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Welcome to the first issue of the Steem Photo Journal!

The SPJ is a @photofriend community project aiming to create a ‘must-read’ for every photo-enthusiast here on Steemit. The journal is intended to inform, entertain and engage the readers.

Besides the contest, which will be always present, sections of the journal may vary depending on the authors involved in the issues and will respond to the readers’ feedback!

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Interview with photographer





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Finding visually exceptional photo posts on the Steem blockchain. No text needed.


by @photographeraceh

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by @faltermann


by @amyalfatasya

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Tell us something about yourself and how did you get into photography?

Born in 1974 in Klaipeda, Lithuania (those times USSR). My way to photography started in the early 1980s with some trials to shoot on film with my first Zenit ET. But these attempts remained on amateur level. After graduating from St. Petersburg University of Economics and Finance, photography was almost completely forgotten. Until finally about 4 years ago I have got my first Full Frame Canon 5D Mark II and started to train skills shooting landscapes and trying to find my own style and colours.

Luckily, I live (still at Klaipeda) at Baltic Sea coast, so seascapes still what I’m shooting quite regularly. I guess I always wanted to paint the world like I see it, but unfortunately haven’t got such natural skill from God. Luckily there is Photoshop, which is probably implemented by the Devil.

What does photography mean to you?

While I’m still full time employed (top manager at sea port enterprise), photography become a major part of my life, but remains as a hobby. For me, it is the way to show the watchers how I see the beauty of this world. It is the way to get some relax at the seaside while shooting landscape or get some good company during photo shoots

Please briefly describe your photography style to our readers.

So main directions are still landscape/seascape photography and beauty, as well combining both. The beauty of Nature and the beauty of Woman. Nothing else can inspire more feelings.

Where do you get inspiration from?

Often browsing major photo webs like,, and some dedicated Facebook groups as well

Do you think in advance about what you want in the picture?

Always there is main idea with some examples what have to be done. Collecting necessary accessories, dresses and so on, planning right location, etc.

Studio, on location or both?

Both. Ideas just differ. For some it is necessary outdoors, some can be done at studio only.

What has been your most memorable session and why?

Once was caught by a big wave while shooting at port gates during a heavy storm. All wet, luckily managed to hide camera. From the recent ones, is beauty photoshoot at St.Hillarion temple at Norther Cyprus at the height of 1200meters above the sea. Stunning view.

Camera? Favorite lens?

Canon and Leica.
Canon 85/F1.2

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Featuring exceptional authors worth curating.


The man with passion for traveling, filming and photography! Great mood captured on the video with amazing shots of mountain landscapes. I am sure we will se much more amazing stuff from this Steemian! Good Luck!


Photo editing is also piece of art and in digital photography - part which we cannot separate or ignore... Creating the dreamy pictures from the elements is a great piece of digital art.
Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial [Blind Justice] Dramatic Photo Effect.jpg

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TOP 20 Effective curators in Photography category

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TOP of photography realated categories from the TOP 200 categories by rewards

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The SPJ’s contest is a monthly photography challenge, constituted by four parts (one a week) with different themes. The four recurrent themes are: portrait, street photography, landscape and black and white.

The way the winner is selected is the following: every week the ten best submissions will be selected by our judges and receive 1 to 10 points, based on their ranking. At the end of the month the points received in each of the four weeks will be added together, resulting in a monthly winner.

The photographer of the month will win 5 Steem! In addition, every week, the three best submissions will be rewarded with 0.5 Steem each.


Model/MU: @publicumaurora
Photographer: @axeman

This week’s theme is PORTRAIT!

How it works:

  • Post only your own original content adhering to the weekly theme.

  • Create a post entitled ‘SPJ contest submission by username’, using #spj as your first hashtag.

  • Copy paste a link to this post in the comments section below (deadline: Monday 12pm CET).

  • Upvoting and resteeming this article is not mandatory, but highly desirable, as it will contribute to the success of this contest.

  • The winners will be published in the following issue of the SPJ.

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COVER: photographer @axeman | model @publicumaurora

Captivating by @fotogruppemunich

Interview with photographer by @claudiaz

Curation by @photovisions

Stats by @boddhisattva

Contest by @photofriend | judged by @axeman and @brumest

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@photofriend is a community supporting photographers across the Steem blockchain. Come to join us on discord:

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Excellent mission and great incentives! @photofriend
May I suggest we introduce different levels of photography skillsets at some point in time, as sometimes I feel way out of my league compared to some of the more seasoned and professional photographers posting here. They have such incredible photographs and are well deserved wins.


Agree with you @ninahaskin 😉
But it really is an excellent project. All the best!


This is a good idea! We will surely accommodate your request in the future. :) In the meantime, do not lay down your weapons and take a part in the SPJ contest ;)


I promise to never lay down my weapon @photofriend except when my smartphone is recharging! 😀


I will be ready with my portrait photo weapon even if it misfires haha.


Good one!!!😀

Congrats @photofriend on posting your first edition on the SPJ. Fab photos and interview with @axeman.

Why only steemit? I don't use that interface anymore can I still be involved... many photographers stopped using steemit interface.

Do you mean "steem" there's a big difference.


Thanks for stopping me so early. I do indeed mean Steem. (corrected)

And yes! Anyone on the Steem blockchain can get involved :)

Hello! Portrait is not my theme, but here one picture just for fun 8))


Hello Marek. Your entry is missing the SPJ hashtag. Otherwise it is a very beautiful entry and @axeman's favourite ;)

It would be cool to see you on Discord!

This is all great and well put together journal. Great support and content @photofriend

Aw, another wonderful project, @photofriend! How exciting! Congrats to all and to the photographers featured in this post! You are amazing!
I'm in!

I like it, as for the first one - it looks straight, simple and user-friendly :). Good to be a part of the project, hope more people will be involved in this project to improve the curation rewards for the featured authors and positions of SPJ on the STEEM market :). Upvoted, Resteemed and let's go find more good authors to be featured.


Glad to hear that! Thank you very much for your hard work and support. Let's make sure that the second issue is gonna be only better... :)

Very nice project :) Good start!


Very nice indeed. Hopefully it will help to boost our great photographers!


Hopefully it will do even more... :) Thank you for your hard work!


you are most welcome @photofriend

Looking forward to this. Congratulations on the new project! 👍🏻


Happy to hear that @twodorks! Thank you :)

Very congrats and best wishes to this new project! 😊🍀


I hope to see you participating in the contest @bigotemaifriend! :)


:) In any of them for sure! My portraits are just valid for the drive license! ;)) hahahah


... every point counts ;)

hello great news,
congratulations to the elect


Thank you @txatxy! Glad you like it!


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