The Floating Green Woods in 20 Pix

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Here is my little neck of the woods, the spot I go to when on my break at work. It's only a short walk away and I sit with coffee and a smoke, enjoying a clean break from the energies of jobbing. It's a mellow sacred little spot for me and the low-angled sunlight falls on the trees, highlighting the shades of green - delicious and inviting. Yesterday, after an overnight dusting of snow and on a bright sunny day, I went out with camera and tripod.

woods 01.jpg

woods 02.jpg

woods 03.jpg

...through the woods and off the path to the spot, where I sit on the log in the photo below.

woods 04.jpg

I've often noticed the greens when the sun strikes, always meaning to return on a day like this. In spite of having sufficient light to shoot at higher shutter speeds, I tried experimenting with lower speeds and higher f-stops. This I think produced different, richer results although it wasn't until I was more than half way through that I started slowing it down.

woods 06.jpg

woods 08.jpg

woods 07.jpg

The photo above was taken with the tripod (shutter 1/15, f20) and the one below without (shutter 1/250, f5)

woods 09.jpg

woods 05.jpg

woods 10.jpg

Squirrels often come for the bread, biscuits and nuts I scatter about when I'm on my break and there is a cute little wren living in a tree who usually makes an appearance. I've also seen a Vole or two rustling around in the undergrowth during the summer, looking for crumbs.

woods 11.jpg

woods 12.jpg

There were squirrels around yesterday, scurrying past in their nimble joyful manner, through the undergrowth and across the branches above. They sometimes come close but not today, and I was unable to get my focus.

woods 13.jpg

woods 14.jpg

I was honoured by three beings who made their presence known to me . First was bulgy-eyed Wood Spirit who called out a greeting:

woods 18.jpg

...Little Crocodile sat with me in my spot, toothless jaws breathing in the fresh air as he assured me that all is well, everywhere:

woods 17.jpg

...magnificent Tree Spirit's gentle vibes belied his grotesque features. How deceptive appearances are eh? He beckoned me over....

woods 16.jpg that I might get a selfie with him looking on in mock severity, big softie that he is!


Thank you little neck of the woods, and all the resident beings you shelter and protect!

woods 15.jpg

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Pretty cool to have such a magical spot close to your working space so that you can recharge your batteries when it's needed.

And I like your imagination! That toothless crocodile caught my attention ;)

We have some spots here with squirrels that would come and eat nuts directly from your hand. They are so used to people that they are not afraid at all. And they are cheeky as they eat the nuts and when you want to take a photo of them they run away :D

Have a great Sunday!


Hmm, there are parks in central Edinburgh where the squirrels do that, but I'm yet to experience that at home or in the woods - I will them to come close and they do, but not as close as that yet. I've never seen two squirrels fighting, although they chase each other all the time.

Thanks for stopping by @delishtreats :D

So much magic to be observed in @barge's beautiful world. During summer, with all of our special friends, joyfully appreciating the autumn, for we know it's signaling rebirth of life. It was truly stunning to watch her prepare to rest.

I can't wait to see what mother nature has up her sleeve for the spring. I'm sure it's going to be amazing. It always is. 🔆

Much love bro.



Highly rEsteemed!

A forest of possibilities! Thank you Bruv!



Thank you enlessly Frank 🔆 !

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Thank you C2 🔆 !

Nice post Barge. Did the selfie remote thing arrive then?

I've been taking pictures of trees too of late. There's a wood right next to the high school, so I drop H off at school then go into the woods with the dogs - the woods are colloquially referred to as 'the whiteys' - ha ha. Nothing to do with school kids puffing Js by the containers (though they do), but because their actual name is the White Woods.

Nice to see you experimenting with the exposure triangle. Don't neglect ISO. I did for a while, but it's the third side. It can really help you out to get the shutter and f-stop you want.


Cheers Cams, I'll remember to look at ISO for sure - I have totally neglected it :D

It arrived but I'd wanted to try it out and just hadn't so far. Have just done and will need a new CR2 battery for the receiver. Had to figure out how to attach it. This is fantastic actually, coz I'd been thinking how I could use something like this for getting closeup of squirrels and birds as they feed on bread and nuts - camera outside by the food and me in my room above with the remote!!!!!


Dang, I've got a bunch of 2032 batteries for my guitar tuner. Never thought to check. Sorry man.

Yeah, it'll be ideal for wildlife shots. Never thought of that. I used it mainly for group shots with the logo bunch.

My Sony lets me hook up my iPhone to it as a remote and I can see what the camera sees on the phone screen. Never thought of that for wildlife either. That would be so cool. Might put a feeder out in the garden - red squirrels are everywhere here !


Yeah, defo for the red squirrels! Can you control the camera settings from your phone too?


Yeah, the main settings anyway - ISO, shutter and aperture. It's really cool. I rely on it for shooting selfie video from the tripod - the camera has no flippy screen.


Yeah, that IS really cool! Be great for getting some shots in the Spring/Summer on Arran - red squirrels, birds,'s closeups of these guys that I'd like to try and get once I've got the remote working (no red sqs. here but the grays are delightful too!)

From behind the scenes: I know for how long @barge was trying to catch this light . This artist is serious! :)
Caught it! And your tree friend is a beauty. Just like your heart.


Thank you @mayb 🔆 !


Yes, it's you! Big hug from afar!

What a fun walk in your woods! The squirrels in my woods got peanuts today, too!


I love the squirrels. They always appear joyful and although they chase each other often enough, I've never seen them fighting! Thanks for stopping by 🔆

Thanks for the kind word Barge...listen I looked at your site, your a fucking flake.
Ya gotta stop micro-dosing at work dude...
Look! Squirrel!


Hey, you're a perceptive fella when you clean those specs of yours Mr. B.

Squirrel sez 'ello back!

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