand, I have to admit, it was like learning how to play a guitar from zero.

Forgive me for the not so lady like dialogues in the pictures but I find it more fun to include it there plus I think the new hip these days is "the grosser, the cooler". Not that am joining the trend but why not?

I ran back to my comp to check how I did and loaded the SD card in it. My husband stood next to me curious of what the pics look like. I frowned and the shrink knows I wasn't happy so he said; "Honey, you're behind a glass window, those lamps are on the road and don't forget the mere between the parking and the road (right, very encouraging) and .. did you even read the manual?"



It sucks when your significant other knows you so damn well so I had to admit I didn't as usual. Okay, I confess, I didn't even know how to use that damn focus till after this conversation. I just pressed that shoot button so there.

I don't like reading all those small lettered manuals plus I just don't! Yes, yes, I have to so I guess today, I'd be going through them damn pages.

At noon, I had a guitar class and I took my toy with me and after the class, I saw these guys sitting on one of the lamps in the middle of the road.

Of course, I have to think safety first, for me and the traffic so I chose a spot where I could freely take the pics without hindering the bikes nor serving as a distraction to any passing vehicle. I stood beside a bush at the end of the side walk and took my toy out of the bag, set it on moving figures or I think it's called "action" and took multiple shots.



I could never take these with my phone. Yeah.. yeah, it's not as clear as I want it to be but remember, I'm not far away from those seagulls and am no giant. If you're a Dutchy, imagine this ... third lamp post after the pedestrian crossing with a bike path beside it - that far. But then again, I wasn't on the pedestrian lane but rather on the side walk beside the bike path beside it.



What do you think? I was a bit happy cause come to think of it, it was gloomy yesterday compared to a sunny two days ago.

Wondering when I took the thumbnail? That's when I was in the sandy playground looking for some patterns. Can you guess why? 10% upvote to anyone who'd guess it right. I normally keep my word so I did look for a few but no luck. While I was looking hard having no luck, I saw those seagulls standing on the bridge and ran to take the thumbnail shot.


That time, there was still enough light so I guess, it somehow looks clearer. I wanted to switch lens and use the 18 - 55mm but I was worried the feeding frenzy would end soon so I didn't bother. I think they would have looked clearer had I done that but so far, am happy with the results. It's my first time using this brand anyway but I'm already falling in love with what it could do.

accross from the row of seagulls in the pic above this ...

I'm not a professional photographer, just some chick so in love with mother nature! I just shoot, shoot, shoot whatever I see and find interesting or beautiful around me. I love my new toy but I have to admit, my favorite photo session weapons are still my smartphones.. just because ~~!.

I still have so many things to learn about my new toy and lotz'a pages to read but I learn more in doing so I've actually parked the manual(grin). Join me in my journey of getting to know my new toy. I gave it a name - "D Eye.". Just because!!!

This content's 100% mine. I took those pics with my Nikon D3400 + AF-S NIKKOR 55-200mm VR II, all cropped. If you right click on the image it'll load a new tab try it ;) .

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Thank you for posting @englishtchrivy.

Lovely atmospheric photographs.

It is true.....we try to capture a closeup from faraway and the phone will have none of it.

Good luck with your new camera...especially after the arduous chore of reading the manual.

Apologies...I cannot think why you would be taking pictures of sand in a playground unless you were looking for shadows....and it appears a grey day.

You might appreciate the auto setting....it helps most of the time.

All the best mon ami. A bientot.

thanks mon ami!
I did use the auto, too :)
but I was trying everything out on the round thing on it and used the icon that looks like a guy running hahah I haven't read that manual yet obviously, it's been with me for a long time but I was lazy and busy going out visiting friends on a daily basis so I let the unboxing sit for quite some time

I tried with my phones but they always turn out blurry
phones seem nearsighted hahahah

no need to apologize about the sand ;)
thanks for wishing me luck!

Really informative post.this photos look very good. Thanks for sharing

It is very importent post...Thanks for your spicial post...

Good photo it's not easy to make a good one with all the light and ye.... 🎯🙏

no! it's better when its sunny
you know what its like in the EU when the sky's damn grey

Yes my friend... I really do... But you still go some nice shots... The whether can we unfortunately not do anything with.... Good work and just keep it up..... 🎯have a great day... You blog .. Respect 🙏 wish I could do something like this... Not easy i realized... But can't give up.... 👍

Congrats on new toy, I like your humor :)

I think your new toy (as soon as you master it in perfection) will bring you a lot of benefits on Steemite. Since your photos look very good. Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for the important post 👍

Really cute birds...

Love it...

wooow is an excellent friend @englishtchrivy Congratulations for your new toy "Camara" is wonderful to make nature stand out every day more through landscapes, animals, rivers, beaches, amazing places where nothing but the sky covers people with hope ... greetings I will follow you and vote for you

I must say you didn't waste your time for nothing, the last photo is just fantastic!!! You made my day with your funny bird's story 😁😂😂😂😂😂 I guess you just read their thoughts 😂😂😂😂😂😂.

thank you !
that's a very nice thing to say
now, I feel like I should have used the last pic as the thumbnail but you know @meesterboom tipped me a long time ago that the last one you see is the one that most peeps remember :)

This photo is really great and even i would say symbolic!

bnw photos are so deep.......nice post

Wow! I am amazed by your shots! It's hard to shoot wild birds, but you get them..
Btw I love your last shot :)

yeah it's hard when the subject's aren't still and those seagulls seem to have ADHD from all the treats they're being fed with probably had too much sugared bread!

virtually informative publish.this photos appearance very good. thank you for sharing


hahah your creativity fun fun added lol the best combination

Nice photography

Your toy and your pics are great. Even if they don't look so super straight off the card, they have much more potential than a phone picture. Just keep on working with it. The enclosed I processed quick and dirty with Snapseed:



(16:9 AR - Open in new tab if cropped.)

there's another toy for taking really far subjects but it's not mine hahah
off limits hahah

The Nikon isn't yours?

this Nikon is mine :) and all those lenses, too

Good for you!

do you know @afrog?
you should read his posts
he's a huge help to your community
check him out !

Will do. Thanks :-)

I love the last photo of this article @englishtchrivy, its great timing, respect to your skill on photography @englishtchrivy. Regard @maulida

Congrats on the new toy :). I like the name D-eye. I, too, visited by the idea to buy a new camera. But the problem is that I have no idea where to begin your choice. I'm not a Pro and I need to start not a very complicated toy. hahaha Because I don't like to read instructions. On the last picture - very good composition. Now You have a lot of nice experiments with the new camera. I wish You luck and will be waiting for new interesting shots. Thank you!

thank you :)

I don't know either, I wanted a different brand -starts with a C but the sales guy said I'd better start with a beginner's cam again since it's been a long time since I last had a Canon which was also a beginner's cam
I almost bought the same of it when he said buy a beginner's cam because they have it in white and silver plus I can tilt it's screen but he recommended this

so I did buy it but I didn't buy it the same day yet, I made a research and read so many reviews and a lot of peeps recommend this for beginners so I went back to finally buy it

if you already have a good cam and it's not old yet, just get new lenses with a far range it'll also do the tricks

I hope you get to buy yours, too !

I think you're not a beginner right?

I'm using the most primitive of the digital SONY, but I want to move to another level photos, because I do them every day. I understand that I will be able to do best quality. But now the question arose about the choice of brand, model... I'm certainly not a professional and became involved in photography when i arrived on Steemit. I will study all the recommendations for beginners. What is Your model? I can see reviews and recommendations about it. Thank you @englishtchrivy

I wrote it at the end of my post but remember I also just listened to the sales guy because he's a pro for 6 years already and working for a huge company here as a sales man for the cam is just another way of his making a living but remember I still didn't take his advice as soon as I saw it cause I really wanted a Canon D5 just because .. but this one saved me much money :D

Thanks for all Your tips :)

That is quite a nice toy you have there Ivy! Beautifull captured seagulls.

And one only needs a manual afterwards with things that were unclear. :-)

Have fun with your new toy!

they are good. u bought a DSLR then?
lucky you.

I really like your photos, we can discribe meaning from that photos without any explanation

It is beautiful as far as these birds and also wonderful photography
I liked this article and really deserved it Resteem This Post
and follow up

Hi @englishtchrivy ! Congrats on the new toy.
I'm about to buy a new toy also something more professional. Thanks for sharing the model serves as a reference. I like name D EYE!
I follow you.

Leik it and like it and Lik @ englishtchrivy


We have the same toy! Yes, my Cutie, you have a great camera :)))

Now I finally did like you told me master... Picture with seemit note to prove I'm not any copycat... See if it's OK now... Have a great one 🎯 🙏

mmm.. am no one's master but of myself :)
please don't call me that but thanks for being ever so polite
am trying to get in the chat but no luck
I saw this during my coffee break and i thought promote it but i cant seem to get in the chat

oh at the moment of writing this sentence just through now

Ya ya I here you captain... I heard you.. ✌️🙏

I'm not sure if you'll find the information you need on the manual. At least it shows where are the functions of the camera. I noticed you bough a 55-200mm, that's great to capture birds photos. That is on my list too, but first I will buy a macro lens for taking photos of plants. I'm so in love with my camera that today (sunny day) I took it to shot some photos and forgot the camera in my office. I had to go back to pick it, how could I sleep in peace knowing she wasn't here with me!? ;)

Happy photographs!!

thanks a lot!
I hope you get to buy it, too!
the macro lens is okay but I still love what my phones can do, much better imho come to think of it their cam's just 10 mps but they're weak during the darker months so I bought the macro lens as well
you're very lucky it's always sunny in the South!

Wow, that's great. You had the full package!! When I bought my Nikon I didn't know​ if I would like it, and I was also "punishing" myself because I had lost my compact canon camera a couple of months before.
I definitely​ need a macro lens, my phone only takes crappy photos! ;) We may have more sunny days, but it isn't sun every day​. Today it rained, again!!

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